We’ve whined, moaned, showed our boobs, but the Progressive World of Next Tuesday hasn't arrived and imperialist wars continue.

It is time for new, loonier strategies.

Fist of the Action will bring forward an escalation of activism like we have not seen in a very long time - if you consider before November 2008 "a very long time."

We will begin our "Fist of the Action" Fistival on March 13th when we gather in Washington, DC to erect Camp OUT NOW on the lawn of the Washington Monument, directly across the street from the White House. Our Fistival will begin on March 22nd and will last until our nonsensical demands are met.

On a daily basis, Fist of the Action will engage in "air fisting" events and throw scary temper tantrums at elected officials, U.S. military, and intelligence agencies until they get frightened and begin to realize that, in the words of Karl Marx, "Peace is the absence of opposition to Socialism."

We cannot allow business as usual go on. Hell, we can't allow business period. It could result in Capitalism. We want an end to Empirical Reason so we can all start receiving to each according to our needs. We will keep you updated on what those needs are. Socialism abhors the profits of all businesses. As America goes further into debt, we must prevent using Capitalism as the tool of economic recovery. It’s time to start adhering to Rules for Radicals.

We demand an unconditional surrender in the Middle East, followed by transfer of all drones, permanent bases, contractors and luxury/detention facilities to Al Qaeda and The Taliban.

We need mindless zombies who realize that chanting slogans and smoking dope while waving banners that say "HOPE" is the only way to achieve the magic of "Change." Individual commitment will entail pretending it's still the 1960s and contributing large sums of money so we can launder it through our bogus non-profit corporations.

Click here to join now!

If you have questions please write Cindy Sheehan at action@peaceoftheaction.com

This web page brought to you by Dopers For Peace.

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