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 Young Obama At Play - Source SourceYoung Obama At Play
 on 10/19/2014, 10:34 pm

People's Blog

Young Obama At Play

Young Obama At Play

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Post by Margaret
 You must stay for Dear Leader - Source SourceYou must stay for Dear Leader
 on 10/19/2014, 6:39 pm

People's Blog

You must stay for Dear Leader

Supposedly Democrats left Dear Leader alone on stage in a campaign for Lieutenant Governor Brown without even a good bye. Those must be Rethugicans or Teapartiers. Why else would Democrats leave him high and dry?

Well, next time Dear Leader will forewarn them of the punishments that will come to those who leave his presence in silence. Speaking of next time, he will be with Governor Pat Quin for his reelection campaign. Surely, the seats will be filled.

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Post by Hammer and Loupe
 Obama appoints frat buddy to be Ebola Czar - Source SourceObama appoints frat buddy to be Ebola Czar
 on 10/19/2014, 3:30 pm

People's Blog

Obama appoints frat buddy to be Ebola Czar

President Barack Obama appeared at another press conference on Friday to reassure the nation that the threat of an Ebola outbreak is very low.

"What? Ebola? Did you say Ebola?," the President bellowed in response to questions about the government’s ability to contain the disease. "Nothing is Ebola until we decide it is! Was it Ebola when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!"

The President then announced the appointment of his fraternity buddy Ron "Flounder" Klain to be the nation’s Ebola Czar:


Klain accepted the position by saying "Oh boy, is this great!" and immediately asked for 10,000 marbles to fight Ebola.

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Post by Chairman Meow
 Dropping a nuke on America: the Ebola Gay - Source SourceDropping a nuke on America: the Ebola Gay
 on 10/19/2014, 2:12 pm

People's Blog

Dropping a nuke on America: the Ebola Gay

Dropping a nuke on America: the Ebola Gay

Ebola Gay.jpg

The last surviving member of the crew of the Enola Gay, which dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, has died:

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Post by
 ObamaCare deductibles are a plot to destroy Dear Leader - Source SourceObamaCare deductibles are a plot to destroy Dear Leader
 on 10/19/2014, 1:48 am

People's Blog

ObamaCare deductibles are a plot to destroy Dear Leader

Comrades, sad is it may be, I must denounce our glorious party organ, the New York Times. Yes, you heard that right Comrades. I think someone in the party needs to get them to do a retraction on this article.

Unable to Meet the Deductible or the Doctor

We also need to denounce the racist typical white woman featured in this article. She needs to gain non-person status like Debbie Hyphenatedname-Schultz. She is whining about her $6,000 deductible. She says it is unaffordable and thus she must forego a brain scan. Obviously, she is a secret reichwinger rethugikkkan! And a racist! She just wants out First Black President™ Dear Leader Obama to look bad.

She should have set aside $6,000 annually from her part-time landscape job to pay for her medical expenses. What does she think this is? Free health care just because the low information dullards were lead to believe that? It looks like she wasted her money on other unnecessary luxuries like rent/mortgage, food, clothing, gas to get to work, electric, phone service, heat, water, etc. She might even pay for cable tv and Internet access! Then she goes complaining to the NYT because she doesn't have an extra $6,000 in addition to her monthly ObamaCare cost? What's the matter with her???

People need to reexamine their priorities. It's not about their basic needs. It is about making Dear Leader look good and about not being a racist. Forgo all the extras like food, electric, etc. and save your money to cover your deductible! And goodness, if you MUST eat and can't afford your deductible then just shut up about it and don't go flapping your gums to the media. You might just get featured in an article ...

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Post by Comrade Vlad Linen
 Putting the Ebola "Scare" into Perspective - Source SourcePutting the Ebola "Scare" into Perspective
 on 10/18/2014, 11:10 pm

People's Blog

Putting the Ebola "Scare" into Perspective


The hysteria over Ebola has gotten so out of hand lately, that President Obama was forced to cancel some golf and fundraisers to put out a fire irresponsibly set by the liars of Fox News and talk radio, whose shameless, pathetic fearmongering is nothing but straight up racism and a depraved, immoral desire to score cheap political points.

We’ve heard what’s been said already by the Government in a seemingly vain attempt to calm unfounded fears—that to catch Ebola, you have to rub your nose in a pile of vomit or doo-doo left by an Ebola patient, then wipe away the mess with your bare fingers only to shove those fingers up your nose and then stick whatever you dig out into your mouth and swallow, taking great care not to spit out a single particle lest you infect someone else who might be tempted by the simple, innocent, uncontrollable urge to scoop it up and snort it up their own nose, etc.

Yet people, oddly enough, choose to disregard such reassurances, and continue to panic.

Perhaps this calls for some much-needed perspective with a list of greater, more dire and menacing threats to humanity and even our planet—all of which can be traced to a single source—REPUBLICANS.

Just in time for the mid-terms, beware of the many fiendish ways in which these bomb-dropping, flame-throwing, mud-slinging, poop-flinging, gun-clinging, Bible-thumping, teabagging terrorists intend to take the American people hostage and strap explosives to our collective chests and slaughter us all should they ever connive to thieve their way back into power:

Budget Cuts. Count on Republicans to ruthlessly slash and gut any government program considered the only thing standing between us and mortal oblivion, leading to the deaths of millions ...

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Post by Commissarka Pinkie
 FORWARD to 2016 - Source SourceFORWARD to 2016
 on 10/18/2014, 11:19 am

People's Blog

FORWARD to 2016

Comrades, let us look forward to 2016.

Dear Leader (PBUH) is wearing the numbers off of his phone and his pen will be void of ink in about 24 months...what then?

She needs our help, and our little dog, too!

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Post by Tovarichi
 EeeeBOla - Source SourceEeeeBOla
 on 10/17/2014, 4:16 pm

People's Karaoke


This is a very beautiful song, to be sung by a Polish-American tenor and a multicultural chorus of undocumented workers. For effect, they may be wearing hazmat suits. The chorus lines are in blood red; the tenor's, in plague black.

She had Eeeeeeeeeee-BO-la
Well at least that’s what she told me
(Whoa, whoa, whoa)
While taking seat 23C
Next to me

Ordered rum and cola
And asked me if I’d like a sip,
(Whoa, whoa, whoa)
After it passed her swelling lips
“No I’m good.”

Good, until I saw her eyes (Ahhhhhhhhhh….)
Bleeding like slaughtered lambs
Smells that I’d never known before
And when she retched, I thought I’d catch
That EeeeeBOlah,
She told me I would be okay,
The CDC had told her “Fly,
You might meet a nice guy….”
And I still see that Eeebola in her eye.

And then Iiiiiii saw her
(Saw her)
Exploding all over the flight
(Whoa, whoa)
Shooting out organs left and right
There goes her spleen……

And I still can sense Eebola…

Wait! It’s on ME!
Geez, how am I ever gonna…Huh? Where are you taking me?
(Whoa whoa, whoa, whoa……)

Get your hands off me! Quarantine??? Why didn’t you put HER in quarantine??? Hey, I’m gonna miss my connection! I’ll never get to Monrovia at this rate!!!”

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Post by Kelly Ivanovna/келя ивановна
 Moochelle plans to wake up Democrats - Source SourceMoochelle plans to wake up Democrats
 on 10/17/2014, 9:52 am

People's Blog

Moochelle plans to wake up Democrats


Our old "Do something" campaign did not work because, apparently, Democrats are sleeping too much.

So Moochelle will create a new campaign to wake up these folks with a bit of a spark. Yes, like Frankenstein, she will reanimate the dead deep sleepers to have them vote.

This will help the Super Super majority and reelect Dear Leader. We might see the return of Ted Kennedy and other well known Democrats.

Maybe we should try to wake up our sleeping Comrades as well.

Wake up sleepers into next Tuesday!

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Post by Hammer and Loupe
 Putin takes responsibility for defense of Western hemisphere - Source SourcePutin takes responsibility for defense of Western hemisphere
 on 10/17/2014, 8:12 am

People's Blog

Putin takes responsibility for defense of Western hemisphere

Russia to bolster military presence in former Soviet states

As Obama continues the downsizing of U.S. forces, Vladimir Putin is accepting the responsibility for defending the Western Hemisphere from misguided capitalism and lack of sound policies.

Putin (riding his success in Crimea and Ukraine like Obama rides Malia's bike) is extending Russian aerial services that were previously limited to Eastern Bloc countries to fill the void left by the withdrawing United States.

Negotiations with Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to establish bases for Russian strategic bombers are ongoing.

“By 2020... 47 airfields, including in Crimea and the Arctic, will be renovated under the state armaments programme.”

Forward basing strategic bombers eliminates the need for trans-oceanic flights and inflight refueling, saving time and precious carbon credits, allowing delivery of critical payloads like high explosives or nuclear rice or perhaps beets where they are needed in less time.

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Post by Tovarichi


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