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 Hillary Clinton Explains Three Reasons for Running in 2016 - Source SourceHillary Clinton Explains Three Reasons for Running in 2016
 on 2/28/2015, 10:42 am

People's Blog

Hillary Clinton Explains Three Reasons for Running in 2016

Here's a video excerpt from an EXCLUSIVE interview with Hillary Clinton in which she succinctly states the three reasons she should be elected President in 2016.

Can you guess the three reasons before watching the interview? Don't cheat. First, study the clues below the video.


Monica's response to Hillary: "I wish you'd said that long before 1998."

Al Gore's response to Hillary: "If you had said that in 1996, or maybe even in 1992, or maybe way back in the 1980's, I would have been elected in a landslide in 2000 instead of Dubya."

Bill Clinton's response to Hillary: "Ignore Monica and Gore-- it wouldn't have made any difference at all in 1998, 1996, 1992 or even in the 1980's."

President Obama's response to Hillary: "I figured that out in 2008, so you're a little late to say it now, but I know you wanted to say it in 2008."

Michelle Obama's response to Hillary: "I agree with Gore."

George W. Bush's response to Hillary: "I agree with Bill."

Fauxcohontas' response to Hillary: "You took the words right out of my mouth."

Joe Biden's response to Hillary: "Mine too."

Tipper Gore's response to Hillary: "I agree with Dubya."


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Post by KOOK
 An inside look at Nyet Neutrality - Source SourceAn inside look at Nyet Neutrality
 on 2/27/2015, 7:45 pm

People's Blog

An inside look at Nyet Neutrality


Comrades and commissioners!

Dear Leader has giving us a exclusive look into Nyet Neutrality regulations. He promises us the best neutrality the government will give. We got the Nyet to look more like Neutral Planet in Futurama. Everything and anything will be very neutral according to the government.

We all know communism creates a neutral class, as all contradictions and conflicts will wither away into equality. Only those who pass government standards will be admitted. That's why we need to make more rules to follow just so we can always be in line for equality.

Other sites like Drudge and Fox News will be going through a mandatory makeover. For shame that these sites and others have been up for far too long. Any site that does not follow government rules must be airbrushed from history and their domain names awarded to more equal comrades.

Forward Towards Next Tuesday!

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Post by Hammer and Loupe
 Putin critic Boris Nemtsov shot dead - Source SourcePutin critic Boris Nemtsov shot dead
 on 2/27/2015, 6:23 pm

People's Blog

Putin critic Boris Nemtsov shot dead


Yet another thoughtcriminal has been rid of in Russia, comrades:

Russia opposition politician Boris Nemtsov shot dead in central Moscow late Friday

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Post by Miss.USSA
 Katfight: Karly Kalls Klinton onto Karpet - Source SourceKatfight: Karly Kalls Klinton onto Karpet
 on 2/27/2015, 4:03 pm

People's Tools

Katfight: Karly Kalls Klinton onto Karpet

Clinton vs. Fiorina.jpg

Yesterday at CPAC (Konservative Politikal Aktion Konference) Carly Fiorina, former CEO of greedy kapitalist korporation Hewlitt-Packard, impugned the legacy of our beloved former Foreign Relations Minister and possible future Dearest Leader Hillary Klinton. Mrs. Fiorina is quoted as having rhetorically demanded that Komrade Klinton "Name an accomplishment". After much anguish in politikal thought, the answer to this challenge eludes me. Help me komrades, remind me... I must have konsumed much too much beet vodka, for my thought processes are impaired to the point that I am drawing a complete blank. How do we kombat this kind of politikal trickery?

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Post by Konservative_Punk
 Change the term 'pork barrel' as hurtful to Muslim comrades - Source SourceChange the term 'pork barrel' as hurtful to Muslim comrades
 on 2/27/2015, 9:17 am

People's Blog

Change the term 'pork barrel' as hurtful to Muslim comrades

Comrades, in light of Dear Leader's most glorious support of Islam, we need to make some changes around here.

The evil, disgusting reichwingers need to stop throwing around the term "pork barrel." It is offensive to Muslims. So, we all need to come up with suggestions for a new term that the reichwing can use when they feel the need to criticize Dear Leader.

They're too uneducated and stupid to come up with one themselves. Once we have the best term, Dear Leader can use his mighty pen and phone to mandate that the reichwing uses that term.

That is, at least until Net Neutrality <wink wink> rules completely shut down such talk permanently.

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Post by Comrade Vlad Linen
 FCC Blog - From Tom Wheeler - Source SourceFCC Blog - From Tom Wheeler
 on 2/26/2015, 10:11 pm

People's Blog

FCC Blog - From Tom Wheeler

Good News for Consumers, Innovators and Financial Markets

by: Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman
February 26, 2015 - 12:05 PM

Thank you to the over four million Americans who participated in the Open Internet proceeding. Thanks to them, this decision on Internet openness was itself the most open proceeding in the history of the FCC.

As a result, the FCC today has taken an important step that should reassure consumers, innovators and the financial markets about the broadband future of our nation.

Consumers now know that lawful content will not be blocked or their service throttled. Today’s action puts in place bright line rules to ban these practices outright.

Innovators now know they will have open access to consumers without worrying about pay-for-preference fast lanes. This, too, is a bright line rule to ban paid prioritization.

Financial markets now know that rate regulation, tariffing and forced unbundling – the old-style utility regulation – has been superseded by a modernized regulatory approach that has already been demonstrated to work. The rules under which the wireless industry invested $300 billion to build a vibrant and growing business are the pro-investment model for the rules we adopted today.

The future of the Internet does not reside in backward-looking regulation from another era. There are 48 sections of Title II of the Communications Act. The modern regulatory approach we adopted today cuts away 27 of those provisions (even more than were removed for mobile voice service) to establish the above-mentioned bright line regulations for issues that exist today, and to apply the well-known “just and reasonable” standard as the rule for Internet activity going forward.

The rationale for this modernization of Title II is simple: we want consumers and innovators to be protected, and we want ISPs to ...

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Post by Karl Marx Treatment Center
 KERRY, Snoring from his rectum: Bibi wrong about everything! - Source SourceKERRY, Snoring from his rectum: Bibi wrong about everything!
 on 2/26/2015, 5:32 pm

People's Blog

KERRY, Snoring from his rectum: Bibi wrong about everything!


The "haughty" John Kerry, who knows what's best for us, has it on record that he doesn't trust Bibi Netanyahu. However, he did trust him muchly, just as many other democrats did way back when they were trying to endorse the war on Iraq.

Kerry is a Whoopie Cushion with an attitude! What a guy! Oh, and, he also served in Vietnam.

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Post by Pamalinsky
 Luxury KGB Jail In Chikagostan - Source SourceLuxury KGB Jail In Chikagostan
 on 2/26/2015, 1:00 pm

People's Blog

Luxury KGB Jail In Chikagostan

What would you expect from the home of the father of the revolution, komrade Saul Alinksy, and the politikal training grounds of Komrade Glorious Leader and Komrade Madame Sekretary Hiliaria Clintonivsk? Yes! Luxury KGB jail!

Held for hours at secret Chicago 'black site': 'You're a hostage. It's kidnapping'

"A woman who says she was shackled to a bench within Chicago’s secretive interrogation facility for 18 hours before being permitted access to a lawyer described the ordeal as being “held hostage’’ in the police compound that has been likened to a CIA black site....

...Vic Suter, a protester arrested before the 2012 Nato summit in Chicago, has told the Guardian about her experience of being detained inside Homan Square, a warehouse where multiple detainees allege they have been unable to contact legal counsel. Suter described a situation in which she was neither booked nor permitted a phone call...

...At the nondescript warehouse on Chicago’s west side, lawyers and arrestees say police detain suspects and witnesses for hours without booking or otherwise posting public notifications of their whereabouts, preventing their relatives and attorneys from knowing where they are...

...“You are just kind of held hostage. The inability to see a lawyer is a drastic departure from what we consider our constitutional rights. Not being able to have that phone call, the lack of booking, makes it so that when you’re there, you understand that no one knows where you are.”...

...“You’re going to get a tour of hell in Homan,” she said the police officer who drove her to the warehouse told her....

...Granted two breaks for the bathroom during 18 hours of shackling to the bench, Suter said she was interrogated in a good-cop-bad-cop fashion. The first officer, she said, barked basic questions about what she ...

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Post by Gummipuppe
 SCOTUS to Impose Sharia Law on A&amp;F - Source SourceSCOTUS to Impose Sharia Law on A&amp;F
 on 2/26/2015, 12:12 am

People's Tools

SCOTUS to Impose Sharia Law on A&F

AF vs. Sharia Bikini.jpg

In an article from USA TODAY that can be found here:
The Supreme Court will rule on a religious discrimination lawsuit filed by a Muslim woman who claims that she was deprived of employment with the Abercrombie & Fitch franchise because she wore a hijab to the job interview. If the court rules in her favor, it will force businesses greedy kapitalists to abandon their company dress codes and actively hire employees proles who do not project the appearance the employer bourgeoisie wishes to employ. This got me wondering what the ramifications might be for other industries who will be forced to employ people of faiths that do not conform to company standards. And furthermore, what will it mean for atheists who wish to work for businesses run by Muslims? Will their lack of faith (and therefore lack of head covering) preclude them from protection under this ruling? As for the Christians, it has already been ruled that the crucifix should not be worn publicly. Will equality under the law provide for the same ruling on the Islamic Hijab? And more importantly, what does it mean for Witch Doctors and practitioners of Voodoo? Will employers have to accomodate their religious practices and garb?
It is a very confusing time komrades, as we make the transition from first world super-power to second-rate has-been. It will get ugly and possibly even bloody at times, but we must press forward to the bygone era which promised us the hope that can only be found in the Glorious Equality of Next Tuesday.

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Post by Konservative_Punk
 Russia to Resume Lunar Landing Program - Source SourceRussia to Resume Lunar Landing Program
 on 2/25/2015, 11:29 pm

People's Tools

Russia to Resume Lunar Landing Program

LK Soviet Moon Lander a.jpg

According to a UK Telegraph Article:
Russia is planning to resume their Lunar Landing Program that was scrapped 45 years ago. They plan to have a Russian Cosmonaut on the surface of the Moon by 2030. It's surely better to be late than never, even if the pause lasts over six decades. The resumption of this program is just another example of our long-suffering patience triumphing over the bloodthirsty kapitalist system, whose voids shall be filled with the equality of outcomes we all deserve. The Amerikans may have gotten there first, but our leaders will make certain that they are not the last. The selfish Amerikans planted their own flag in 1969, and this act of greed should be rectified upon the arrival of our Russian brethren. Equality dictates that by the planting of flags from every nation on Earth, or a single flag that represents all of humanity, Mother Russia will finally restore justice to the solar system.

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Post by Konservative_Punk


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