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 Ocasio-Cortez: Vulcan slayer - Source SourceOcasio-Cortez: Vulcan slayer
 on 1/15/2019, 11:54 pm

People's Blog

Ocasio-Cortez: Vulcan slayer

ocasio cortez vulcan slayer.jpg

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Post by Komissar al-Blogunov
 Gillette - The Best a Ma'am Can Get - Source SourceGillette - The Best a Ma'am Can Get
 on 1/15/2019, 1:51 am

People's Blog

Gillette - The Best a Ma'am Can Get


Gillette has gotten onboard the anti-white male bandwagon with their new ad to sell razors to women instead.

No more selling razors to those rapey metoo evil white men. They have decided to shame and bully their white toxically masculine customers with a strong message of Social Justice reinforced by the Marxist Armenian Holocaust deniers at the YoungTurks.

See the YouTube ad for yourself here:

Those toxically male evil white HonkeyWhiteyCracker rapist men should really buy Gillette now.

The face of the new proposed spokesperson for Gillette? He became famous over a misgendering episode in Albuquerque, NM when he demanded to be called "ma'am" and went ballistic after a game store attendant called him "sir."

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Post by Evil Smiley
 Masculinity: a bump in the long march of cultural Marxism - Source SourceMasculinity: a bump in the long march of cultural Marxism
 on 1/14/2019, 5:11 pm

People's Blog

Masculinity: a bump in the long march of cultural Marxism

Comrades, I have noted several times that Soviet-style psychiatry has made its way to the USSA.

And now, our Comrades here at the State Science Institute have begun the End-game.

Soon, all the guns in the USSA will be confiscated as their owners are deemed "insane" and put into Gulags where their unprogressive hormones can be "treated."

And then we will win.

It's Time to Redefine Masculinity

This is very much in line with God's Marx' goal of Fundamentally Transforming the human race into a species that is superior, and peaceful, and eminently Equal. Of course, we will have to kill off a few hundred million of Toxic Males to make it happen, but you know the saying about omelettes.

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Post by Mikhail Lysenkomann
 Google Earth - Source SourceGoogle Earth
 on 1/10/2019, 5:47 pm

People's Blog

Google Earth


You are the product.

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Post by JosephStalinthe3rd
 Pope Algore tried to warn us - Source SourcePope Algore tried to warn us
 on 1/10/2019, 3:56 pm

People's Blog

Pope Algore tried to warn us

Comrades, The End Of The World As We Know It (aka TEOTWAWKI) is imminent! Maybe even before Next Tuesday® can get here.

Thanks to KKKapitalists ignoring the warnings of the dangers of Global Warming from Pope Algore, the infallible Prophet of our state religion, the North Pole is now rampaging dangerously out of kontrol and is heading straight for the Motherland!

Remember all of the airplanes falling out of the sky because of Y2K? Well, this will be even worse. Ships at sea will sail right off the edge of the Flat Earth as their compasses fail. Our Dear Leaders won't be able to find their way to Washington and will end up in Spokane instead. Or maybe even Walla Walla, which will be an even bigger disaster.

Since we are all going to die anyway, I'm heading over to Tractor Barn #2 where I can at least die drunk happy.

Earth’s magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why


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Post by Mikhail Lysenkomann
 Chuck and Nancy's Democratic response to Trump in pictures - Source SourceChuck and Nancy's Democratic response to Trump in pictures
 on 1/9/2019, 7:58 pm

People's Blog

Chuck and Nancy's Democratic response to Trump in pictures

Last night Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi delivered a rebuttal to Trump's address to the nation by reading teleprompter messages that had been prepared in advance and consisted of blanket condemnations and generic denouncements of anything that Trump may or may not have said in his speech.

To compensate for the lack of specifics, the two Democratic leaders tried to appear heartbroken and mournful, which made them look like a couple of Soviet citizens who had waited all day in line to the state-run store to buy toilet paper, only to be told there was none left.

As a result, most comrades remembered their rebuttal not by what they said but by how they looked because, as a wise person once said, and this may not be an exact quote, "it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it, and the way that you stare into the camera while you're doing it."

Therefore, most meaningful commentary of that event came in the form of pictures. Some of these were sent to us, others we found ourselves. See below and please add the pictures we may have missed.

There have been many comparisons to the Shining, which prompted us to make this.

Thinking where we might have seen that pair before, brought up this memory.

Sad Hill emailed us this:

There have been many comparisons with American Gothic.

Rush Limbaugh on today's show said Chuck and Nancy looked like morticians at a funeral parlor, and so he directed his visual agitation department to create this picture:

To others they seemed like a remake of many other popular duos and pop culture icons.

I hear ...

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Post by Red Square
 How The People's Cube Owns Wokeness Like a True Boss - Source SourceHow The People's Cube Owns Wokeness Like a True Boss
 on 1/9/2019, 5:32 pm

People's Blog

How The People's Cube Owns Wokeness Like a True Boss

Diverse members of the Cube kollektive! Everybody knows that it is now the ”in” thing to be woke. Being woke is being korrekt, and being korrekt is being woke. Wokeness has certain markers, and I have carefully taken a long time looking at all of the evidence, and have thus determined that all evidence points to the fact that we at the People's Cube are not just woke - we're still woke, and have always been woke. We were woke before everyone else was woke. We are the forefront pioneers of wokeness.

The evidence is undeniable:

Attention to current events. Our search for the most current truth never stops. Thus, before Chicago declared Obama’s birthday to be a holiday, we've been drinking beet vodka and throwing cool parties at Tractor Barn #2 on this day since 2008. Take that, newly woke people!!

Representation. No one represents more minority groups than we do - including dead historical personages, singular brains and other body parts, all sorts of mammals, inanimate objects, and household appliances, especially toasters, which one of us has married. For good measure of an example: I myself am the People’s State-approved minority furry trash <3. Enough said.

Mindless obedience. One can't be called woke without a blind and unconditional acceptance of the word and the divine authority of the Party, the State, and the Media. Our members never tire of korrekting each other's thinking and denouncing the guilty of wrongthink.

Leaders of tomorrow. We at the People's Cube have developed the concept of The Glorious World of Next Tuesday™. While everyone focuses on the here and now, our focus is on the future, which makes us the pioneers of wokeness. While others follow, we seize the front and ...

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Post by The People's Anthony Sullivan
 Public petitions Democrats: TEAR DOWN YOUR DOORS! - Source SourcePublic petitions Democrats: TEAR DOWN YOUR DOORS!
 on 1/9/2019, 4:12 pm

People's Blog

Public petitions Democrats: TEAR DOWN YOUR DOORS!


A petition has appeared at urging all Congressional and Senate Democrats who claim that walls are immoral, to lead by example and sign this pledge:

1. I will remove all the doors in my home including interior doors (yes, even bathroom doors!).

2. I will install "high-tech sensors" at all entry points to my home(s) and office(s), so I will know when "undocumented" guests enter or leave.

3. I further promise that:

a) I will not call the police or my taxpayer-funded security staff if any "undocumented guest" takes any of my property, or physically harms me, or any member of my staff or family

b) I will personally pay all the costs associated with these "undocumented" guests, include food, health care, education and a reasonable entertainment budget

c) I will provide "sanctuary" for any "undocumented" guest who is sought by any law enforcement agency, for any reason whatsoever

See the full petition and/or sign it here, if you don't mind registering an account and providing your name and email address in support of anonymous population entering your country without registration.

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Post by Red Square
 Helicopter Flight - Source SourceHelicopter Flight
 on 1/9/2019, 9:58 am

People's Karaoke

Helicopter Flight


I like to fly yes, yes, right here in my air machine
On the clouds above I drift in the night
Any place it goes is right
Goes far, flies near, the ground's far away from here

Well, we don't know that you can't fly
Why don't you come with me Stalinist
On a Helicopter flight
We don't know if you have wings
Since that you told your schemes to me
Open doors and we'll set you free
Loose your ties now
Look outside now
Lets see if you can fly

Last night you were in Lenin's camp
And so you wanted laws to his way
Before you could think more clearly
Well, someone came, took you up and away
I looked around, an empty harness' all I found

Well, we don't know that you can't fly
Why don't you come with me Stalinist
On a Helicopter flight
We don't know if you have wings
Since that you told your schemes to me
Open doors and we'll set you free
Loose your ties now
Look outside now
Lets see if you can fly

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Post by Groucho Marxist
 Democrats vote to abolish obsolete impeachment procedure - Source SourceDemocrats vote to abolish obsolete impeachment procedure
 on 1/7/2019, 1:41 pm

People's Blog

Democrats vote to abolish obsolete impeachment procedure

In a startling reversal of a core campaign promise, House Democrats have completely abandoned all plans to impeach President Trump. Going a step further, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has promised to sponsor legislation abolishing the impeachment process altogether. However, Democrats still plan to go ahead with their promise to eliminate the Electoral College.

A spokesman for the House speaker said earlier today, "Even though everybody wants to see the worst Republican president since Hitler kicked out of the White House, we realized that impeachment was just not the way to go. While we were researching the Electoral College as an ancient relic left over from the Constitution that needs to be abolished, one of our staff was startled to discover that the impeachment process was also in the same outdated Constitution. We had to be consistent: either everything in the Constitution is the legal equivalent of a vestigial organ left there by white slave owners, or nothing is. If we're going to can the Electoral College, well, obviously impeachment has to go too."

Chuck Shumer, glaring over his reading glasses, commented on the unnecessary complexity of the impeachment process. "There's more than you'd think," he said. "Everybody thinks impeachment means you're outta there, but it only means you've just been accused, and only the House can do that. Okay, well and good. But get this - after the House impeaches somebody, the impeachment trial goes to the Senate, and it takes two thirds of the Senate to agree to kick out the president. Two thirds! No way can I get that many votes. What good's a show trial if you can't get results?"

Congresswoman and Constitutional scholar Ocasio-Cortez also weighed in tweeting, "If all three chambers of government are involved, ...

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Post by Komissar al-Blogunov


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