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 Down Lower - Source SourceDown Lower
 on 10/22/2014, 8:22 pm

People's Karaoke

Down Lower

All his friends knows he's down lower
The down lower is a little lighter

Down lower dives a little lower
Down lower is a real shower

Down lower knows the all hot streets yeah!
Down lower likes to grab your meat yeah!

Down lower gets a real pass now
Down lower will dive real fast

Take another hit
Take another hit
Take another hit and see
Take another hit
Take another hit
Take another hit with he

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Post by Groucho Marxist
 Trayvon Day Sale - 1 Day Only - While Supplies Last - Source SourceTrayvon Day Sale - 1 Day Only - While Supplies Last
 on 10/22/2014, 4:13 pm

People's Blog

Trayvon Day Sale - 1 Day Only - While Supplies Last

Get Ready Folks.
In honor of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin...

Trayvon Day and National Reparations Sale Specials are coming up soon. Forget about 'Black Friday', wait for the 'Officer Wilson Verdict' announcement that announces the beginning of the sale and don't miss out!

At Ferguson and St. Louis, Mo. stores and other selected retailers near you.

Don't miss your chance!

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Post by Evil Smiley
 Michelle Obama's Diet Tips - Source SourceMichelle Obama's Diet Tips
 on 10/22/2014, 2:23 pm

People's Blog

Michelle Obama's Diet Tips

Michelle Obama is a world leading diet and nutrition expert.

She knows exactly what is right for each body type and for each class of people - whether you are a white middle class student, or a welfare recipient; just ask Michelle. She knows!

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Post by Evil Smiley
 Islamic Party celebration in Ottawa, false capital of Canada - Source SourceIslamic Party celebration in Ottawa, false capital of Canada
 on 10/22/2014, 2:06 pm

People's Blog

Islamic Party celebration in Ottawa, false capital of Canada



Today our northern brethren, KKanada, has its Islamic Party celebrating about their faith in the fake Canadian capital Ottawa (We all know it is Toronto). With some fireworks and some cheers, the party could almost make our Dear Leader jealous, but our Dear Leader can never be jealous.

Are the people in charge promoting peace? Certainly they must have. I heard some witnesses of this celebratory event was a lady pushing a baby carriage.

I cannot explain such celebration since I am not of the party, but they surely love a good bang at the end of the ceremony.

Onwards to the celebration of Allah!

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Post by Hammer and Loupe discriminates against hillbillies - Source discriminates against hillbillies
 on 10/22/2014, 2:31 am

People's Blog discriminates against hillbillies


Comrades, what part of equal opportunity and affirmative action and all that other jazz (pun intended) do our comrades at not understand? is asking fellow progs to man womyn person prog the phone lines and call up other progs in various collectives to help our party's candidates win.

Comrades, we have two very hot Senate races in the collectives of Arkansas and Louisiana. Comrades Mark Pryor and Mary "Louisiana Purchase" Landrieu might not be able to help rubber stamp our party's initiatives next year without our assistance!

These two are longtime incumbents who valiantly vote for Dear Leader's ideas and yet has abandoned them? Do they not care about these two? Do they think the people in these states, who have consistently voted for them before, will not vote for them again? Have they hopefully declared them all but defeated?

Do they feel hillbilly-ness is somehow more easily transferred (even through the phone lines) than Obola?

Haven't they read Pinkie's Kolumn to realize how high the stakes are? Every one of our comrades in the US Senate must be saved from defeat!!

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Post by Comrade Vlad Linen
 The 1980s are MAD - Source SourceThe 1980s are MAD
 on 10/21/2014, 9:43 pm

People's Blog

The 1980s are MAD

I do not know why I didn't think of this meme before. Better late than never. Still worried about those people however.


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Post by Ted State
 I denounce US ARMED FORCES discrimination against Trannies!! - Source SourceI denounce US ARMED FORCES discrimination against Trannies!!
 on 10/21/2014, 5:45 pm

People's Blog

I denounce US ARMED FORCES discrimination against Trannies!!


We all know how good Trannies are, one lives at the White House, while another one named Chelsea single-handedly beat the famous Mata Hari in bringing down an Empire.

But now comes word that the United States Department of Defense will not allow Trannies to serve:


That is not fair!!! Why, the move threatens to stop our Moochelle from becoming SUPREME COMMANDER of the U.S.of.KKK Armed Forces in these last three years of the Dear Leader as President.

So, what do you think?

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Post by Jíbaro
 Working the Poll... - Source SourceWorking the Poll...
 on 10/21/2014, 2:06 pm

People's Blog

Working the Poll...

IL Poll Workers Break Law – Tell Obama to “Vote Democrat” at Chicago Polling Booth (Video)

Poll workers assist Barack Hussein in casting a korrekt vote, after a weekend of confusing his slice from his hook left Dear Leader fatigued to the point he could not recognize the left side of his many ballots.

This required highly skilled professionals, as his Ballots in Arabic were properly read from right to left, while his English ballots were read from left to right.

Meanwhile outside, Secret Service v.2.0 agents provided security for the polling station.

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Post by Tovarichi
 "That'll learn him..." - Source Source"That'll learn him..."
 on 10/21/2014, 9:41 am

People's Blog

"That'll learn him..."

Artist Slices Off Own Earlobe to Protest Putin’s Politics


Putin just won't listen!

Sew your mouth shut and wrap yourself in barbed wire, and does Putin listen? Nope.

Nail your sack to the wall in Red Square (the geographical one, not the People's Director...) And does Putin pay any attention? Not yet...

Peel down to the altogether, and hack off part of an ear while sitting on the roof of a loony bin....and Putin says...


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Post by Tovarichi
 Enterovirus goes to Hollywood - Source SourceEnterovirus goes to Hollywood
 on 10/21/2014, 9:10 am

People's Blog

Enterovirus goes to Hollywood

Enterovirus Goes to Hollywood.jpg

If Spelling gets the Enterovirus, then we must be careful grateful about our schools. Well this fashionable trait has reached the stars literally. Political swings do have pick ups and Tori must picked up something great from the Democratic Party.

Could this special gift cause paralysis or deep sleep? That is what the Rethugincans and Teabaggers want you to think. I assure you that you cannot get it on the bus, but you can give it on the bus. Please wait for a few moments, the people's media is talking with me....
...What do you mean that is the ebola virus? I thought it was the Enterovirus..... What am I going to tell them? Uhuh.... Yeah..... No way.... I am not going to do that...... *Bong* Ouch! Yes Commissarka Pinkie, I will fix it....
This just in, the previous bus mention was incorrect. Disregard the last note. This Halloween, never forget the People's Cube and proudly show your Enterovirus or else.


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Post by Hammer and Loupe


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