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 Hillary redefines 'living on a fixed income' - Source SourceHillary redefines 'living on a fixed income'
 on 9/2/2015, 1:30 am

People's Blog

Hillary redefines 'living on a fixed income'


What we need, comrades, is to change the meaning of more words to accommodate our agenda. We've already successfully redefined "marriage" to mean anything that involves "love," which could also mean anything, particularly if it punctures and deflates the old meaning of love, loyalty, fidelity, or comity. As a result, "heterosexual marriage" is now defined as racist, sexist, intolerant union that stands in the way of true community, where everyone is exactly the same. Only when we recognize our sameness will society fully embrace true diversity. Peace and harmony will follow. Progs: 1, non-progs: 0.

In another example, Hillary Clinton redefined "dead broke." She described herself and Bill as "dead broke" after they left the White House, even though they were both alive and dripping with money. Great Stalin’s Ghost! One might imagine they even had to sell off their underwear, depending of what the meaning of "underwear" is.

In the meantime, many of our prog brothers and sisters (as well as countless other non-gender-specific siblings) live on a fixed income. Seniors have to live on Social Security because their age makes them unemployable. Others, in their twenties, are both unemployed and have a staggering debt with no hope of paying off, at least at this juncture.

Cut to "over 93 million people in America not in the work force. No jobs. Unemployment at 6.3%." Meanwhile, Bill and Hill, after just a few years after being "dead broke," are worth about $80 million.

How did this happen? Well, it's easy, comrades. They just "fixed" their income.

That means the Clintons took favors for Hilary’s imminent presidency. Having thus "fixed" her income, Hillary can now rightfully claim she knows what living on a "fixed income" is really all about. ...

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Post by Pamalinsky
 Salute comrade Sanders, reject bourgeois fetish of freedom! - Source SourceSalute comrade Sanders, reject bourgeois fetish of freedom!
 on 9/1/2015, 9:52 pm

People's Blog

Salute comrade Sanders, reject bourgeois fetish of freedom!

There is no greater lie than a lie that shackles the working classes to their oppressors criminally swindling them into their own slavery. The superstructure of the ruling class is built on the lie of bourgeois notions of freedom. But, a hungry man is not free. Therefore, there is no such thing!

The great Bernie Sanders is no-one's fool and he does not take fools lightly. Watch as the great Bernie Sanders refuses to even acknowledge the premises this ridiculous flunky of the ruling classes tries to bomb him with. All civilized people know that government is all-powerful and you have one fundamental right, the right to vote. All other "rights" are just bourgeois lies that lead to anarchy, capitalism, and war.

Thank you, great comrade Bernie Sanders!

Comrade Bernie Sanders, the People's Cube gives you our full support! We are with you! Only the Peoples' needs and will are the limits of government! Only the Party expresses the will of the People! Only strong communism expresses the will of the Party!

The People need you comrade Sanders. Come here to the People's Cube and endorse the only legitimate government there is. Strong communism!

We will make the people listen.

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Post by Comrade Otis
 Cover streets with Hillary 'LIAR' posters wherever she goes - Source SourceCover streets with Hillary 'LIAR' posters wherever she goes
 on 9/1/2015, 6:09 pm

People's Blog

Cover streets with Hillary 'LIAR' posters wherever she goes

ABC NEWS: Poll: 'Liar' Most Frequently Associated Word With Hillary Clinton

Quinnipiac asked 1,563 voters and reported only the words that were said at least five times. So what do voters really think of the 2016 presidential frontrunners? Here are the answers:

Hillary Clinton – ‘Liar’

Clinton can’t shake the reputation that she’s hiding something.

The word “liar” was mentioned 178 times in association with Hillary Clinton. Some of the other top words voters said to describe the former Secretary of State were “dishonest,” “untrustworthy,” and “criminal.”

To mark this event, we have created a commemorative image, poster, and T-shirt. Order it online and wear it, put it in the window, on your lawn, or carry it at the next public event.

If you'd like to hang quantities of these posters in the streets and know how to print them cheaply yourself, download this PDF file that can be scaled to any size. Or contact me and I can arrange the printing in bulk.

BUY POSTER (select preferred sizes, paper, etc. in the store)

BUY T-SHIRT (select preferred sizes, styles, and colors)

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Post by Red Square
 Glorious new Black Lives Matter slogan: "Pigs in a blanket" - Source SourceGlorious new Black Lives Matter slogan: "Pigs in a blanket"
 on 9/1/2015, 3:27 am

People's Blog

Glorious new Black Lives Matter slogan: "Pigs in a blanket"

Today’s lesson in how tolerant, understanding, and caring progressives are comes from a group of Black Lives Matter protesters at the Minnesota State Fair.

Here’s what they had to say:

I suppose the statement: “frying like bacon, pigs in a blanket” just goes to show that they really are committed to the idea that black lives matter, and whatever else the Party tells them matters. There is no need for justice as defined by a bunch of dead white people, but rather, the kind of social justice and reparations that they probably desire will do just fine. Remember, in accordance with current Party doctrine it’s not OK to say that all lives matter. Here’s another slightly longer and slanderous piece from Faux News (spit) on this glorious BLM protest:



The lead organizer for the protest, Rashad Turner, had the following to say about the chant: “I think that the crazy thing is that there’s all this uproar about rhetoric but there isn’t uproar about the facts.” When questioned ...

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Post by Comrade Rokossovksy
 Poor Me Magazine: get a free lifetime subscription today! - Source SourcePoor Me Magazine: get a free lifetime subscription today!
 on 8/31/2015, 9:05 pm

People's Blog

Poor Me Magazine: get a free lifetime subscription today!

A magazine dedicated to people who see themselves as victims.

Get a free lifetime subscription today courtesy of the Democratic Party and the federal gov’t!

· What, Me Responsible?
· Making Victimhood Pay Off
· Tricks for Turning Dislike Into Hate
· Making Your Behavior Immaterial
· It’s the Society’s Fault!
· Blame Your Parents? We can Help!
· Top 10 ways to get even

Is everything sexist? Ask an expert!
The Next Big Thing: Microaggressions

EXCLUSIVE: Bryce Williams, 41, laments about his lack of sex and reminisces about his days as a $2,000-a-night gay prostitute.

Special thanks to Comrade Dedhedvedev for the idea.

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Post by Red Square
 Climate Scientists Baffled by Short-term Weather Phenomenon - Source SourceClimate Scientists Baffled by Short-term Weather Phenomenon
 on 8/31/2015, 8:44 pm

People's Blog

Climate Scientists Baffled by Short-term Weather Phenomenon

Accompanying our Dear President on his journey to Alaska to help stem the tides and once again save Anchorage from the evil right-wing supervillians are a number of bought and paid for climate scientists who are there to observe the effects of what has been described as a strange "short-term climate change phenomenon" that the locals have referred to as "Summer."

Researchers from the Liberal Institute for Environmental Studies (LIES) believe that this strange, unexplained cycle of heating and cooling has been going on ever since anyone has started taking measurements, and it's unknown if there's any correlation between warming and increased incidents of capitalist activity.

One of the most shocking discoveries in their new report details how only 6 months ago, snowfall and other anomalous events that have been debunked by the New York Times were a common occurrence, however, there's recently been a sharp increase in temperature, reducing the average number of layers worn outside from a 7.2 to a 3.8.

"I mean it's nice to be able to walk outside without dressing up like a spacesuit, but if things get any warmer we might have to move up north and steal what little chunks of ice the polar bears are struggling to survive on." Said one Alaskan.

Another interviewed local delivered a surprising observation. "I removed a chunk of ice from my freezer and took it outside to see how long it would last. If what I saw is true for the rest of the Arctic, we might only have three more minutes until all the ice is completely gone."

The strange phenomenon has been noted to occur in other places, but seems to be less observable near the equator. This has initially been attributed to the relative lack ...

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Post by Comrade Sovremennyy
 (It's Fun To Be With) ISIS - Source Source(It's Fun To Be With) ISIS
 on 8/31/2015, 7:29 pm

People's Karaoke

(It's Fun To Be With) ISIS

Adnan, there's no need for despair
I said Adnan, you've neglected your prayers
I said Adnan, now it's time to prepare
There's no need to fear The Fire

Adnan, there's a place you can go
I said Adnan, where you can salvage your soul
You can go there and they'll make you a bomb
It's the best way to spread Islam

It's fun to join up with ISIS
It's fun to join up with ISIS
They have everything for the Righteous Path
You can steer clear of Allah's wrath
It's fun to join up with ISIS
It's fun to join up with ISIS
You can take a few heads, you can shoot a Yazid
You can do whatever they need

Adnan, are you listening to me
I said Adnan, do you want the houri
I said Adnab, you can make kuffar scream
But you got to know one thing
Allah's about to send you to hell
So, Adnan, put your fear on the shelf
And join up, with the ISIS
I'm sure he'll forgive your vices

it's fun to join up with ISIS
It's fun to join up with ISIS
They got everything, help a man lose his load
You can hook up with all the goats
It's fun to join up with ISIS
It's fun to join up with ISIS
You can stone a girl down, you can chop a thief's hand
You can spread terror through the land

Adnan, I was once in your place
Would be cast down to that infernal place
I thought Allah was preparing The Fire
I thought No way to dodge His ire
That's when a blind shiekh came up to me
And said Achmed, still a chance for houri
There's a group now, called the ...

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Post by Callmelennie
 Obama Renames Mount McKinley - Source SourceObama Renames Mount McKinley
 on 8/31/2015, 11:46 am

People's Blog

Obama Renames Mount McKinley


Dear Leader needs a monument to his mountain of lies, deception, deceit and general Denial Of Reality that are, of course, necessary to any People's Revolution.

So, as His O'liness continues seeking a Legacy by which future generations can remember (and adore) him, he has naturally renamed Amerika's tallest mountain.

Dear Leader is, of course too humble to name a mountain after himself. He has only named it after the central policy of his administration.

Let's all welcome...


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Post by Mikhail Lysenkomann
 Is there life on Mars? - Source SourceIs there life on Mars?
 on 8/30/2015, 8:19 pm

People's Blog

Is there life on Mars?


A recent post on the People's Blog made me think of the following:

Is there life on Mars? If so, there are too many questions we must answer before we contemplate going there. Tough, progressive questions.

  • Is there social justice on Mars?
  • Is there an economy on Mars and if so, does it need regulating?
  • Is there a community on Mars and if so, does it need community organizers?
  • Are there genders on Mars and if so, is there gender equality for all 58 of them?
  • Is there private property on Mars and if so, is there redistributive justice?
  • Is there illegal immigration on Mars and if so, are there sanctuary cities?
  • Are there elections on Mars and if so, is voter ID required?
  • Is there Al Sharpton on Mars?
  • Is there homosexuality on Mars and if so, is there homophobia?
  • Is there parenthood on Mars and if so, does it need to be planned?
  • Are there corporations on Mars and if so, are they considered people?
  • Is there an environment on Mars and if so, does it require environmentalists?
  • Is there climate change on Mars and if so, is the Martian science settled?
  • Is there a nuclear bomb on Mars and if so, do they need negotiators?
  • Are there Muslims on Mars and if so, is there Islamophobia?

Actually, the last question has already been answered: there no Muslims on Mars.

Muslims 'warned in Fatwa not to live on Mars'

Fatwa reportedly issued warning Muslims not to make 'hazardous trip' to live on Mars

Muslims have been warned in a Fatwa not to go and live on Mars because it would pose "a real risk to life", according to a Dubai news organisation. The General Authority of ...

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Post by Red Square
 'Hillary for Prison' signs keep getting stolen - Source Source'Hillary for Prison' signs keep getting stolen
 on 8/30/2015, 12:15 pm

People's Blog

'Hillary for Prison' signs keep getting stolen


‘Hillary for Prison’ signs keep getting stolen in the Hamptons

This Hamptonite wants Hillary Rodham Clinton behind bars — and had to put his signs saying so behind an electric fence.

Andy Sabin’s first “Hillary for Prison 2016” signs lasted little more than a day before they were stolen from in front of his Amagansett home last week. So Sabin took steps to make sure the placards were secure.

The red, blue and white signs now sit atop a pair of 12-foot poles behind an electric fence with yellow warning signs. A surveillance camera keeps watch.

“Living in a town with a lot of left-wing wackos, that’s what happens,” Sabin said.

Comrades, we must continue to fight for Comrade Mrs. Clinton's honor. Screw the electricity! (Well, you might want to just jump rather that screw)... Anyway, get over the fence and grab an armful. This Western Capitalist Pig must be moved to the frozen North.

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Post by Comrade Abrakham Linkol'n


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