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 Student made giant art using old colored People's Cubes - Source SourceStudent made giant art using old colored People's Cubes
 on 10/6/2015, 5:24 pm

People's Blog

Student made giant art using old colored People's Cubes

Comrades! I don't know what to think! (Okay -we already knew that) - so I am bringing Forward™ this news I heard while working abiding with fellow residents of the gulag retraining center where I have been unfortunately gloriously spending my nights - it was on the local news on the viewing screen. So, I checked my local approved newspaper and found this article:

A Priory Senior Made a Rubik's Cube Portrait of Stan Musial — and It's Amazing


Even the local party-approved newspaper did not acknowledge the greatness that is The People's Cube!

The unapproved video that was shown on TV can be seen here:

Ballpark Village unveils Stan Musial Rubiks Cube mural

So now I denounce myself for posting this video and will return to work the Gulag the reeducation center and will report promptly to room 101.

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Post by anonemous1
 Beau Biden's Dying Wish - Source SourceBeau Biden's Dying Wish
 on 10/6/2015, 1:56 pm

People's Blog

Beau Biden's Dying Wish

WASHINGTON- Sometimes a dying person makes a wish before departing. The wishes are mostly referred to a person who they either bless, curse, or granted a task after their death. That wish is considered sacred and must be carried out. Doom unto those who prevent that wish.

Beau Biden died on the last day of May this year. We confirmed Beau Biden's death wish was a task. We do not confirm the details of the task since it was in secret with a person dedicated for taking these tasks. The state usually selects a person in particular, but Beau made a special request that he selects his person. Sadly, this person died in a freak accident after receiving the wish so we will need to ask others if they even heard his wish.

We went to a few people of interest to find out more about this task. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Fidel Castro, and Vladimir Putin. We asked one question. What was Beau Biden's dying request?We received different answers.

Joe Biden answered, "He gave me a task to become President of America."

Hillary Clinton replied, "Beau is a sweet young man. He wanted me to lead the nation into a future that will bring peace and prosperity. He wanted me as President of the United States. I am sure Joe will say something different. He is a compulsive liar unlike me."

Fidel Castro responded, "His dying wish was that Cuba was repaid for loss of revenue due to United States blockade and give back Guantanamo Bay to Cuba."

Vladimir Putin retorted, "He was a fan of Russia. His wish was absolute. The world must give back Russian lands lost and Turkey to Russia as payment for all damages to the Motherland. He included all space ...

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Post by Hammer and Loupe
 Ham sandwich in the lunchroom? OFFENSIVE! - Source SourceHam sandwich in the lunchroom? OFFENSIVE!
 on 10/5/2015, 9:14 pm

People's Blog

Ham sandwich in the lunchroom? OFFENSIVE!

Ham sandwich? Sausage rolls? Not for lunch at work, you Islamophobe! Policy is changing, and the majority shall bend over backwards for the minority, by Allah!

Don't even put your Haram filth in the same refrigerator as a proper Halal meal, and don't put one in there in CASE someone decided to put a halal meal in later!

Now, shall we discuss alcohol at the company picnic, or the "Winter Solstice" party?

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Post by Ivan the Stakhanovets
 Last Gun Shop in San Francisco Shuts Down After 63 Years - Source SourceLast Gun Shop in San Francisco Shuts Down After 63 Years
 on 10/5/2015, 7:58 pm

People's Blog

Last Gun Shop in San Francisco Shuts Down After 63 Years



Our friends at "I Hate The Media" have advised that the revolution is moving forward as planned in the former State of California:

Last Gun Shop in San Francisco Shuts Down After 63 Years

Sales of the evil mechanism of protection have ceased and movement is in place to turn all firearms in the State into plows for more production of beets.

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Post by Comrade Abrakham Linkol'n
 Diversity rocks the Rockettes - Source SourceDiversity rocks the Rockettes
 on 10/5/2015, 2:41 pm

People's Blog

Diversity rocks the Rockettes

Religious Rockette.jpg

New York, NY--The Rockettes have announced their intention to comply with the Supreme Court's ruling that exemptions must be made for employees whose religious obligations may conflict with employer dress code policies. The Supreme Court verdict, which was handed down earlier this year, requires Abercrombie and Fitch to make a religious exemption for an employee who wished to wear Muslim garb in the form of a hijab, despite the fact that the company's policy explicitly prohibits the wearing of any headwear not sold by the chain of fashion outlets.

That case centered on an employee who did not wear the religious head-covering to her job interview with the store's manager. The Rockettes did not give an official statement, but sources close to the organization say that this case is different because the employee was already a Rockette for several years before recently converting to Islam. The SCOTUS ruling against A&F makes it a criminal offense to prevent the dancer from wearing clothing required by her faith on the job.

An unnamed Broadway critic for one notable publication admires her progressive courage, saying off the record, "I envision a day when all of the Rockettes will have the courage to follow this bold act of modesty. She has really challenged the status-quo and is bringing decency back to the stage." But critics of the SCOTUS ruling are asking, "Where do we draw the line? For example, are we now forced to allow tribal medicine men and satanic high priests to wear their religious costumes while acting in their capacity as bankers, lawyers, and government service employees?

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Post by Konservative_Punk
 Brain implants: read the People's Cube without a computer - Source SourceBrain implants: read the People's Cube without a computer
 on 10/4/2015, 6:38 pm

People's Blog

Brain implants: read the People's Cube without a computer

Brain Transplant Peoples Cube.jpeg

We are starting a voluntary process of giving brain transplants for Next Tuesday project. Our new technology is going to enhance communication between comrades without them even having to move their mouths, leading to a massive advancement in labor productivity by eliminating the need to use face muscles while talking.

A selection committee will find and process the victims volunteers for the experiments gifts we plan to give to our selfless comrades. Not only will you be considered a hero of your community, but you will be able to browse the Internet and read the People's Cube, and post comments without even owning a computer. Isn't it most equal? The technology has not been tested yet, so you have to put it in your brain to see what's in it for you.

The exciting virtual world of The Matrix is around the corner!

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Post by Hammer and Loupe
 Vatican dismisses gay priest, is on wrong side of history - Source SourceVatican dismisses gay priest, is on wrong side of history
 on 10/3/2015, 8:22 pm

People's Blog

Vatican dismisses gay priest, is on wrong side of history


How unfortunate to hear that a gay comrade was sacked for being gay. What did the Pope do? Nothing to protect this unfortunate person. It is time for the Vatican to start getting into the times, be more dynamic, and make a few changes - for example, hire animals, inanimate objects, and household appliances, such as toasters and dildos as priests, deacons, and bishops.

Furthermore, why not have China select their bishops? What does the Vatican have that China does not? The Chinese have copied and made cheap knockoffs of practically everything this world has ever produced. What makes the church so special that there can't be a Chinese knockoff of the Vatican - lower quality, but easily affordable to anyone?

For shame that the Roman Catholic Church still does not look to progressivism as a way of life. Now would be a good time to do it, given that it has a Pope from a socialist country like Argentina.

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Post by Hammer and Loupe
 Hillary: To Be Or Not To Be: Is That The Question? - Source SourceHillary: To Be Or Not To Be: Is That The Question?
 on 10/3/2015, 5:33 pm

People's Blog

Hillary: To Be Or Not To Be: Is That The Question?

Some Hillary Clinton Donors Defect to Movement to Draft Joe Biden

Dear Comrades,

Hillary just doesn’t know what to say, what with Joe Biden displaying his most extra special presidential face. Very intimidating. So, I offer her this:

DISCLAIMER: In no possible way do I pretend to emulate the most esteemed Shakespeare, who, as we know, has been banned from schools everywhere. (Shakespeare, kick in the rear! Ha! Ha! Ha!) He is, after all, just a rube, making a pathetic effort to tell his “truth” about human nature. (Yuk, yuk!)

However, I have found him useful in my attempt to save our dear Hillary from humiliation.

The original text is here.

Here is mine:

To be, or not to be, is that the question?:
Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy™,
Or to take Arms away from a Sea of idiots,
And by opposing to end them: to die, to sleep
No more; and by a sleep, to say we end
The Heart-ache, my coma and head injury
That Flesh is heir to? 'Tis merely a concussion
Devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep,
To sleep, perchance to Dream; aye, there's the rub,
For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause. There's the respect
That makes Calamity of so a long life:
For me, who would bear the Whips and Scorns of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy™,
The Vast Right-Wing’s Conspiracy™ is wrong, the poor man's desperate hope,
The pangs of despised Love, like homosexuality and transexuality, the Law’s delay,
The insolence of Office, and the Spurns of those who disagree,
That patient ...

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Post by Pamalinsky
 Trump the Agitator - Source SourceTrump the Agitator
 on 10/2/2015, 7:41 pm

People's Blog

Trump the Agitator

Komrades, I have caught wind of a shocking new report about Donald Hum -er- Trump. It seems that he is starting to try to camouflage himself against the democratic party.

You see, Trump has already deployed a single Agitation Squad to attempt to convert people to his Cult of Trump. Basically, these squads work exactly in the same way as our Glorious State-Issued HappyFunTime Posters, but except instead of glorifying the State and Kollektivism, they attempt to put the kapitalist bastard in a good light.

These squads tell you that Trump's policies are actually Hillary's or even Bernie's policies, and then they get you to agree with the policies, and then they tell you that they're actually Trump policies. Now, why is he bashing us? Our State torturing Kapitalists and burning businessmen at the stake is NOTHING compared to this savage mind trick designed to poison the mind, break the back, and ultimately create a dissenter out of a loyal Party devotee.

But, this report is the only instance of an agitation squad being filmed. There may be hundreds, thousands, even millions of squads throughout the Kollektive trying to indoctrinate you into Trumpism. You must counter every Republikkan argument, and you must also be suspicious of any demokrat-supporter; They may be a squad member trying to get you to bite the hook so that you can be reeled in. Reeled into what you ask? The stone-cold dungeon of Trump's Kult of Trump, Money, Power, and Kapitalism. Be vigilant Komrades!

The report:

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Post by Comrade Stierlitz
 Christian-haters puzzled by Oregon massacre - Source SourceChristian-haters puzzled by Oregon massacre
 on 10/2/2015, 8:15 am

People's Blog

Christian-haters puzzled by Oregon massacre

Oregon Christian Killer.jpg

Earlier this week, Muslim foreign policy analyst Rula Jebreal suggested on CNN that GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz "will have blood on their hands" if Muslims in a mosque are targeted for shooting. Applying this standard of logic to the targeting of Christians at a community college in Oregon, one can only surmise that public figures who verbally attack Christians are to blame for the killings.

Some are making the case that the leftist political class, our education system and even pop-culture have turned public opinion against Christians, causing them to be considered second class citizens, and legitimate targets for scorn. Atheists, Muslims and all others who eschew Christianity are denying their share in the responsibility for this heinous massacre.

"As I tell my students, Christianity has been a scourge on humanity throughout history and has no place in our society," stated one Muslim professor at the school, "but to blame academia for inciting hatred against Christians is absolutely ludicrous."

"What the shooter did was bad," said the student president of the college's Club of Atheists, "but it's time that Christians get the message. They think they have a right to deny LGBT couples the right to marry and wedding cakes, as well as abortion on demand and birth control for women. President Obama even said that Christians massacred Muslims during the Crusades, so I guess what goes around comes around sooner or later."

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Post by Konservative_Punk


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