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 Atheists remove crossbeams; Buildings collapse - Source SourceAtheists remove crossbeams; Buildings collapse
 on 7/29/2014, 9:05 pm

People's Blog

Atheists remove crossbeams; Buildings collapse


A display of Nothing next to the Ground Zero Cross just wasn't enough.

A judge informed the American Atheists that for their case against the Ground Zero Cross to go forward, they must explain why the cross infringes upon their non-religious non-beliefs. So they thought about it.

Then the American Atheists came to the conclusion that there must have been thousands of cross-shaped beams that held up the frame of the World Trade Towers; Cross shapes that were secretly hidden between floors by the Christian builders, without consulting members of the non-religious community.

What made the American Atheists feel especially insulted is that at least one of the crossbeams survived the 9/11 attacks, and was singled out for exposure, while their non-symbol of Nothing was never recognized.

The American Atheists asked, "If the cross survived, then didn't Nothing also survive? Nothing is all around us." But many people rejected this interpretation as unsubstantial. This angered the American Atheists, who are known to be a very tolerant bunch, except when folks disagree with them.


Image courtesy of Dracula (1931)

For many, the cross symbolized survival in the midst of tragedy, but the American Atheists were upset that their Nothing didn't symbolize anything, and were resentful that they had Nothing to inspire them through the disaster.

Realizing that crossbeams comprise the architecture of almost every building on earth, the American Atheists shifted the focus of their non-religious crusade against "any two straight lines crossing anywhere" in building codes:

"We at American Atheists are appalled that it has taken so long for society to recognize the prejudice in architecture. Seeing a cross, anywhere, is bad enough. Knowing that there are many crosses, hidden in the walls and floors, ...

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Post by Olga Photoshopova
 President Obama to impeach President Obama - Source SourcePresident Obama to impeach President Obama
 on 7/29/2014, 7:24 pm

People's Blog

President Obama to impeach President Obama

President Obama is preparing an executive order to impeach President Obama.

A strategy of impeachment will rally fellow-travelers to open up their beet rations and donate to the Peoples Democratic Party of Americas, thus rendering the Racist Republican Party of White Heterosexuals on the defensive.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Senator Harry Reid said...


"Look in the papers today, the American people are totally opposed to this"

In response to the calls for impeachment by the Senate Majority Leader, Speaker John Boehner made a public announcement on the issue of non impeachment...


"We have no plans to impeach the President. We have no future plans...this whole talk about impeachment comes from the President's own staff and from congressional Democrats."

Non impeachment is a clear abuse of power by the House Republican majority, comrades. This obstruction of Dear Leader's impeachment must not be tolerated.

It is imperative for all like minded progressives to vocally demand Dear Leader's impeachment. We need to blow up the phone lines and call all Senate and House Democrats and instruct them to proceed with President Obama's impeachment NOW!


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Post by El Presidente
 The People's Media against Western Propaganda - Source SourceThe People's Media against Western Propaganda
 on 7/29/2014, 5:15 pm

People's Blog

The People's Media against Western Propaganda

Everything in Russian Media must be true. We can understand our Russian brethren is fighting the Western Media Propaganda Machine with Russia's own spin.

What should we do to help their cause here?

Well, we do have The People's Propaganda Commission Media. It is made up of our finest persons. We have megaphones, Morse mouse code, telegraph, pigeons {ran out}, newspaper, pony express, etc. We shall produce our own truths about what is happening here in USSA and other countries surrounding satellites.

Plane crash caused by Russian liberators, never happened. Georgia taken without their permission, they were asking for it. Tibet invaded by China, it was actually China to begin with.

What other Western Propaganda should we dispel?

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Post by Hammer and Loupe
 Liberals Seven Times More Likely to Ban Black Assault Rifles - Source SourceLiberals Seven Times More Likely to Ban Black Assault Rifles
 on 7/29/2014, 12:45 pm

People's Blog

Liberals Seven Times More Likely to Ban Black Assault Rifles

Research conducted by Princeton University’s Sociology Department discovered a surprising and ugly trend in our culture: liberals are nearly 8 times more likely to ban an assault rifle based on its color. Another surprising find: conservatives were found to be significantly more accepting of assault rifles of different colors and nationalities than liberals.

The study was a thorough, double blind experiment involving 200 participants from different regions of the country. 100 of the subjects identified themselves as conservative. Conservative participants were screened on such qualities as patriotism, military service, church attendance, giving to charity, and a fondness of Duck Dynasty. Typical conservative beliefs included acknowledgement of God, self-reliance, limited government, sanctity of life for the unborn, helping others with their own means, and tolerance for opinions with which they disagreed.

The 100 subjects who identified themselves as liberal were screened on such qualities as revulsion at images of Ronald Reagan, a reflexive tendency to protest military action, affiliation with a wiccan coven, demanding from charity, and a desire to lynch Phil Robertson. Typical liberal beliefs included worship of Gaia, the inability of minorities to accomplish without a government program, expansive government, seeing abortion as a positive experience, helping others by wearing ribbons and demanding government action, and understanding tolerance to mean uniform agreement with their opinions.

The results of the study showed that liberals were 7.62 times more likely to demand the ban of a black assault rifle than a rifle of lighter color. One participant, an anonymous House minority leader, was shown a “Hello Kitty” version of the AR-15. She smiled, and said, “How cute! I’m going to get one for my granddaughter!” When showed a black AR-15, the same subject ran to the door, locked it, and dove ...

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Post by Komissar Blogunov
 Fakes In The White House - Source SourceFakes In The White House
 on 7/28/2014, 9:19 pm

People's Karaoke

Fakes In The White House

Fake 37.jpg

There’s fakes in the White House
Blood on their hands
Every word they say today-ay
It sounds like a crime


Underworld is living
The cancer grows
The ways of these loons
Is how we live now

Souls for sale
(Hush) (Hush)
Souls for sale
Souls for sale
Souls for sale

Dare hope for our future?
War on our border
And know there will come a day-ay
When we’ll give no quarter

Meet them head on
Meet them head on, pray
Meet them head on
Meet them head on, pray

(Dream on)
(Who’d have filled the night up behind us with colors of night)
Souls for sale
Souls for sale

Can we rebound?
Can we rebound?
(Can we rebound?)
Can we rebound?
Can we rebound?
(Can we rebound?)

Souls for sale
There’s fakes in the White House
Blood on their hands
We can’t wait anymore
We can’t wait anymore

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Post by Googie
 Lego's Latest Utopia City - 'The Racist Hunter' - Source SourceLego's Latest Utopia City - 'The Racist Hunter'
 on 7/28/2014, 1:50 am

People's Blog

Lego's Latest Utopia City - 'The Racist Hunter'


Meet Lego’s newest character: Ed Doltz - “The Racist Hunter”

Ed’s an all-American racist hunter specializing in spreading lies and unsubstantiated rumors throughout Utopia City. His total mastery of undercover propaganda campaigning has catapulted him to fame and stardom among New York’s most influential elites. His vast MSNBC television audience gathers each evening in hopes of hearing Ed reveal the latest conservative outrage, vicious racist gossip, or newest target of opportunity for angry race hunters.

Now finally, with Utopia City’s help, it’s your turn to be Ed Doltz. Just like Ed you’ll pretend to be something you’re not, someone fighting for the greater good of all humanity. Learn Ed’s verbal gymnastics skills, his indecipherable thought patterns, and the clever way he schmoozes friendly guests. Then, comrades, don your Ed Doltz undercover identity and play Utopia City’s “Racist Hunters” - and play for keeps!

Game features continued below:

Key Game Features:

Experience LEGO’s Utopia City like never before. You and your comrades will encounter strange new play sets that come to life in HD as you explore the seamy under-belly of the Ruthuglikkkan district in search of racists and cowardly Teabaggers.

High ranking comrades can go undercover in a variety of disguises, including businessmen, construction workers, and even deranged bloggers. Members of Dear Leader’s “Path to Citizenship Patrol” will use their unique RID (Racist Identity Detector) equipped vehicles to locate and “korrekt” offenders, solve puzzles and spread race baiting gossip throughout the city.

The Sharpton Wii U GamePad™ controller is woven seamlessly into the game-play experience. Players use it to scan for white criminals, play race cards, and place “Race-Bait” at way-points on an overhead city map.

For added excitement and great ideas to test your growing “Racist Hunter” abilities, ...

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Post by Captain Craptek
 Then he Kissed Me - Source SourceThen he Kissed Me
 on 7/27/2014, 10:58 pm

People's Karaoke

Then he Kissed Me

Well, he walked up to me
And he asked to put my hand down his pants
He looked kinda creepy
And so I said, “Not even a chance"

Then he grabbed, he held me tight
And then he molested me that night
With his arms he squeezed me tight
And then he kissed me

Each time I saw him
He gave me a cigar again
I wanted to let him know
I don’t enjoy smoke'n

I didn't know just what to do
When Paula Jones decided to sue
And he said that I should lie too
And that then he dissed me

He dissed me in a way
That I've never been dissed before
He dissed me in a way
that he accused my of being a whore

I knew the truth was on my side
So I gave them the blue dress that I had
And one day the truth will come
He’s old enough to be my dad

Then he told me about his bride
That she was always on his side side
That she would cover for his lies
for the Presidency

Then the GOP learned in time
That he asked others to lie
I felt so frightened, I almost cried
And they impeached he
And they impeached he
And they impeached he

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Post by El Presidente
 Leader from the back - Source SourceLeader from the back
 on 7/27/2014, 9:54 pm

People's Karaoke

Leader from the back


Did she really twice vote for him?
Well, there she is, let's ask her
Betty, is that Barry’s ring you're kissing? Uhm, hmm
Gee, it must be great voting for him
Is he making you look like a fool today? Uhm, umm

By the way, where'd you meet him?

I met him at Bill Ayer’s door
Where his campaign began, you get the picture? Yes, we see
That's when I fell for the “leader from the back”

White folks were always putting him down
(Down, down)
They said, he came from some Kenyan town
(What you mean when you say that he came from some Kenyan town?)
They told me, he was bad, that he had a commie dad
That's when I fell for the “leader from the back”

One day Democrats said, "Vote someone new"
I had to tell Hillary we're through
(What you mean when you say that you better go vote somebody new?)
She stood there and asked me why, all I could do was cry
I'm sorry, I have to vote for “leader from the back”

She sort of frowned and flipped me off bye
Her anger was beginnin' to show
As she drove away on that caucus night
I told her “F you, Ho!"
But whether she heard, I'll never know

Look out, look out
Look out, look out

America's helpless cause what he do.
Organizing all the things he’s put us through
A tool the world does not fear
We can't hide the fact he does not care
I'll never reject him, the “leader from the back”

(Gone, gone, gone, gone)
The “leader from the back”, now he's gone
The “leader from the back”, now he's gone
(Gone, gone, gone, gone)
lead from ...

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Post by El Presidente
 The Ultimate Irony - Source SourceThe Ultimate Irony
 on 7/27/2014, 6:09 pm

People's Blog

The Ultimate Irony

Some time ago I began to receive newsletters with some clever content from, which is sort of a forum for the intellectually curious. It became one of the few mass mailings that I rarely discard without first reading it.

Today's subject - The Ultimate Irony. Many posts on this thread truly belong on the People's Cube, hence this topic. Here are some select ones:

* * *

Adam Smith is buried in a public cemetery in Edinburgh, Canongate Kirkyard.
Karl Marx has a place of prominence in Highgate Cemetery in London.
Smith's site is a bit unkempt and Marx's is pristine, bold and attracts tourists from all over.
Smith's grave site is public---Marx's you have to pay to see.





The best way to show that you are anti-establishment is to wear a mask made in an Asian factory and distributed by Warner Bros. ~

This one was a long post, but I shortened it to one graphic and slapped the Cube stamp on it.




A tree planted as a memorial to former Beatle George Harrison is killed by beetles

And this is just a cute doggie chewing off the cap on the anti-chewing spray bottle.


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Post by Red Square
 The Children Lost And Found - Source SourceThe Children Lost And Found
 on 7/27/2014, 12:31 pm

People's Karaoke

The Children Lost And Found

Children Lost and Found 37.jpg

In the fall of 1969, with the hippies on the ground
Two little boys stand tall in the schoolyard above the town
Their father went out dancing, the boys they stayed behind
While mother tended to her joint with dad from their boy’s sides

The two had gone to find themselves, lost their way instead
By dusk the mum and dad were found to not care what went on
Four hundred thousand gathered there to hear the music sound
The fires were built on the highest peak in haze of drugs they’d downed

Oh mummy and daddy why did you let us down?
Our country’s almost over, soon it won’t be found
We’re alone and waiting for our fellow Patriots
Please promise not to stray again from our humble door

Now mum and daddy woke one night from a strange and eerie dream
They saw a path between two hills, one was dark the other beamed
Dad told his wife he saw the ‘truth’ muddled somewhere in between
For two more nights the dream returned, his vision he esteemed

Oh mummy and daddy why did you let us down?
Our country’s almost over, soon it won’t be found
We’re alone and waiting for our fellow Patriots
Please promise not to stray again from our humble door

A million men have searched in vain to find a better way
But none will find that perfect land away from ‘Merica
With our guide to make us free, we will come through this you see
What’s lost is found if we still follow our Old Glor-y

Oh mummy and daddy why did you let us down?
We’re both here to fight the fight, God is by our side
Please don’t ...

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Post by Googie


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