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 Hillary Declares ‘I Love Lynch’ - Source SourceHillary Declares ‘I Love Lynch’
 on 2/14/2016, 6:53 am

People's Blog

Hillary Declares ‘I Love Lynch’

Attorney General Loretta Lynch trades prosecution responsibilities for a job under Hillary’s presidency. She and Hillary go back a bit from the early years when Loretta became a US attorney for the eastern District of New York. The relationship was passing letters of ‘Hey Girlfriend’ and gifts. The gifts convinced Hillary to move to New York to get closer for the relationship. The passion got more intense during the Hillary presidential campaign as Hillary and Loretta found secret rooms to hide from Huma to get more time with each other.

It was sad when things fell apart, and they had to go their separate ways. Hillary as secretary of state was stuck in Washington DC and Loretta an attorney in New York. They tried to move closer together. Well, apparently they did not talk about their moving plans, and when it was too late, both still lived separately as Loretta took the job as US attorney.

Good news for this end of the story. They will meet up in Washington DC with Hillary as President. They will to see each other once again without a problem. If only Hillary can get rid of Huma, then she can be with Loretta in peace.

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Post by Hammer and Loupe
 The Hillary Coronation Chronicles: Origin of the Yellow Suit - Source SourceThe Hillary Coronation Chronicles: Origin of the Yellow Suit
 on 2/13/2016, 2:59 pm

People's Blog

The Hillary Coronation Chronicles: Origin of the Yellow Suit

Is there anything more beautiful than a freshly squeezed Hillary Clinton in a solid gold/yellow pantsuit? Of course there isn't. Images that come to mind are the sun rising, marigolds blooming, and the "Yellow Man of Aleppo" getting humiliated by Hillary's boys in the 'Free Syrian Army'.

And here is where it all begins....


(Yellow Man of Aleppo 'The Y.M.O.A.')

How could Hillary be so bold in donning that fabulous gold pantsuit? One would imagine that with the current flak our beloved Hill is taking in the form of "Wall Street speaking fees," she might tone down her 1%er sense of style. No, not this Hill, this is her damn coronation, the Hill-Clint is going all out. This includes eliminating all past, current, and potential enemies.

The inherent risk with wearing such an audacious gold pantsuit is that there is always someone who might wear it better. Enter the "Yellow Man of Aleppo". As you can see in the picture above, he definitely rivals Hillary in pulling off the gold/yellow suit.

Now, the last thing any human on this earth wants to do is "rival" Hillary. Just ask Gaddafi about that one.


(Wearing gold shortly before 'death-by-Clinton', some said was final straw for Killary)

So it was obvious, the "Yellow Man of Aleppo" needed to be eliminated. For this to be done, Syria needed to be invaded by jihadists from around the world, in order to overwhelm the sitting government, and allow Hillary's allies to break through the defenses and capture the Y.M.O.A.


Once the 'rival' was successfully eliminated by Hillary's allies among the jihadists, it gave her a clear conscience to wear the gold pantsuit ...

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Post by F.A.R.C.-EP
 Female Lab Mice to Break Glass Ceiling - Source SourceFemale Lab Mice to Break Glass Ceiling
 on 2/12/2016, 8:21 pm

People's Blog

Female Lab Mice to Break Glass Ceiling

According to NPR, the most reliable and respected name in unbiased reporting, female lab mice are finally going to achieve gender parity in medical experimentation.

A Fix For Gender-Bias In Animal Research Could Help Humans

There’s been a male tilt to biomedical research for a long time.

The National Institutes of Health is trying to change that and is looking to bring gender balance all the way down to the earliest stages of research. As a condition of NIH funding, researchers will now have to include female and male animals in their biomedical studies.


When the policy was first announced, people were pumped about it, says Sarah Richardson, a professor at Harvard who studies the history and philosophy of science. "People were like 'Absolutely, that's terrible. Why aren't they studying female mice?' That was my response, too," she says. "It was seen as just a straightforward obvious corrective that we have to do."

Well, when a Harvard professor -- and not only a Harvard professor but a female professor -- and a professor of the history and philosophy of science (and who would know more about animal-based lab testing?) -- says more female mice should be used in lab testing, obviously something is very wrong in gender equity!

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Post by Lev Termen
 NASA marginalizes the People in favor of the elite - Source SourceNASA marginalizes the People in favor of the elite
 on 2/12/2016, 6:57 pm

People's Blog

NASA marginalizes the People in favor of the elite

Be an Astronaut: NASA Accepting Applications for Future Explorers

I denounce NASA! They have turned their back on the primary mission of making Muslimic comrades feel good about their ancestors' contributions to science, math, and diversity training!

NASA is again hiring astronauts and the criteria does not list beet tending, tractor repair, distilling vodka vegetable-based fuels, suicide vest manufacturer, or even the ability to behead infidels!

What do these snobby elitists want? Advanced degrees, responsible management experience, perhaps 1000 hours of jet pilot experience, and the ability to pass a physical examination!

Why don't they just come out and say "only rich white males need apply?" <spit>

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Post by Ivan the Stakhanovets
 Valentine's Day is coming up - Source SourceValentine's Day is coming up
 on 2/12/2016, 1:30 pm

People's Blog

Valentine's Day is coming up

Do you love the People’s Cube? Of course you do! You read it every morning before you hit the beet fields. You have a tattoo of the Love Cube on your shoulder, sang its melodies, and even passed around its articles to your girlfriend’s aunt’s father-in-law’s mother’s boyfriend’s son’s secret friend’s father-in-law twice removed.

Well, the Cube needs your love! Can you care to give some change? Leave a tip? Contribute all your heart into the Cube? Why not browse our shops for your loved ones or the ones you love to hate? We could send you a ration card for a simple contribution to the cause.

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Post by Hammer and Loupe
 Hillary Knocked Down in NH but Vows to be Knocked Up in SC - Source SourceHillary Knocked Down in NH but Vows to be Knocked Up in SC
 on 2/11/2016, 4:25 pm

People's Blog

Hillary Knocked Down in NH but Vows to be Knocked Up in SC

In her celebratory concession speech after losing the New Hampshire primary to Bernie Sanders by 60% to 38%, Hillary Clinton declared, "I was knocked down in New Hampshire, but I'll be knocked up in South Carolina."

The February 15, 2016 Time Magazine Front Cover shows Hillary making celebratory concession speech:

The February 15,, 2016 Time Magazine Back Cover reveals Hillary's strategy in South Carolina to be knocked up rather than knocked down:


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Post by KOOK
 A little campaign ad 'help' for Bernie - Source SourceA little campaign ad 'help' for Bernie
 on 2/11/2016, 12:12 pm

People's Blog

A little campaign ad 'help' for Bernie

Social drinking? Good.
Social events? Good.
Social media? Good.
Social life? Good.
Social butterfly? Good.

Socialism? It's social. Duh!

Vote Good, Vote Bernie!

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Post by Ivan the Stakhanovets
 Comrades ... I'm Feeling the Bern - Source SourceComrades ... I'm Feeling the Bern
 on 2/11/2016, 4:18 am

People's Blog

Comrades ... I'm Feeling the Bern

This is an exciting time Comrades. I'm feeling the Bern. I wonder if Jane Fonda is trying to get Bernie into bed?

bern revolution.jpg

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Post by ThePeoplesComrade
 Rich White Republican Holds Down Minorities, Women - Source SourceRich White Republican Holds Down Minorities, Women
 on 2/11/2016, 3:14 am

People's Blog

Rich White Republican Holds Down Minorities, Women

Manchester, NH – When Ted Cruz won last week's Iowa caucuses and Marco Rubio nearly tied for second, the Republican party seemed to show signs that it was finally open to allowing minorities to achieve success. Then the New Hampshire primary brought the GOP firmly back to its roots as rich white man Donald Trump's convincing victory laid to rest any illusions that a minority or female candidate could ever be the party's nominee.

Garnering 35.3 percent of the vote, Trump soundly bested Latino-American candidate Cruz who earned a mere 11.7 percent and finished third behind Trump and another rich white man, John Kasich. Rubio, another Latino, finished fifth with 10.6 percent. Trump denied the field's only woman, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson, the lone African-American, even that level of success, as they attracted only 4.1 percent and 2.3 percent support, respectively.

Polling indicates that Republican voters will pass over minorities in favor of a rich white male in every state through at least the Super Tuesday primaries. In the more tolerant Democratic party, women and minority candidates won Iowa, finished no worse than second in New Hampshire, and are heavily favored in the upcoming contests.

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Post by Kilroy
 Senate Committee to Investigate Anti-Socialist Activities - Source SourceSenate Committee to Investigate Anti-Socialist Activities
 on 2/11/2016, 2:46 am

People's Blog

Senate Committee to Investigate Anti-Socialist Activities

By Boris Sukavich Blokhayev, Zampolit
Wednesday, February 10, 2016

People's Socialist Republic of DC -- There is a report going around the 2016 campaign trail that there are some that think Comrade Senator Bernie Sanders is not progressive enough and not a true Marxist. That he is not fully committed to Dear Leader Comrade President B. Hussain Obama's Mindless March to Marxism™.

To address these baseless charges we have inside reports telling us that Comrade Senator Sanders will establish a new investigative committee to be called the "Senate Committee on Anti-Socialist Activities".

This committee's objective will be to root out all remaining vestiges of free market capitalism that is still entrenched in American society and see to it that these Thoughtcriminals™ are properly educated at a Karl Marx Treatment Center™.

It is being said that sympathetic corporatists such as George Soros, Jeff Immelt, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Michael Bloomberg will be brought in as special consultants to the committee to assist in ferreting out, what is perceived to be, evil entrepreneurial capitalists who stand in the way of a Corporatist/Socialist society for Amerika.

Research shows that the U.S. has a serious "capitalist infestation" problem. Most members of the Democratic Party's Politburo agree that something must be done and feel that the comrade senator's proposed committee is the best way to solve this problem. Nevertheless, some members of the DNC's Politburo are concerned that this committee will not go far enough towards bringing down the U.S. economy.

Comrade Steve Koravco, the Communist Party USA's representative to the Politburo, said, "The ultimate goal of progressivism in America is to create a socially just economic system that will replace the current, discriminatory, capitalist system, with a centrally controlled Marxist economy that will not collapse. Will ...

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Post by Zampolit Blokhayev


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