Please welcome to our pages
$.$. Halliburton, a dark-spirited
reactionary neo-conservative with
a shady pharmaceutical past, tar-
nished by a personal friendship with
Rush Limbaugh himself. Though
his Neanderthal opinions may be a
direct opposite from our enlightened
views, Mr. Halliburton is a proud
addition to our editorial staff, a
symbol of The People Cube's com-
mitment to intellectual diversity.[/floatleft-nb]

Call back for Boss: $.$. Halliburton

POLL: Should the (realistic/intelligent) $.$.Halliburton return?

Poll ended at 12/3/2007, 10:30 pm

Yes, I want real direction again!
Yes, because I need to be enlightened by him!
Yes, but only to laugh at him (and I'm a foolish hippie)
No, I like my false reality just the way it is...


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It has been about 2 years now since the mighty $.$. Halliburton has posted his commands for all under-minds to yell at, and all of the employees to carry out.

This leads to a concern...where has our boss gone? Has he fallen to the rebellious leftist? This can not be so! We can not let this be true! We must call for the boss's return! We must strive to continue the factories, spread the influence of the capitalist, while still keeping the money gathered within the bosses pockets'!

We must bring back the higher intellectual diversity to The People Cube allowing the mis-guided hippies to join the correct traditionalists. And keep alive the ideas that have made this world into the great Darwinism society it is!


Boss, return to the fight! Continue to work off our backs so that you may be carried higher, and have more range to whip into place those who will not carry your weight!

Don't forget everyone: More people lifting the throne, the higher we can raise the throne!

This is a call back for our boss: $.$. Halliburton! So show your support on the above, non-bais, poll that is set for any one to vote. But we need monopoly-fast results, so hurry to the voting today!

(Thanks go out to the follower [email protected] for the picture showing his support, kxlly supports him, so shouldn't you too?)

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We need $.$. Halliburton around here like we need a fish on a bicycle. His class has given us nothing but a world of despair and poverty for the workers. We gotta get out of shark Halliburton's place:

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We Gotta Get Out of this Place -

An excellent progressive theme song for every bleeding-heart liberal burdened by some of the following:

- a job
- a family
- withdrawal symptoms
- a belief that all wars are evil
- life in a capitalist society
- life

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YEA! The boss has returned to knock out the Picket Lines and bring the guidance back to the capitalists class! You know I will follow you $.$. Halliburton into the fires and help extinguish any fires that may continue to burn against you.

As of you Otis, your video only shows how the true path is $.$. Halliburton and the capitalists ways. If your hippie friends did less complaining by (some-what) catchy songs, that dump would be less of a abandoned recycling facility, and more of a productive, industrious, garbage processing plant. So, stop the singing of your songs and back to the sweeping of the boss's floors!