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The untold half of Story: Students Shot For Asking Kerry...

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As you all have probably read this article:

Students Shot For Asking Kerry About Skull & Bones

It has talked much about how Kerry was the one who sent the police to put out this Skull and Bones fire. But what the leftist left out is who supplied the tough police force. That's right, who else could it be but Boss $.$. Halliburton!

So in the name of capitalist and media balance: the credit of winning this fight over revolutionist was the elitist boss, who in recent posts clearly stated how he would begin once again, to keep back the advancing hippies.

As I have been informed this was the boss's play in the story:

Before Kerry had even gotten on the plane to University of South Carolina, Boss Halliburton got inside reports of a soon-to-be massive uprising during Kerry's speech.

This was of no interest to him or to any of us until the boss heard what the upraising would be about. Although our boss has no part in any way of this Skull and Bones organization, he wittily knew that we capitalist must protect puppet Bush from having his record damage.

This insurance of keeping the upraising to a silent meow, would not only prevent this horrible lie* from spreading, but also continue to the strength of the capitalist.

Puppet Bush does his part to make Boss $.$. Halliburtion
look good after another natural disaster, now we keep up
the appearance!

Boss Halliburton, as I am sure he already knew, figured this would be a win-win. If he helps Kerry with police security, and the hippies, I mean college students, would start the protest, the elitist police force would take them down and reveal once again who is on top. On the other hand, should they protest and somehow over run the police lines, we could slip through the shadows and let Kerry take the blame for approving such a massacre of heroic officers.

When the boss offered, Kerry jumped on the opportunity like Hillary's on money.

Hillary's bribe to stay out of the 2004 President Election.

And with that the perfect plan was in motion. The police arrived, and the crowed was interrogated, which in of itself was good, until someone booed Kerry's speech. And that's when the police went into action!

No matter how funny it was to watch Kerry sweating in fear and the hippies yelling the famous line "Don't taze me bro!", my laughter stopped when the cursed YouTube allowed another activist vlogger post a message. She goes by the screen name: oNeLittLEvOiCE. And with her message for the world out, people recognized Prez Bush as being part of this Skull and Bones organization. Now there was no way to stop this horrible lie. Because of this we decided to take care of her in a fair and balanced taze, I mean uh... negotiation.

Then to add salt to the wounds, Kerry is now seen as a victim, and he is seen as the one providing the force. So now people sympathies with him and fear him!

Well if the media is not going to honor the Boss, then we, capitalist, must be the ones to spread the news! We will both write of, and tell of our Boss being the real hero (because the people who can't read should know)!

So this is the other half of the story. And as soon as this Campus president accepts our gift(s). This investigation will go smoothly for all of us $.$. Halliburton workers, and $.$. Halliburton himself.

This WILL be called a victory!

Now if you would excuse me there is a loud knocking on my door. Someone is impatient, wonder who it is...

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It all makes sense now.

Curse you $.$. Halliburton!