Dr. Leonid Fuku is an official delegate of the USSA
Bureau of Healthcare Reform, and future commander
of the United Health Care System of the Americas.

"Clearly, the future is with United Global Front for
Healthcare, administered through a centralized
offshore office. It will solve all medical issues
for all the world's citizens. I, Health Kommissar
Leonid Fuku, am willing to address all things medical.
Ask your questions, but clearly state your Party
standing and location, or answers will not be

~ Doctor Fuku[/floatleft-nb]

The KKKonservative Distortion of Health Care Reform


I discovered these Vile and Offensive distortions and outright Lies about our Dear Leader's plan to make the USSA's health care system into a shining beacon of Hope for the rest of the World.

This is the result of dittoheads listening to Rush Limbaugh, the Evil Glen Beck and other Rethuglikkkan lackeys.

Warning: OFFENSIVE language and ideology!!!

Why We Don't Need Socialized Medicine

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Update 2011
The monsters in the People's House are trying to repeal our beloved HealthCare. This is madness! Most of the Glorious Plan has not even gone in to effect.

This my Brothers and Sisters is not just an assault on HealthCare, it's an assault on all things we hold dear. We all know who the real enemy is, it's Capitalism. There are those who even question Marxism!!! Just look what they're saying:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJGAs2K ... re=channel