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The People's Cube is 18 years old, now powered by A.I.

People's Cube is 18 years oldIt is true that The People’s Cube began in 2005 as a coal-driven, six-horsepower website powered by Nyetscape, but within only 18 short years we've already been able to enter the age of artificial intelligence. During those years, tens of thousands of images were created by means of backbreaking, manual photoshopping. Clearly, had A.I. existed back then, we would have been spared the manual labor and had more free time to engage in our collective marching and dancing...

Chinese leader Biden and other serious fun with AI

Cho Bai-DinThere seem to be a number of Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts among our Cube comrades, so it’s time we had a serious discussion on how to turn it into fun. Above is how Midjourney AI imagined Cho Bai-Din.

And this is how AI thinks Biden sniffs Kamala Harris whenever they happen to be alone. The expression on her face is far from artificial - or, for that matter, intelligent. And watch Biden's reaction when he found out that a lowly AI bot made fun of him. It was brutal.

Reptile food shortages hit Switzerland

WEFSince last week, the Alpine regions of Switzerland are suffering a shortage of reptile food, as crickets, frozen mice and mealworms seem to have vanished overnight.

"I had to drive all the way to France to buy some mice to feed to my pet snake," explained David Müller, an inhabitant of the small mountain resort of Davos. "It's probably because of this climate change that's going on, or Covid or something...

New Biden Classified Documents Cache Found at Maryland Waffle House

Biden ClassifiedSources reveal that an additional cache of classified documents has been identified at a Frederick, Maryland, Waffle House. The papers were discovered wedged behind the handwashing sink water supply lines in the restaurant's men's room on Wednesday.

"We had this guy come staggering in about 9:30 a.m.," said assistant manager Tommy Wilson. "He was dressed real nice, but he was filthy, like he'd fell into a dumpster or something." ...
Predictions for 2023
  • In 2023, we'll still have only ten years left to save the planet.
  • Joe Biden will remember what he had for lunch.
  • The revolution will be right around the corner! Again.
  • Accountability will be declared a hate word, punishable by a 10-year sentence.
  • A refusal to eat cockroaches will be tantamount to stealing Greta's childhood. How dare you!
What's your prediction?

We have nothing to fear but foreign influences and conspiracy theorists

ConspiracyJust a quick note to reassure America that their federal government and their intelligence agencies aren't conspiring to create a totalitarian police state, and that anyone spreading such rumors will be promptly arrested. All patriotic Americans must report anyone who complains about the coming police state. Such claims are clearly a foreign influence operation. You've all read about how the FBI and OGA have selflessly worked with social media to protect you from a subversive conspiracy theory that your government somehow controls the flow of information...

First Media Reports of Nativity Story

If today's media existed in the times of Christ, how would they report His birth?


The Hilarious History of Russian Revolution

Russian RevolutionThis very much People's Cubist video summary of the Russian Revolution and a subsequent socialist experiment by Lenin and Stalin constitutes MANDATORY VIEWING for all Party members. Upon viewing by Party members, general population of toiling masses and unwashed intelligentsia are allowed to volunteer for a mass viewing based on mandatory compliance. WARNING: occasional adult language.

Thanksgiving at the People's Cube



In-Your-Face Election Buttons


Hoping to Reduce Prices, CA Allows Different Gasoline 'Blends'

Gas blendsSacramento, CA -- In response to pump prices hovering around $6.41, California Governor Gavin Newsom is allowing local refiners to issue 'limited-time-only' gasoline blends. These custom formulations result in more pollution but reduce the cost per gallon for troglodyte voters that still drive gasoline-powered automobiles. The schedule of different gasoline blends was released today.

China Police in NYC | The People's News #212

China police NYC- Chinese Communist Party's police station in NYC
- African offers Italy's Meloni 100-cow dowry for marriage, but she will not be cowed
- The People's Cube Swim Trunks
- and other current truth from the People's Cube.

Political Fashion Disasters

CensoredTPC sat down with veteran political fashion commentator Giles McFruity to get his thoughts on political fashion disasters from the last decade or two. Here are his notes on some embarrassing political fads:
- Pink, um, Hats
- Defund the Police
- Occupy Wall Street
- Autonomous Zones
- Racist Dog Whistles & Hand Signals

Ink Producers Applaud Released Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant

CensoredMelville, NY -- Representatives of the major manufacturers of printer ink - Cannon USA, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM - were practically jumping for joy over the recently released Mar-A-Lago search warrant. These are just some of their quotes:

"That's probably not good for accountability, but it will use a LOT of ink as people print it out to examine the document...

PROGOPOLY: The People's Board Game

ProgopolySneak Preview of The People's Board Game: Currency is a tool used to steal the labor value of workers. Everything in game must be distributed to each according to his need. Your need to land on space must be determined by committee.

Player may decide to use black-market hard currency if that is agreeable with the state as decided by vote or committee.

Any player can call for a vote on any issue during game. But if a committee has been formed for this issue, committee will decide what needs to be done for the greater good of the game.

The People's News #159: FBI Raid confiscates Happy Meal from Trump's safe

FBI Raid on Trump SafeFBI raids are so passé, who believes them anymore? Also: The contents of Trump's safe revealed - and other current truth from the People's Cube.

Karen Magazine: Disinformation Governance Edition

Karen MagazineDISINFORMATION GOVERNANCE BOARD: Ways to report people you don't like (and shame on you for not already knowing it).

  • Real names and job positions behind the Twitter accounts that have complained about doxing.
  • Names and addresses of people who made fun of 'disinfo' czar Nina Jankowicz's singing video.
  • Who is Elon Musk and why no Karen should ever start an argument with this man.
  • Why free speech is overrated and Nobody besides white males need it.
The next big thing: DOXXOLOGY. Taylor Lorenz on how best to doxx people while crying on camera to preempt complaints and advance careers.

Some Ukrainian Morale Posters

Ukraine Posters


The People's Cube is 17 years old (and we still don't know its gender)!

Covid Season 3As the People's Cube turns 17 years old today, let us wish it success in denouncing and canceling enemies of world progress, luck in not being canceled in the process, and heroic compliance with government mandates that are only going to increase exponentially.

As everyone turning 17 should know, it is the exciting time when one must start being extra cautious about what one posts on social media. From now on, anything you say, post, film, and leave on a laptop that you forget to pick up from a repair shop in Delaware....

The People's News with and without the glasses

The Glasses

CDC Renews COVID for a Third Season

Covid Season 3First there was the original: COVID... Then there was COVID: Omicron... Then, just when you thought it was safe to breathe again... COVID: DELTACRON

The popular weekly horror / medical drama "COVID" has been renewed for a third season.  Starring Anthony Fauci as the lying anti-hero Dr. Needles and Rochelle Walensky as soulless bureaucrat Ms. Blankenslate, the show has been popular in the US and around the world since its first season in 2020.....

Biden Approval Still Higher Than "Stick in the Eye"

Biden approvalInteractive Polls has released the latest approval ratings and it contains good news for Joe Biden.  His approval rating is still better than "stick in the eye" and several other categories, as seen below. The White House responded to the results with elation and the official Twitter account noted, "Joe Biden still popular as Commander in Chief, look at these latest poll numbers!".....

Liberals, Conservatives, and Russia: the Drama Triangle

Neil YoungWith friends like liberal media, who needs enemies? Their virtue signaling and political spin over Ukraine is so revolting that if I didn't know better, I'd turn against Ukraine like so many conservative commentators already have. But having lived in both Russia and Ukraine, I know better.

Just as revolting is seeing previously trusted conservative sites and TV hosts defending Russia and tarring Ukraine. Children act like that when adults apply reverse psychology....

DoD's Hashtag Command Center on High Alert

HashtagsThe US Department of Hashtag Operations (DHO) has been the DOD's primary offensive weapon for the last 12 years, and now it may be deployed to defend Ukraine against the Russian army. They operate in well trained two-man squads, much like sniper teams.  Instead of 'sniper' and 'spotter', however, hashtag operatives have a 'typer' and a 'spell checker.' The most famous and effective campaign to date was lead by the first lady: Michelle Obama's famous strike against raping and murdering Nigerian terrorists in 2016. 

WAR IN UKRAINE, DAY 7 (from Ukrainian- and Russian-language sources)

UkraineAccording to captured Russian officers, the Russian army is now bogged down and has no strategy. They hadn't expected such resistance, their "minor incursion" and capturing Kyiv has failed, they've run out of food and fuel because they'd been confident the "special operation" would last 3 days max (it's been a week now). Russian soldiers don't want to fight Ukrainians, their morale is low. Ukrainian military has now taken the strategic initiative and the Russians are simply trying to survive.

Why did Ukraine parliament outlaw Communism and Nazism?

Putin and Hitler comrades in armsProg off
Having been born and lived in Ukraine until the age of 34, I've written enough articles on this conflict with Russia to become a book, and all of it is still relevant today. If you're interested in the backstory of what is unfolding around Ukraine now, here's a good summary.

Some say I'm not providing enough details. In my defense, to give all the details I'd have to write a book. My goal here was to give as clear a picture as possible in as little space as possible. For everything else, there's the Interwebs.

The People's Cube's glorious new home

Cube Migration 2022

Rejoice, comrades! This site, which the toiling masses of the world lovingly call the Party Organ of Record, has migrated to a modern, state-of-the-art platform. The migration was mostly peaceful. Any smashed windows, occasional rioting and break-ins to Louis Vuitton to grab a loaf of bread for the starving children of Venezuela were totally justified.

The Coronazis: a superior race of the vaccinated

CoronazisNoncompliance reveals an inferior mindset that is contrary to the goals and methods of the people's state, which makes them enemies of the state. Compliance is a litmus test separating those with a superior set of characteristics from the inferior parasites who are of no use in a future society and must be isolated, locked up, and possibly exterminated for the common good, along with their inferior progeny, with their property redistributed among the superior citizens.

Neil Young demands Breyer removal

Neil YoungSinger/songwriter Neil Young continued his efforts this week to remove the undesirables from their ranks. His latest effort, following his more than successful campaign to cancel himself from Spotify, was the demand that Justice Stephen Breyer be removed from the Supreme Court or face the utter wrath of Mr. Young's outrage....

Word Salad New Food Source

word saladIn an effort to fight the looming food shortages and the empty shelves crisis, the Biden Administration is rolling out a revolutionary solution dubbed the Word Salad Program.

Leading government scientists have confirmed that The Word Salad Program is a healthier meal choice than deep fried Chicken Tenders with adobo spiced ranch dipping sauce on the side with fries...

Biden declares 6th of January Bonfire Day

Bonfire DayToday President Biden signed legislation making January 6th an annual national holiday.

Bonfire Day (as it is to be called) has been set aside as a national day of remembrance. "January 6th is to be forever remembered as the day of Donald Trump's plot to blow-up the Capitol building, the day when our democracy and the American way of life were snuffed out," the document says...

Headlines Transformed on Christmas



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