1912 Titanic Disaster: Was Racism To Blame?

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As the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic approaches, new shocking evidence has surfaced that a racist vendetta was at the epicenter of the disaster.

NBC News is about to release a mostly unedited Morse Code transcript of messages between the Newfoundland Emergency Operator and the Titanic's Captain, George White, moments before the fatal altercation:

Operator: Newfoundland SOS, what is your emergency?
Titanic: This is George White, skipper of the Titanic. I'm on neighborhood watch in the North Atlantic. It's dark out and I think I see an iceberg.
Operator: An iceberg? Can you describe it?
Titanic: It's big.... there's no moon out tonight... It looks black!

Image President Barack Obama:
"This is evidence of a GOP 'War on Ice,' which is an attempt to exacerbate global warming. We can't allow the forces aligned with Big Coal to sabotage our investments in newest sailing technologies, such as wind."

Image VP Joe Biden:
"NOW I know why Herbert Hoover was laughing when he announced this disaster on television!"

It is believed the enraged White, who happened to be white, pursued the iceberg instead of turning the ship to avoid it as the operator suggested. The situation deteriorated quickly and within hours, the Titanic had sunk taking with it thousands of passengers, many of them wealthy people who deserved it.

White's defenders will probably argue that it is almost impossible to turn a large vessel quickly and the confrontation was unfortunate but unavoidable. However, the historical record indicates White was driving the ship too fast and was in an area it shouldn't have been in to begin with, as other neighborhood watch craft in the area had broadcast iceberg sightings earlier in the evening.

It is likely that White, harboring deep-seated hatred for ice, deliberately sought out a large iceberg in an attempt to provoke a quarrel and incite violence.

Experts fear the new revelations will lead to an anti-ice backlash and warn against citizens refusing ice in their drinks or defrosting refrigerators too often in a display of disrespect to the iceberg community.

Reaction from other concerned parties to the new evidence has been swift and pointed.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: "We must increase government ship controls. Most of the ship disasters in New York Harbor are caused by ships from other places, and this terror ship was heading for New York as well. In fact, the only way to protect people from sinking is to lock them in their houses. They can come out when I say it's safe to come out."

Special Prosecutor Angela Corley: "I intend to charge White with second-degree ice-breaking as soon as I can rent a scuba tank."

DPRK Leader Kim Jung Un: "At least when we launch stuff, it hits the water, not icebergs."

The late Ted Kennedy, speaking through a psychic: "I have a piece of advice for White: publicly support pro-ice causes and then you can make chopped ice whenever you want in your private life."

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have announced plans to charter boats and picket the site of the fatal encounter, and Spike Lee vowed to tweet the location to all his followers as soon as someone relays to him the exact point in the Pacific Ocean where the ship sunk.

The People's media will have more on this story as we develop it develops.

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Racism abounded with the Titanic !

If you will notice, the topmost levels of the ship are WHITE.

The lower levels are BLACK.

The white capitalist Republicans rode in comfort on the backs of oppressed Blacks !

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We need to expose a deeper reality here! The ship belonged to the "White Star Line". This shows a clear predisposition against everything that is not white.
How more clear can it be?

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"Satanic Whiter Tit" & "A Antichrist Wet It" are both anagrams of "White Star Titanic".


I think not.

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What does the People's Preacher, the Rev. Wright, have to say about this? (Or, absent him, People's Other Preacher Fr. Pfleger.)

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Do not forget, they burned BLACK coal to run the boilers. Not only racist, but emitting tons of carbon emissions without any sort of scrubbers or efforts to utilize green energy. Just think of how much the Titanic contributed to Global Warming(TM)

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Which, of course, is why the iceberg fought back against the racist non-carbon-credited Titanic!

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And another version, since denying global warming is equivalent to racism. In this picture, Titanic is attacking a defenseless melting iceberg - the last refuge of the displaced polar bear.