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Dear Comrades,

Am seeing lots of stressed out comrades these days. The election took heavy toll on everyone and now Holidays! Shopping, decorations, how to pay for all this and whether in-laws are coming to dinner.

So as young people say today, Chill. Take deep breath and hold 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Look around and reflect:

Is electricity on? Most important staple of world today is Electricity. Is life blood of society today. Without and everything comes to halt. I've had visions of Millions running through streets screaming; "what do we do now?".

Please to consider that for thousands of years people have found shelter, gathered food, water and all without electricity.

I know this is sounding simplictict, but is it? Why do people go to work? For Fun? No, is to make money to pay mortgage, buy groceries and pay water bill. Those basic things are our core motivation every day. Is always about basics.

I'm remembering old Rolling Stone Lyric; "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need".

To Grigori is simple; "every day above ground is a good day". That said, have prepared with help from friend a calming video:

Feeling Better?

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Moral of story is that at end of day, all that really matters is Family & Friends. Anything else can wait till tomorrow.

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I denounce Comrade Grigori E.R.!

Grigori E.R. wrote:Comrades,
Moral of story is that at end of day, all that really matters is Family & Friends. Anything else can wait till tomorrow.

That is all Kkkapitalist indoctrination! All that really matters is The State™ and The One™!It's for The Children™!

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Moral? MORAL?!? What is this? Have you <s>gained a mind</s> lost your mind?!?

All morals other than the Party Consciousness are forbidden!

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And just how are we supposed to make Soylent Green when our beautiful euthanasia video has been hijacked?
Comrade Grigori, please return it to The Party approved dehydration and protein processing plant before some prole goes hungry.

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Collective Calm is needed. Before dispensing with righteous and appropriate justice please to consider:

Am victim of video. Made final check on video last night and went to bed. Woke up this morning, saw comment and was horrified! I knew the heavy hand of the People's Justice was descending upon me. Grigori would never write such a thing.

Premier Betty,
As you know, the euthanasia video is very old technology. As Cradle Man would say;"Word". How's that chip in your head doing?

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[HIGHLIGHT=#ffff00]How's that chip in your head doing?[/[/HIGHLIGHT]quote]

Buenas Dias, Comrade Grigori,

Or the mind control (hallucinegenic)) powder in your food? No worries, comrades! Just joking......LMAO

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Watching video on cell phone.
Listening to downloaded music on iPod.

Like you said Comrade Che' No worries, comrades! Just joking

Is ok for everyone to remove Tin Foil hats now. Grigori is making funny.

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Comrade Laika

New and improved version will include language options so all can share in messages. Just waiting for centers to open up.

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The People™ might get the wrong message if they can READ.
And read quickly TOO!


Remove video "Close Caption" in whatever language immediately!

This is a directive from the Inner Circle of the Central Committee.