Davis, Obama backer, leaves party-Sees Writing on the Wall

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Comrades, I am most distraught today. A man of color (the right one) has left the Democratic Party. No doubt his mind has been taken over by right-wing racist Republicans.

He said,

But “wearing a Democratic label no longer matches what I know about my country and its possibilities,” he said.

“On the specifics, I have regularly criticized an agenda that would punish businesses and job creators with more taxes just as they are trying to thrive again,” he said. “I have taken issue with an administration that has lapsed into a bloc by bloc appeal to group grievances when the country is already too fractured: frankly, the symbolism of Barack Obama winning has not given us the substance of a united country.”

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Just came across some one-liners that I had generated and stored. Surely unconnected to the topic and to each other.
  1. Harvard economists are the brightest economists in the world. They lost $7 billion to Madoff. Unmatched feature. That is 14% of the damage, straight from Harvard coffers.
  2. We are a particularly distinguished family. Our deeds inspire artists. For the second part of the film Taken.
  3. The first 3 cities on Mars must be named Algoracle, Algorithm, Algorecene, for the posterity to know who are we running away from. Algorecene is the geological era that ends with the election of O'Bama.
  4. Evolution Theory hasn't evolved for a long time now.
  5. How come, even after multiplied by 4 my grade is still 0? (A student said this to me for real. And I am a Math professor who had to multiply grades by 4 to make them look like it.)
  6. Q: What do Democrats, teenagers and Marx have in common? A: They never worked, and they know everything.
  7. In Greek “idiot” means “a person without professional skills.” Basically a Democrat.
  8. In Italian "left-wing" and "sinister" are the same word.
  9. Liberals run on love.
  10. Islam is the OLD Nazism.
  11. Marxism is just a religion. At every hard moment of the society its followers evoke Apocalypse, the second coming of Marx, and everybody will live happy ever after. Actually not the second coming of Marx, just the second coming of Comintern.
  12. We were playing scramble in a Christian group. I was in the same team with 3 black girls. I was suggesting them the word. “It is a salty biscuit. It is used as a racial slur. I am like this.” And they didn't guess it.

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Perhaps at one level, unconnected

But in the big picture
it hits home