Dems' Epic Smears - Romney's Nazi Torture Cult

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By now everyone has heard that Mitt Romney Hood is a felon, a tax cheat, and an accomplice to murder - but those current truths only scratch the surface of his deviancy.

The Party™ plans to remedy this with a new magazine that will deliver a full spectrum of korrekt information about Romney to the oppressed masses - and much more! That's not to say that the NYT, WaPo, NBC, CBC, ABC, and CNN are not doing a fine job of this already, but an extra $3 contribution to Obama's campaign will not hurt. And this is exactly how much you must pay in order to get the first issue absolutely free!!!

Inside you will find:

- Drugs-and-sex-crazed GOP convention
- Dependent-of-the-Month centerfold
- Capitalist vampires living on virgin blood
- Cher: Ghost of Republican Sonny Bono is forcing me to have a baby
- Lead story - Mitt Romney's Nazi torture cult: only a woman's screams can make him smile.

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Jeepers! That poor woman. I wonder how much the Dependent of the Month gets paid for that...?

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Comrades. How in the world is Mitt Romney still walking being driven around in limos after killing the wife of one of tv sitcoms most beloved actors?Image

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Is it possible that Romney killed Trayvon Martin, not George Zimmerman? It certainly doesn't seem beyond the pale for this conservative monster.

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Is it possible that Romney that killed Trayvon Martin, not George Zimmerman?


Coincidence? No such thing.

Modern Kollective has little concern for all those over 30 and has been ageist for past 50 years. So who really cares? But last week old comrade in Peoples RINO-Republic of Manhattan tell me that he met friends from old high school to plan reunion and Mayor Bloomberg was seen filling slots and bill acceptors of soda machines with Superglue. Talk about mean.

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No lie is too big to tell for Dear Leader!

(Nice! that is some EPIC shit bro!)

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I have been thinking of malpractice lawyers. They are the worst of creatures that walk the planet. Typical looters, they have lacerated doctors for a bite, a shoulder or a limb, let them agonize to death, then move to the next victim. Just talked to a doctor. How much he pays monthly in malpractice insurance? $10,000, and he is in a company. If he were to go alone, he'd pay $20,000. And the insurance prize goes up anytime some lawsuit comes across. All of it then becomes higher prices. When the situation will become desperate, Obamacare will appear. Besides, it has taken the joy out of the doctor profession. Many regret getting into that profession by now. That's why we see flourishing of degrees like 'health technician' and stuff. That's less risky and less qualified.

For whatsoever medication that comes around you see lawyers marauding around hungry. BTW, even pure water, H2O, can cause intoxication, let alone anything else.

I know that the situation is desperate, Obamacare is already here. Nonetheless, we must fight, do something, not give up. Here is my plan. Set up a database of all malpractice lawyers and malpractice patients. I don't know whether the doctor is per law required to see whomsoever presents himself in his office, but something can be done anyway. If the doctor knows that he has in front of him a sucker, he can give him appointment in 6 months, and treat him 'specially'. I think it should work. We can reverse the situation.

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dedhedvedev wrote:Is it possible that Romney killed Trayvon Martin, not George Zimmerman?
I suspect that some way, some how that the vile, murderous Romney is responsible for the executions of border agents Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata. Was that Romney with the orange hair in Colorado? Did they get the wrong man? A patsy? Was it him on the grassy knoll in Dallas?

Jeez, what nerve of Romney Hood to return some of those voluntary-confiscations back to those earners. Yep, the top 1% of filers paying 39% of the total federal income tax revenue is just not fair.

Our lovely elitist bureaucrats must further obfuscate the facts w/disinformation.
All money is the state's & workers should be gracious for whatever they are allowed to keep.
God bless those who just don't want to work or learn skills & let them continue receiving handouts.

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As a true progressive I am lusting after that "dependent of the month" center fold.

Hot - Hot - Hot

A must read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Bain Capital" they drink the blood of welfare children ...


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Comrades,We now have forensic proof that the second torturer in the cover image is indeed Paul Ryan, known for other atrocities such as wheeling old women off cliffs.

The evidence is indisputable (besides, a friend of Harry Reid told me). Let the Great Oktober Smearfest commence!

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Next month's edition of Dems' Epic Smears will contain an expose on Herr Rommelney's sadistic penchant for forcing Dependents-of-the-Month to participate in post-waterboarding wet T-shirt contests.

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Dr. W. S. Palimpsest wrote:Next month's edition of Dems' Epic Smears will contain an expose on Herr Rommelney's sadistic penchant for forcing Dependents-of-the-Month to participate in post-waterboarding wet T-shirt contests.
That's the great thing about Dependents-of-the-Month. You don't even have to waterboard them. Just tell them you're making a Obama Youth Gone Wild video. They're easy (especially if you tell them birth control is taken care of retroactively by the Sandra Fluk Clause in Obamacare).

That said, I question the DotM photo on the cover of this issue. She lacks sufficient underarm hair and dreadlocked mop-headedness to even be allowed entrance to an Occupy rally. Either some serious Photoshopping took place, or she is not an authentic member of the dependency class.

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His greatest crime that he READS the Bible!!!! How dare he do somthing like that!!! Romney must be sent to re-escalation camp and forced to see the following. That will teach him!!!