Get hammered, then get sickled with new official DNC vodka

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Some vigilant comrades alerted us about the new official vodka of the Democratic Party, called Hammer and Sickle.

We felt it was mandatory to make an improved visual agitprop, further to promote this progressive, mind-altering substance of the People, for the People.

Get hammered, then get sickled with new vodka from the Motherland! Liquid hammer and sickle. Made with distilled tears from starving kulaks.

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This improved visual agitprop has been so expertly distilled by Comrade Red Square, extracting it's essential meaning, that there is absolutely nothing left to say. Stunning.

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Comrades! Finally!!! A vodka for the unwashed masses! Of course, member's of the Inner Circle™ and The Ruling Elite™ drink Russian Standard Platinum™ vodka.

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Along with arrogance and condescension, it's one more way to show you 'get it.'

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Nowadays it's all about presenting a slick, new package. The Hammer and Sickle hardly pays deference to the glorious past. Personally, if I could set alight a cork stopper housed in a smoke-stack themed cap it would remind me that the fire I feel in my belly is indicative of the passion we all share in the build up to Next Tuesday™.