Gore's Thing is Spreading Use of Algae as Bio-Energy

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DON'T DRINK THE WATER: Ohio City Issues Warning Over Al G Toxin

Al G's Thing is Spreading Algae as Bio-Energy by All Means


Mother Earth, seeking to enjoy a pollution-free environment, asks Al "Algae" Gore:

"Al, Honey, I feel a warming sensation-- have you been peeing in the reservoir again?"

To which Al replies, "It enables the population to understand the power of algae as a bio-fuel energy source -- like drinking Red Bull."


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As seen on Algae Zeera


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Dear me, I do not think I wish to contemplate Gore's "thing." <shudder>

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Soviet Mike Komsomolets wrote:

Comrade Mike,

That Irving Berlin sure knew how to write a catchy tune - wow! Didn't he write "Goo Goo Muck" around the same time as "Blue Skies"....or, maybe it was "White Christmas"- anyway, he will be missed.