Hate speech criminal threatens to sue Party committee

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Washington Post-Pravda—Rush Limbaugh is hopping mad at the Democratic Party—but this time he's threatening to do more than just talk about it on the radio.

The kkkonservative hate speech criminal is threatening to sue the People's Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee™ for a series of propaganda e-mails that pointed out Limbaugh was condoning rape culture in comments he made on his widely syndicated program on Sept. 15.

In a letter to the Washington-based organization intended for delivery Monday morning, Limbaugh's lawyer demanded a retraction and a public apology for the propaganda e-mails. The letter indicated Limbaugh will sue for defamation and capitalist “interference” if his demand isn't met.

PDCCC™representatives were not available Monday; the committee's offices are closed pending liquidation reorganization following last week's election results.

The legal threat is the result of PDCCC™ propaganda appeals sent out in the wake of Limbaugh's on-air comments about a new policy at Ohio State University that instructs students to get verbal consent before having sex. The PDCCC™ highlighted one criminal sentence from his hate speech—“How many of you guys . . . have learned that ‘no' means ‘yes' if you know how to spot it?”—saying it was tantamount to condoning patriarchal rape culture.

The PDCCC™used the comment in three e-mail blasts seeking funds and created a Web page encouraging supporters to liquidate Limbaugh's capitalist supporters. “Comments of this offensive nature are illegal,” wrote the PDCCC™ former chairman, Rep. Steve Israel of New York, in one such e-mail. “Rush Limbaugh is advocating for the tolerance of rape culture. He should be liquidated immediately.”

Israel asked recipients to sign a petition calling on Limbaugh's capitalist supporters to be liquidated, as well.

The letter to the PDCCC™was signed by his attorney, Patricia Glaser, a token-womyn litigator in the People's City of Los Angeles. Glaser was also the lead attorney on a defamation lawsuit filed by Washington Redskins name criminal Daniel Snyder against the Washington City Paper in 2011. That suit was dropped before the 2011 football season.

Update: In an attempt to rectify the situation, the People's Committee on Newspeak™ issued an immediate edit to the Newspeak™ dictionary which states that yes can also mean no. This addition will appear in all further editions of the dictionary and will be taught immediately at all schools and re-education centers.

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What?! How dare he go against The People ™ by using his evil kkkapitlist ways! That thought criminal should be arrested and sent to the Gulag.

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Pfft. Typical Thought Criminal. Send him to the worst gulag for his silly capitalist concept of "suing". He'll be right at home in the gulag as far as i'm concerned. But maybe he is coming around to Communism, he DID say that no meant yes if you knew how to spot it. As for the decision by The People's Committee on Newspeak™, I hail their glorious decision to make yes sometimes mean no! I shall use it in all conversations and letters henceforth!

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Dear Leader (PBUH) is a continuing shining example of how YES so often means NO.

Can you keep your Doctor? YES

Can you keep you health care plan? YES

Did a video inspire an attack on our consulate in Bengahzi? YES

Did The People™ who didn't vote give me a mandate? YES

The list go on, comrades. I simply don't have the time for an exhaustive list of the shining examples of Dear Leader's (PBUH) leadership in this sphere.

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Actually, Jonathan Gruber, Obama's Architect of ObamaCare has informed us that it's liberals who believe that "No" means "Yes" such as when they KNOW that when Americans say "No" to ObamaCare, they actually mean "Yes" to ObamaCare: ... 790p0LcgbI


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Yes, Kook,

Thanks for posting this guy, Gruber. I was going to do this myself.

The conventional wisdom (consensus) is always the opposite of what we Progs say.

Jeesh, you would think everyone would know this already.

That's how we Progs roll, dammit!