Hillary 2016: If you liked Obama policies, you'll love hers

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Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign promises that if you liked Obama's policies, you'll LOVE hers because they all will improve upon the great achievements of Obama's policies:

  • Foreign Policy: Pleading from Behind
  • Economic Policy: Equality of Results for All -- Universal Sameness Replacing Predatory Individualism
  • Deficit Reduction: Eliminate the Income Deficit of The Many by Redistributing the Income Surplus of The Few.
  • Property: Recognition that All Property is Owned by All
  • First Amendment Policy: Replace "Citizens United" With "Citizens Uniformicized"
  • Efficiency: Superiority of Executive Fiats Over Legislative Meddling
  • Semantic Progress: Enhance Free Expression by Standardization of Speech
  • Environmental Policy: Recognize that Humans Exist to Serve Nature Rather than Vice Versa.
  • Equality: Make Everyone Above Average
  • Tax policy: Replace Internal Revenue Service with Universal Distribution Service.
  • Science: Recognize Skepticism as Unscientific Assaults Against Settled Science.
  • Diversity: Make Diversity Universal
  • And, Most Important: Replace Race Cards with Sex Cards

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I'm surprised she didn't hire Brian Williams to manage her campaign.

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Dedhedvedev wrote:I'm surprised she didn't hire Brian Williams to manage her campaign.

My Dear Comrade Dedhedvedev,

General Secretary Clinton heard your suggestion and designated Brian Williams as her Minister of Authenticity:


No doubt you will receive appointment to a prestigeous position in her new administration.