If Only the Romans Had the EPA to Crucify the Dissenters

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By Oleg Atbashian
First published in American Thinker

A recently surfaced video of an EPA official's rant confirms what many of us already knew about the Obama Administration: they fancy themselves as the rulers of conquered territories populated by restless barbarians who must be subjugated at any cost, complete with indiscriminate and severe exemplary punishments.


Al Armendariz, Administrator for EPA's South Central Region (appointed by President Obama on November 5, 2009), thought he was among his cohorts when he said this:

"The Romans used to conquer little villages in the Mediterranean. They'd go into a little Turkish town somewhere, they'd find the first five guys they saw and they would crucify them. And then you know that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.

"And so you make examples out of people who are in this case not compliant with the law. Find people who are not compliant with the law, and you hit them as hard as you can and you make examples out of them, and there is a deterrent effect there."

Considered to be one of the 25 most powerful Texans, Armendariz has used his government position to do just that - crucifying some oil companies on trumped-up charges in order to terrorize the others.

But his reference to a "Turkish town" gave me pause. Turkey didn't exist at the time the Romans conquered Asia Minor. At the time, it was inhabited mostly by Greeks. Romans could only conquer a Turkish village if they were to take a time machine ten centuries into the future, given that Rome fell a thousand years prior to the Turks brutally invading Asia Minor and calling that land Turkey.

But randomly executing so as to terrorize conquered peoples into submission was exactly what the Muslim Turks later did in order to subjugate the non-Muslim natives in their own ever expanding empire, as the Ottoman Empire swept over much of the former extent of Rome's empire.

This Texan Young Turk's appalling knowledge of history makes me wonder about his knowledge of other fields, including environmental science and business management. Knowledge and the scientific method of inquiry have been replaced with the feeling of righteousness and superiority towards the "savages" - i.e., those of us who do not share his "progressive" worldview.

From my unprogressive "savage" perspective, however, if the Romans had today's EPA to crucify the dissenters, the Roman Empire would still be around today and the Turks would be in real trouble. And not just the Turks; the rest of us would also live under the fascist jackboot.

I would have liked to make a prediction that if fascism were to come to [highlight=#NaNNaNNaN]America[/highlight][highlight=#NaNNaNNaN], it would come wearing a friendly smile as a protector of the people and the planet. But such a prediction is too late: the friendly, smiling fascism is now here.[/highlight]


Al Armendariz: the smiling face of fascism

Special thanks to General Secretary for the idea

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obama-Centurion 256.jpg
Al Armedariz EPA Admin, join the Obamas you too can intimidate and dictate. You will grow into it.

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Imperātus Praesidium Naturus Romanus : The Imperial Nature Protectorate of Rome.

Crucifying those who threaten nature in the name of our Emperor, Obama.

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Now that my little illustrated essay was published on American thinker, I inserted the rest of the text into the original post.

Here it is: ... nters.html

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No doubt supporters and Papa Obama would argue that it is
"Fair Fascism "

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BIЯD DЭMOCЯATS celebrate thэiя Эastэя

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When with Rahm, do as the Rahmians do.


PS to Red Square: Your image starting this thread is one of your masterpieces.

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At least the face of fascism is smiling. You know how pissy fascists get when they're crabby.

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But randomly executing so as to terrorize conquered peoples into submission was
exactly what the Muslim Turks later did in order to subjugate the non-Muslim
natives in their own ever expanding empire, as the Ottoman Empire swept over
much of the former extent of Rome's empire.

The Turks used impalement, not crucifixion. They are entirely different things. One is a long, slow agonizing death on a stick, while the other is a long, agonizing, slow death on a stick. But impaling only used one stick, and was thus more ecologically friendly.

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I wonder how his head will look stuck on a pike ...

... figuratively speaking, of course.

Ivan Betinov wrote: But impaling only used one stick, and was thus more ecologically friendly.
Comrade, yet another brilliant example of Korrect thinking and how our Mooslem brothers are truly our allies in our glorious crusade revolution against the kapitalists, as demonstrated by their ecologically friendly methods of terror.

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I used to work in the EPA Bureau and many many apparatchiks in that Bureau think in that, FOR THE GLORY OF THE KOLLEKTIVE! Of course!!!

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As Progressives, our jackbooted fascism is a good and kind form of fascism, because we are compassionate and We Care™. Therefore, when we take action we do so with a compassionate, but iron fist!!!

Our ends justify our means, comrades! And NEVER say you're sorry because you are a Progressive!

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Comrades, here I can confess to something. Mr. Armendariz positively scared me, and I am a hearty prog. I'm the madest of made progs, as we all know. I snap my fingers at others' pain; their tears are like water to me. In fact I enjoy inflicting brown-shirted, jack-booted pain.

But Mr. Armendariz seems to have a particular essence which I've not seen since Harold Ickes. Makes the scrotum draw up and all sphincters tight.

Dear Leader, quite the typical Communist chameleon, was heard to whisper under his breath "Remember the Alamo" as he shoved Big Al out the airplane door..............

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Is magnificent example of state-approved art! I will see to it that Comrade Red Square receives a commission to paint it onto the ceiling of the EPA when we get funds from the next Stimulus program!

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Loaf, is that what caused the huge hole in the Rancho? I saw what I took to be a meteor burning its way to the ground, then there was an explosion. I got in my Escalade, er, 1966 VW van, to head over there.

All the wildlife was running my way. Even the rattle snakes were passing the rabbits, trying to get away.

From this the ground. Can't see the bottom of it, but all the vegetation is dying in concentric circles around it. And it's damned hard to kill mesquite. Takes a root plow. But this did.

Frankly though could it be Gore? You know he was born eight months after the Roswell UFO.

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Opiate, the ceiling of the EPA is a nice touch; this is of course the modern Sistine Chapel.

We could have a statue of Al Armendariz in the lobby, in marble. Say, oh, 17' tall. He's the brave prog who outed himself. How many times have I slunk around, feeling disempowered, because I felt I had to keep some of my opinions to myself. Al is my hero. After all, crucifixion is the preferred method of strengthening "community cohesion."

The fall-back way is killing everyone. And that can be fun too. Ask Uncle Joe.

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These merit badges were removed from the tomb of a Roman soldier:

Pick up yours here, Comrades.

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Loaf, that is the right of the Holy Gore to talk like that. He's not quite as enlightened however as Bill Maher, although the grease on their faces is roughly the same.

When the Holy Gore lost in 2000--not even a DALEY could steal that election--he was denied his Lenin-given right to be President. And he should have been. His nose, for the purposes of looking down it and sticking into others' business, is even bigger than Lord Obozo's.

The Holy Gore NEEDED the presidency to fulfill his personal dreams. He's ENTITLED to the presidency because he's a Washington princeling. The world owed it to you.

ImageLife is a bitch when the thuggish Republicans keep thinning out the ranks of good men such as the EPA's crucify-them-all, AL, and let-God-sort-them-out.So, if there is some way to pardon Charlie Manson, we can get some good blood back into the EPA and renew the fascist vigor our administration needs to show our base that they must get out the vote no matter how many times they vote!

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Loaf, as a Young Prog (that's the Progen Jugend, you know), I sententiously pull my chin, or the upper one (I owing to my status as a Made Prog get an extra moldy potato a week) and orate that I am please with you.

I am now forming the sign of the hammer and sickle with a copy of Das Kapital. And all for you. I recall the first time that I, your Made Prog, was first anointed with the Hammer-and-Sickle benediction. I knew that I was in for great proggery. There would be no charge I could not level, no lie I could not tell.

There would be no crimes. Only criminals. And I'd get to state who they were. "Off with his head!" was just fine for C. S. Lewis. I prefer, "Off with his head, kill his wife, and sell his children into sexual slavery.

I esteem Manson, as any good prog must, but let's do a cost-benefit analysis. He really wasn't all that efficient. How much death did he cause? Not that much.

Now we have Planned Parenthood. They've managed to kill 56,000,000 people and their casualties have been only eight.

Napoleon should be so lucky. Caesar should be so lucky.

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No worries Comrades, Monty Python verifies Comrade Cube!

We all know the importance of identity politics.