Looking for Next Tuesday

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Dearest comrades of the Cube,

It's well widely known that we all look for Next Tuesday™, when all things progressive will be supercool and so.
But one of Our Most Glorious Leaders looks every day for those little things. He is none other than Kim-Jong-Ill, and now we can see him looking for those details, showing us all that He Cares™ and that Progressiveness can be found everywhere:

Within a computer mouse...

Or inside a Peoples Tube...

See more of Kim's inquiries of hiding Progresiveness... or counter-revolutionaries...

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Caption for the first picture. "Hello computer. Oh a keyboard? How quaint." Proof that the North Koreans are so far advanced, that such primitive tech as a mouse surprised Dear Leader.

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Major news comrades-

Castro Says He Quit Communist Party Post in 2006

Tuesday, 22 Mar 2011 06:47 AM

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro said Tuesday he quit all his official positions when he fell ill in 2006, including head of the ruling Communist Party.

His comments in a column published in state-run media appeared aimed at dampening speculation about his future that has preceded a party congress next month.

Even though it was widely known he was not doing the day-to-day job of party leader, he has never publicly resigned the post, as he did the Cuban presidency in February 2008.

"I resigned without hesitation all my state and political positions, even that of First Secretary of the Party, when I got sick and I never tried to exercise them after the proclamation of July 31, 2006," he wrote, referring to a statement disclosing that he had undergone surgery for intestinal bleeding and would cede power temporarily to his younger brother Raul Castro.

He never tried to take up his old position even when he had partially recovered, but he said people kept "affectionately" referring to him as party leader.

Castro, 84, suggested in November that he had stepped aside, telling a group of students he had "delegated" all his powers and had not hesitated "in letting go of my positions."

Raul Castro, who officially succeeded his brother as president in February 2008, is said to have taken over the role of party leader and many expect he will keep it at the congress, where a new central committee for Cuba's only legal political party is slated to be elected.

Raul Castro has spearheaded economic reforms aimed at saving Cuban socialism that are expected to be affirmed by the congress, which starts in mid-April and is the first since 1997.

He has said the congress is likely to be the last for the generation of leaders who have held power since toppling a U.S.-backed dictator in a 1959 revolution. FULL STORY

However there is no news about Che. He might still be dead.

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North Korea is so advanced technologically - I see from Katpain Moskovskaya's photos what looks to be the World's First Steam-Powered Computer.... And a pioneering computer mouse that contains real mouse.

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84, I will see you soon and I have been saving a spot for you my dear leader. It is perfectly situated between the continuous cackle laugh track of Hillary Clinton on the left, the hanging parts of Tea Party members above, the dying screams of the innocents murdered by you on the right, all while swimming continuously between Cuba and Key West, not in water but in the blood and tears that you have caused for millions of my people.

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It is obvious from this photograph that All Citizens in the North Korean True Peoples Republic have access to The Peoples Internet. Indeed, the photograph makes it clear that many of these Citizens have multiple computers in their comfortable, well-lit, well-provisioned, and cheery homes for access of same! The cancerous capitalist rumor-mongers who are spreading Hateful Lies of starvation in Our Motherland are Nothing But Revanchist Village-Killers! All Hail Comrade Kim Jong-Il!

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Awright, who took my stearth bomber? I'm not praying war games witout it!


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Glorious! Dear Leader is reincarnated even before death. Always one up.

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"Look, I can see Next Tuesday™ from your back yard!"

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Since Next Tuesday tm was explained to me, I have sought it and sought it, but each time it is Tuesday here it is still not NEXT Tuesday. I think it must have something to do with the speed of time.

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Царевна wrote:Since Next Tuesday tm was explained to me, I have sought it and sought it, but each time it is Tuesday here it is still not NEXT Tuesday. I think it must have something to do with the speed of time.

Comrade, report to your nearest Jiffy Lobo and all things will become clearer to you.