New Mozilla Add-Ons

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This just in: Mozilla has launched a new browser called BackFireFox. But seriously, folks, what's the firing of some Mozilla CEO with old-fashioned views on marriage compared to the potential advancements in technology the progressive Mozilla team can unleash once it's been liberated from this guy's heteronormative oppression?

All Brendan Eich has ever done was invent JavaScript. But we all know that the world-wide proletarian revolution is being organized according to a different script, which does not involve Java.

Here is just a small sampling of new Mozilla plug-ins, extensions, and themes proposed by us on Twitter hashtag #NewMozillaAdOns.

  • Drudge Block
  • Shovel-Ready Jobs Locator
  • E-Z Tantrum Scheduler
  • Hyperventilation Tantrum Protocol
  • The Current Truth status updates
  • Thoughtcrime Analyzer
  • "Denounce your Neighbor" auto-fill function
  • Gulagosphere Migration Tool
  • Guilt Acceleration Plug-in
  • Thought-Corrective Action
  • One-Click Report-a-Christian
  • Browser Reeducation Camp
  • Opinion Block Plus

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These addons will help the technocrats bring us closer to the glorious World of Next Tuesday(TM). Congratulations comrades! Onward and Forward!


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Mozilla needs "Blame Bush and The Koch Brothers" and "you're a racist" add-ons?

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Mozilla's new "Unapproved-Speech Blocker™" to "Fire Fox" (not FireFox) and thereby also block those offensively blond foxes at Fox, such as the rabid Megyn Kelly, who unwittingly proved she's lacks a high IQ not only by bearing three children but also by breast-feeding them.

And, to complement Mozilla's Unapproved-Speech Blockers, Mozilla has added the "Approved-Truth™ Finder."


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Comerade KOOK, do I need to go someplace for my free download of the Approved-Truth™ Finders or will the NSA install this automatically on the UNIVAC issued to me?

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Using the Denounce tool, I Denounce whoever's screen this is for giving the current truth merely two measly stars. It is worth all the stars of the PRC, and Two is only HALF of five.

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How will my Grandmother use these? After all, some people just are not educated in the Internet.

Fired Fox introduces ONEWAY -
The Gulag Train Boarding Location and Timetable Finder app.
Just enter your Zip Code and it displays a google map with all the nearest boarding depots in your zone, shortest route from your carefully sp monitored real time locale and time needed to arrive. It also displays an auto updated timetable for departure times, so you need never miss your train for that all important date with the Kamp Kommandant again. There is also a fully automated, online booking service for those who plan to denounce themselves, guaranteeing your standing room only place on the first available trip of a lifetime. Party bookings are also available, called the Komrade Package. Bring your shovels and you can party all the way like it's 1917! *** Tickets sold strictly One Way. All komplaints competently dealt with by our agent when you get to the end of the line. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money cheerfully refunded.***

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My Our Entire Kollecktiv can HARDLY WAIT until Glorious Peoples' Heroic Revolutionary FireFox blocks all URLs except .gov sites. And You will be eager for this development, too - If You Know What Is Good For You - And Your Family...