Obama’s Necessarily Sky Rocket Gasoline

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He promised prices would necessarily skyrocket!
Obama Brand Sky Rocket gasoline is a result of our All Of The Above, None From Below energy policy. Specially formulated by Eco-Marxists to force you toward the fantasy world of green energy. Don't forget Obama Brand Sky Rocket Motor Snake Oil.

h/t Zappatrust for letting me steal the concept and Red Square People's Director for his most wise input.

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Obama Brand...A subsidiary of Marxoco. Put a Commie in Your Tank with Marxoco!

These prices are guaranteed to chap your A**!

Explaining the high prices away is the latest shovel-ready job!

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High price for Gas: That's why we disarm the people first!

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If the government can regulate all economic activity by virtue of the commerce clause why, a hundred years ago, did it take a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol?

Because they didn't have Maksim to do their agitprop!

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Ivan Betinov wrote:Obama Brand...A subsidiary of Marxoco. Put a Commie in Your Tank with Marxoco!



(I am not worthy - that's why I carry Obamacard ™.)

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Shovel 4 U wrote:& FREE CONDOMS!
But only one per fill-up? That doesn't seem like enough...unless of course we are all driving Government Motors Chevy Volts, which would require several fill-ups per day.

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When the government fills you up, there is no need for a condom

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Since Government Motors has suspended production of the Chevy Volt, perhaps they will resume production of the ZAZ 965 rebadged as the "Chevrolet Proletariat"?

Raum Emmanual Goldstein
Point of Order, Komrade Superkommissar...

[highlight=#ffff00]There are indeed 58 states altogether[/highlight]...according to the Dear Reader (AP&PBUH). You may recall HE stated that HE had been to 57 states and had one more to go...

I am sure that the lack of an outlet in the 58th state is merely a bureaucratic oversight by some unworthy minion (obviously not a HHAaaa-vaaad Graduate). For we all know that Dear Reader (AP&PBUH) remains blameless...

I trust you will get to the bottom of this unfortunate matter and find a suitable scapegoat the guilty party.

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Careful comrade Raum, you are dangerously close to being denounced. If you dare to be so bold as to quote his O'liness you better damn well be accurate.

uh, because, you know, i-i-it is just wonderful to be back in Oregon, and over the last 15 months we've traveled … uh to every corner of the United States. Uh, I've now been in fifty … ss-seven? states. I think one left to go. Uh, one left to go — eh, Alaska and Hawaii I was not allowed to go to, even though I really wanted to visit but my staff would not, uh, justify it.

To your point: 57 + one left to go = 58. However he continued, "Alaska and Hawaii I was not allowed to go to". Which would suggest 57 + two left to go = 59.

Confusing? Yes! But remember, President Obama is the pinnacle of human intelligence, his logic is far beyond our capability and it is not our place to question anything he says.

When one references Obama as I did, it is best to play it safe and go with information that has already been widely advanced as Current Truth. In this case 57 in the correct number.

If anyone has further questions...
All answers can be found here.

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I do not see why we need worry about Dear Oleader's imperfect grasp of American geography. After all, he has informed us, magisterially, that there is no American exceptionalism. And everything that Lord O says is very much ex cathedra.

There may be 50 states now, or 57, or 58, but soon there will be One Worldwide State, with One Thug to Rule them All.