ObamaCare Current Truth: 11/12 Truth Replaces 10/31 Truth

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As we Progressives have always known, The Current Truth always is our Current Truth ad infinitum because our commitment to Modernity requires that it ALWAYS be completely up-to-date. This is a sound principle that baffles the slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging Tea-Partiers.

Fortunately for us, our media understands the importance of this principle and are fully capable of the awesome intellectual gymnastics, making it easier for the low-information voters to understand that keeping the Current Truth up-to-date requires everyone to pretend that there is no such a thing as Static Truth - there is only the modern, dynamic version known as the Current Truth.

Thus, people intellectually capable of understanding Progressivism have no difficulty realizing the Current Truth from October 31, 2013: President Obama did NOT "mislead" Americans by saying, "If you like your health-care plan, you can keep it, period, and if you like your doctor, you can keep him, period."

Smart people know that beginning a sentence with "If" means that what follows is hypothetical rather than a description of an actuality. Thus, a hypothetical statement cannot be deemed "true" or "false" because it does not purport to be a description of an actuality. Indeed, I, your Humble Minister of Truth, gave Obama an "Attaboy" for his deft response to people foolishly implying his hypothetical statement comprised what Obama knew to be an untrue description of an actuality (i.e., a lie).

Similarly, people intellectually capable of understanding Progressivism have no difficulty realizing the Current Truth from November 11, 2013: President Obama did NOT contradict himself in contending that BIG INSURANCE (rather than Obama) had broken what some fools among the public ignorantly interpreted as a promise by Obama in the form of a statement of an actuality -- i.e., you actually like it, you actually keep it.

Intellectually adroit Progressives know that the way in which BIG INSURANCE broke Obama's promise was the cancellation of insurance policies merely because they comprised the types of policies which the IRS would interpret as being contrary to the requirements of ObamaCare.

It's true that some syntactical purists would claim that to be completely hypothetical, Obama should have said, "If you were to like your plan, you could keep it, period, and if you were to like your doctor, you could keep him, period," meaning that whatever plan would become "your" plan on the effective date of ObamaCare, and if you were to like THAT plan, you could "keep" it; and if you were to like the doctor designated for you by ObamaCare, you could keep him.

Of course, fools will ask, "What if you don't like the plan or doctor specified for you by ObamaCare? Can you choose NOT to 'keep' it?" If they weren't fools, they would know the answer: If you were to dislike the plan or doctor selected for you by ObamaCare, you can choose not to keep it or him and thereby have no health-care or doctor at all, in which case you will merely lose $95 per year when the IRS deducts such amount from your income-tax refund (unless, of course, you earn more than $45,000, in which case your fine will be 1% of your income with the percentage increasing steeply according to higher levels of income so that doctors and plans liked by people who like ObamaCare can be paid).

Most importantly, we know that as soon as the present fury subsides, the LIVs will forget about all this. Hillary has taught us this well by her adroit question: "What difference at this point does it make?" After months of occasionally hearing her question, LIVs will soon be asking themselves "What difference does what make?"

That is the point in time when the new Current Truth eclipses the formerly new Current Truth.

--Minister of Truth