Red Alert-- Obama's Millennials Graduating to METUGRICUNA

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Red Alert: Obama's Millennials Graduating to METUGRICUNA.


Comrades, this is a Red Alert!

PEW research has confirmed a disturbing trend among millennials who marched lockstep
with Obama in 2008 and again in 2012: They're graduating from their LIV status carefully
cultivated by Our Media but without maintaining their LIV immunity to other sources of news
and history regarding the inherent danger that liberty poses to Progressive Governance and vice-versa.

Increasing numbers of them are experiencing the epiphany of recognizing that unlimited
government is fundamentally inimical to liberty. Thus, in alarmingly increasing numbers, they
are succumbing to METUGRICUNA, which stands for "Millennials Ephiphanizing That
Unlimited Government Renders Its Citizens Utterly Naked & Afraid."

Soon there will be eye-catching posters to spread the word among millennials that the
goal of unlimited government is to keep its citizens politcally naked and afraid.

What can we, as loyal members of the Collective, do to halt and reverse this alarming trend?

If we don't do something soon (like ramping-up our claims that Republicans wage War on
Womyn and that all Tea-Partiers are bigots), the METUGRICUNA-infected millennials might even vote Republican rather than throwing away their votes for Libertarians (and thereby assuring victory for our Progressive/Democrat candidates).

In November 2014, we need to reprise our 2012 Victory Snatched From What Should Have Been the Jaws of Defeat.