The Great October: a revolution financed by an enemy gov't

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By Oleg Atbashian | First pubished in FrontPage Magazine

Can it be true that Vladimir Lenin, the alleged "leader of the world Proletariat," whose monuments adorned central squares in every Soviet town and who inspired generations of Soviet citizens, had been a mere agent provocateur working for the German government?

In The World Crisis, Volume 5, Winston Churchill writes this about war-time Germany in 1917: "They turned upon Russia the most grisly of all weapons. They transported Lenin in a sealed truck like a plague bacillus from Switzerland into Russia."

The rest is history: Lenin staged a coup and withdrew Russia from World War One, conceding large swaths of land to Germany. In the process, he consolidated his power, initiated the policy of Red Terror, brutally exterminated all opposition, and founded the world's first totalitarian socialist state.

Many contemporary politicians had made claims that Lenin was a long-time agent of the Imperial German Secret Service. A warrant for his arrest was issued after the Russian government had learned that the Bolsheviks were financed by the Germans, with whom Russia was at war. However, with time these claims dwindled as no documentary proof could be found.

Why did Lenin's culpability, which his contemporaries considered evident, stop being so evident to the following generations? What did the contemporaries know that we don't?

It would be safe to assume that Soviet agents, who had penetrated all levels of Western societies early on, had successfully removed and destroyed all proof, along with all the witnesses. They apparently did it so well that even the Nazis, who inherited the German intelligence service about a decade later, couldn't find any related documents, otherwise they would have certainly demonstrated them to the world in order to prove the illegitimacy of the rival dictatorship. Let's leave further speculations to the authors of period spy thrillers.

The fact is, Lenin's case wouldn't be all that unique. At the time, the Imperial German Secret Service seemed to have a policy of recruiting agents among exiled Russian communists and financing their subversive activities and propaganda aimed to plunge Russia into turmoil. Some of them, like Fuerstenberg and Kozlovsky, were prominent Bolsheviks with close ties to Lenin.

This author provides a number of other examples of such recruitment and money trails, concluding his research by saying, "we know that the Bolsheviks conducted public relations that seemed to be beyond their means. We know that German agents - some with considerable funds at their disposal - were closely entwined with the Bolsheviks. And we know that Lenin lied when confronted about that situation."

The truth was unearthed only in the late 1980s, with the opening of Soviet archives to the public. The newly declassified documents revealed the dates, the banks, and the substantial amounts of money provided to the communists by Kaiser's Germany, which financed Lenin's subversive, seditious activities. According to historian Albert L. Weeks, the German authorities cynically referred to Lenin as a "bacillus" who would "infect" Russia and thus incapacitate a major military adversary.

But do even the large money transfers and the intriguing return from exile in a sealed one-car train make Lenin a spy? Only in the most general sense of the word; strictly speaking, he was rather a sociopathic traitor and a criminally-minded, community-organizing opportunist, driven by the principle of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." In the words of Weeks, Lenin "merely took advantage of the Kaiser's 'generosity' and exploited the subsidies for his own purposes in seizing and holding power in Russia."

And yet, while the Bolshevik revolution could not have been engineered by the Western bankers as some modern conspiracy theories claim, there is enough evidence to suggest that Lenin could not have pulled it off without Germany's financial and logistical help. And even if he had, the "leader of the workers and peasants" would surely have used less radical strategies had he not had a second career on which to fall back.

Common sense suggests that if left to their own devices, Lenin and his close comrades would be less likely to take such great risks; it was the helpful network of foreign agents with backup plans, escape routes, and other comforting factors that boosted their confidence and provided the feeling of relative safety. Thus, their motto, "we have nothing to lose but our chains," was a lie. The selfless sacrifice and the blind trust in the Communist Manifesto was good enough for the people but not for the people's leaders.

In this, Lenin was not an exception. Being the leader of the semi-legal communist party, he collaborated with his nation's enemy in a time of war much like the American communists and other leftist groups, who have throughout history collaborated with enemies of the United States in order to gain more influence at the expense of their own country.

The irrefutable evidence that Lenin and his party conspired with and received funding from an enemy government sheds an unforgiving light on the seditious and treasonous character, methods, and motivations of all international communist and socialist movements, the Communist Party USA, and every communist party around the world, who continue to operate by Lenin's methods and who still hold him as a major inspiration.

In the court of law, a verdict based on false or tainted evidence is usually overturned. We have to wonder if in the court of history, the verdict regarding the celebrated "people's revolution" paid for by an imperial intelligence service will also be altered - and if our history books will be corrected accordingly.


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This is a story of how the supposedly selfless revolutionaries were generously financed by the German Kaiser, who saw the communists as the Ebola virus. So he weaponized this virus in order to destroy the Russian empire, with which he was fighting a war.

And today, Putin is playing the role of Kaiser Hohenzollern on a global scale, organizing and financing subversives around the world, especially in the US.

The Ukrainian "separatists" are one of such creations. They wouldn't exist without the coordination and the financial and logistical support from Putin's FSB and GRU. They don't even need their own propaganda machine - Putin's mass media is doing it for them, locally in Russian and globally in English and other languages.

In other words, Putin has weaponized the separatist "virus."

In the past, the USSR had also weaponized the class envy virus, the anti-colonialist virus, the Arab nationalist virus, the Palestinian virus, the anti-Semitism virus, the conspiracy theories virus, etc.

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Red Square wrote:This is a story of how the supposedly selfless revolutionaries were generously financed by the German Kaiser…
Revolutionaries are rarely, if ever, selfless and/or altruistic entities. Lenin and his gang only became known so through a program of outright lies.

Also, let's not forget that it took the destruction of the Czar's army as a viable fighting force for any revolution in Russia to even be a possibility. All thanks and responsibility goes to Kaiser Bill, a great humanitarian.

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I think the rise of illegitimate governments can be understood by examining the morality play that shapes the core of the plot of the movie Fargo.

The morality play begins:

Wikipedia entry for Fargo wrote:In the winter of 1987, Minneapolis car salesman Jerry Lundegaard (William H. Macy) is desperate for money. With help from Shep Proudfoot (Steve Reevis), an ex-convict and mechanic co-worker, Jerry is introduced to criminals Carl Showalter (Steve Buscemi) and Gaear Grimsrud (Peter Stormare). Jerry travels to Fargo, North Dakota to meet and hire the two men to kidnap his wife, Jean (Kristin Rudrüd), and ransom her for $80,000 to his wealthy father-in-law and boss, Wade Gustafson (Harve Presnell). In exchange, Jerry will provide Carl and Gaear with a new 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera and half of the ransom money. However, Jerry secretly intends to tell Wade that the ransom demand is for $1,000,000 and keep most of the money for himself.

A man who isn't normally a bad sort of person wants to do something that is quite a bit worse than he is able to bring himself to do. He enlists the help of someone he knows that is of slightly worse character than himself. This person (or organization) then enlists the help of others who are even more evil than themselves to accomplish more horrific tasks than they are willing to do.

In the end the small act of evil has led by graduations of worse and worse people to the enlistment of people that are not only capable of great evil and enjoy it but have their own agenda. Tragedy ensues all around.

And it all starts with a person or people that want to do just one little bad thing. An stoppable domino effect of worse and worse people begins its inevitable cascade of self-destruction.

I could go into depth on how the left in our own country does this, with it's current culmination being people like Obama, but you get the idea. And someone like Obama is quite capable of enlisting even worse people than himself. Politically in real life, the morality play ends with the very worst in a position of absolute power. Not a good combination.

And it all started just because a few people wanted to accomplish a few sort of evil things with the government. This is why so many repugnant people are attracted to statism.

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...and we all live happily ever after.
Next Tuesday™

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So I wonder if Lenin was as shocked as hel-- ... er, as the dickens when he was about to sign the treaty of Brest-Ltovsk...the reparations demanded in which made the Versailles treaty look like a slap on the wrist, I'm given to understand. (Reason # 738 that if a German tells you WWII started because of the impossible demands from the Versailles treaty on the German state....none of which were fulfilled, should get out the smallest violin and start playing it with your thumb.)

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This article has now been translated into Russian and posted on a libertarian-conservative news site in St. Petersburg -

Великую Октябрьскую революцию финансировали враги


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I always feel like someone's watching me when I go to that site...


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Silly Craptek, you know the Party is always watching, yet you say it like that's a bad thing.
What could possibly go wrong?

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Ivan the Stakhanovets wrote:Image
Silly Craptek, you know the Party is always watching, yet you say it like that's a bad thing.
What could possibly go wrong?

Ah! I see your recent promotion hasn't dulled your loathing of my very existence! For one heart stopping moment I feared you might have forgotten your underlings and moved on to larger targets - like sickly kittens or puppies. But I see all is well...excellent.