Woodward, Davis Accused of Subversive Statements

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Dear Comrades,

The Central Committee of the Democratic Socialist Party of the USSA has sent a formal telegram to citizen Robert Woodward informing him that he has been denounced for Trotskyite tendencies and will face formal inquiry proceedings for disloyal statements.

Once trusted for service to the American Media Collective in its struggles to provide the workers and peasants of America with helpful and correct information, citizen Woodward has recently shown deviant tendencies and made inflammatory, slanderous comments about Comrade Party Chairman and President Barack Barackovich Obama.

Woodward is not alone in his conspiracy against the Party, with new revelations emerging that citizen Lanny Davis has also made false accusations against the White Fortress.

Loyal Socialists should join the likes of Comrade Andrew Sullivan and other reliable members of the American Media Collective to denounce them and come forward with further evidence.

We must remember the historical lesson of Leon Trotsky, and how he sought to impede the implementation of Socialism in the Soviet Union in the name of ‘pure communism.' He broke loyalty with the Party as Comrade Joseph Stalin successfully established the revolutionary principles of V. I. Lenin in the USSR.

Now, as Comrade Obama does the same for the USSA, it is only natural that some traitors would surface like scum on a pristine lake.

If found guilty of calling the President ‘mad' and accusing him of dishonesty in his representations of the State's financial situation, citizen Woodward faces 15 years of therapeutic incarceration for insulting the President, and an additional 20 years of hard labor for divulging State secrets.

Comrades, let us press forward in the establishment of a workers' and peasants' Paradise under the thoughtful gaze of our glorious leader, Comrade Barack Obama! We call upon citizens Woodward and Davis to admit their guilt and be rehabilitated with the assistance of of the Party's apparatuses devoted to the reeducation of deluded Proletarians.

Comrades, beware of Trotskyite agitators Woodward and Davis!
Report their activities to your local commissar!

Faithfully submitted to the Collective of the People's Cube,
Comrade Nomenklatura-climber
Dialectical Progressivism Translator

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Since Mexico is part of the US-of-KKK, Trosky-Woodward will not be able to move there to escape his reward...

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After denouncement, then revocation of his membership in the White House Press Corps, exile from Washington, and if he should find employment at Fox News to carry on his anti-Obama Fifth International ... well, claw marks are often mistaken as injuries inflicted by an ice axe.


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Orders have been disseminated to The Current Truth Team ™ that we expect more results immediately. No excuses will be tolerated as it's a target rich environment for fishy rumors.


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Why isn't this man in an insane asylum?

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Because, Comrade Dedhedvedev, he must first serve time in Federal Prison.

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I.M. Craptek wrote:Because, Comrade Dedhedvedev, he must first serve time in Federal Prison.
In other words, Trotsky-ward must be first declared a criminal, before he can be subsequently declared insane.

[indentr]It must be the American thing of "you're innocent until proven guilty."[/indentr]
In the Motherland, we didn't have such problems, because our legal system was based on Roman jurisprudence, "you're guilty until proven innocent."


Comrade Woodstein will be sent back to Wheaton College for Re-education. A slight "Adjustment" is all that is needed.

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Yesternow wrote:Image A slight "Adjustment" is all that is needed.