"I'm looking forward to Purge Season. Ahhh... the smell of fear, the sweat on the foreheads, the glaring Klieg lights, the flowing tears, the begging pleas for mercy... I don't know about you, but it gives me goose bumps and a warm fuzzy feeling that my cold-blooded reptillian hypothalamus really enjoys, like a snake sunning itself on a warm, flat rock."

Hillary Clinton,
People's Commissar

Hillary's Wellesley Thesis, "THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT"

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This is what happens when the Commissar of Housekeeping, Disappearances, Composting, Dissection, and Limo Service has gone missing. People start finding previously disappeared papers written by Hillary.

Jeremayakovka claims it's got the famed Hillary Rodham's 1969 senior thesis at Wellesley College.

Excerpts From Hillary's Wellesley Thesis, "THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT... An Analysis of the Alinsky Model"

Back in 1993, shortly after she acceded to the role of First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband requested that Wellesley guard her thesis from public scrutiny -- a request to which the college administration assented. Since then efforts to gain access to "THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT" have proven less than successful. If what I have received is, however, a true and accurate copy, then public access to the Democratic presidential candidate's initial intellectual formation has finally arrived.

Excerpts and photocopies follow.

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Pish Posh...

The important issue at the moment is my cleavage, not the scrawlings of a young frightened socialist who was in total awe of a strong communist.
I wish I could get a low cut Mao suit, but what would Mao do?
I've bridged that gap.
If Alinsky was alive today, he'd be taking notes and writing a book on ME.


Thanks for the nod, Red. What infamous legal code would have sent me, if I were lucky, to a gulag for 8 or 12 or 25 years for posting all that?

Good news. Gopublius has the whole thing available: ... ey-thesis/

In the words of Joe Lieberman, "Is this a great country, or what?"

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My dear Hillary,
I may not be alive - but I'm not dead. You already know this. Congratulations on your latest endorsements. Good job tearing down your opponent; don't destroy him so completely you can't build him back up for the general election. He will serve you well. Ah! The Workers Paradise is coming soon!
Your mentor,

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My Dear Comrade President Hillary,

The power is at hand and you, Comrade, are omnipotent. You need to bring,

* Martial Law, consolidate power!

* Punish and purge those who annoy and oppose you.

* Replace US constitution with your thesis
* Commission a Saul Alinsky Memorial in front of the capital
* Place my image on the new currency (and yours, as well, comrade).

I love it - Soviet America
and Purges for fun!

All the best, comrade Hillary,

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Premier Betty wrote:Why is she trying to hide her past?
Shhhh, Comrade. It doesn't matter.
Together we will rewrite the glorious Soviet American history anyway. The founding fathers were, of course, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and, of course, myself. And, with special recognition to Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavis, and Kim IL Sung.

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Saul Alinsky wrote:Together we will rewrite the glorious Soviet American history anyway. The founding fathers were, of course, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and, of course, myself. And, with special recognition to Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavis, and Kim IL Sung.
So what's their draft of the constitution sounded like?

The founding fathers, whose membership is subject to CHANGE, wrote: We the activist representatives of the international community, in order to form a more perfect utopia, establish social justice, insure domestic uniformity, provide for the common good, promote the welfare state, and secure federal subsidies to ourselves and our constituents, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Socialist States of America.

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Works for me. Just as long as I am exempt and in some position of power.

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Comrade Hillary,

Osama Obama has an impressive Marxist background, ahem, along with his Muslim background. So, Comrade, will you accept to be his VP running mate if you screw this up? I thought you were going to destroy him!

Comrade, I want to see some lives get ruined. It's been a long time since Vince Foster and since the railroad tracks

Comrade Red Square. C'mon comrade, get it right - it's SOVIET AMERICA.
Image Warm regards,

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Comrade Hillary,

I sense that your power is slipping! This displeases me. I did not mentor and teach you to be beaten. Osama Obama is beating you and you haven't done anything to stop it yet, comrade?

Take what is yours comrade Hillary. The power belongs to you - the presidency, the dictatorship, the New World Order is meant for you! Now, comrade, you are going to have to do something about this mess.
Image Comerade Hillary, I want you to


Now, GO DO SOMETHING!You know what to do - Fort Marcy Park, the railroad tracks, the Mena airport, now go do what you do best!


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Why is this website so quiet? Is there something you need to tell me?


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Saul Alinsky wrote:Comrades,

Why is this website so quiet? Is there something you need to tell me?

I was wondering the same thing, can't wait till Red gets back and beats us back into shape.

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Yeah, it's weird. Every time I go on there's usually a bunch of people posting like crazy. Now there's no one on.

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Maksim Maksimovich wrote: I was wondering the same thing, can't wait till Red gets back and beats us back into shape.
Greetings, Comrade Maksimovich, I would like to think he is busy straightening out Comrade Hillary's mess. I grow very annoyed with this voting crap, it's Comrade Hillary's destiny to become the imperious supreme dictator. Certainly Comrade Hillary and Comrade Red Square can come up with a creative and enjoyable way to fix this little problem.

I want you to bring Comrade Osama Obama and Comrade McCain (yes, Comrades, he is one of us) to this website. We will sort this out once and for all!


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My dear Comrade Hillary, I am quite pleased that you have destroyed Obama Osama (or whatever he calls himself). Do you still offer him the VP? No, of course not. There are a few things that must be done before your assumption of power.

First, I want you to give Comrade McCain the VP. If he refuses, destroy him. Heh! heh!
I love it when you destroy others.

Next, just for fun, and after you seize power, I want you to pardon the incarcerated, those in maximum security prisons. They're decent and hard working enough, they will serve you well. You have to out-do Bill, of course.

Let's talk about renaming some places in The Workers' Paradise.

Washington, DC --- New Stalingrad
New York --- New Leningrad
Boston --- Alinskygrad
Alaska --- New Siberia (complete with plenty of gulags).
I want the red star on the capitol building.
I want my statue on the White House; repaint it red - The Red House with a hammar and sickle.
Re-carve Mount Rushmore -- I want to see Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and, of course me!
I want some china and silverware from Air Force One.

I like you choice of attire for your inauguration, but you need
to change the color to Red, or at least put red stars on it.

Image Your mentor,

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Comrade Saul,

It a pleasure to see that you are still lurking around The Party™. I personally find your advice to Her Excellency to be most interesting. It is comforting to know that The Party™ has someone of your towering intellect at it's service.

The problem, as I see it, is not whether Hillary wins or Osama Obama wins. The problem is how to <s>enslave</s> liberate America so that it can transform into a perfect Socialist union. Never mind the fact that Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. American Socialism must be better! Our useful idiots in the MSM and academia have successfully <s>brainwashed</s> indoctrinated many Americans that Socialism = Compassion, so I feel we are about to cross the threshold towards becoming the United Soviet States of America (the USSA). So what do we need to do to make American-style Socialism a working model for the rest of the world?

Yours In Liberating the Un-washed Masses,
Zampolit Boris Sukavich Blokhayev