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Genius Award for solving the People's Cube goes to...

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... or a cardboard cutout of the Genius Award for solving the People's Cube, anyway.

Problem: The Post Office is going broke.

Solution: Build huge massive new wind farms up and down the coast to generate good cheap reliable electricity. This will power thousands upon thousands of brand new all-electric postal service mail delivery trucks!


Because it's a bold idea. And oil is the energy of the past.

For the last several years we've had cardboard cutout after cardboard cutout of bold ideas; a cardboard cutout of economic stimulus, a cardboard cutout of affordable housing, a cardboard cutout of an America built to last, a cardboard cutout of the road to prosperity. Figuratively, Obama campaigns before a cardboard cutout of his bold new utopia of the future. It's a beautiful picture, like a Hollywood backdrop. So large you can't even tell it's just a cardboard cutout of an artists' conception of utopia. The future today! Obama campaigns in front of it and everyone acts as if the cardboard cutout he's standing in front of is real.

Let's play the child. Let's kick over that huge prop, that cardboard cutout of utopia. Let's kick it over so it falls down on his head. The emperor has nothing behind his cardboard cutout.

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I once saw a movie where people built a cardboard cutout of a town, complete with buildings and residents. They lured an opposing group of miscreants into that "town" and blew everything up, then went in to finish off the survivors with baseball bats.

Now I know where Obama gets his inspiration!

I couldn't find the scene on YouTube, but this one may give you a hint...

What Carper must be very careful not to say is that the people who make wind generated electricity have to have in place a law that forces coal fired electric plants to buy that wind generated electricity even when the coal fired plant does not need it. The extra cost of paying for electricity that the coal electric plant does not need is passed along to the ratepayers in the form of higher and higher and higher electric bills. Manufacture of wind farms also requires goverrnment subsidies. Subsidies take money away from industry that pays its own way and gives to unsustainable gambles such as wind that cannot pay its own way. Plus 40% of the subsidies are made up of money borrowed from others.

In other words, coal pays its own way, generates revenue, creates wealth and jobs. Wind generated electricity for an already electrified country such as America does not do those things and constitutes an evil curse on our national security and ability to support the industry that makes us a world power.

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I'd like to extend this laurel and hardy handshake...