Give a Book and a Cube to a Boob for Christmas 2013

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Help save America: Give a book and a cube to a boob for Christmas in 2013-- i.e., give the book, Shakedown Socialism, and The Peoples Cube to a liberal or non-political friend for Christmas in 2013.

Vimeo link just in case Google/YouTube pulls one of its stunts against the YouTube version above:

How can this help save America?

Before Andrew Breitbart's death, he popularized the insight expressed by Bill Frist's policy advisor, Bill Wichterman, that "Politics is downstream from culture" and devoted vast amounts of energy and effort to enable advocates of limited government to understand the implications of such insight. The gist of the insight is that advocates of limited government cannot hope to expand the scope of their influence outside the "limited government 'choir'" without first expanding their presence and influence in popular culture in order to reach the minds of the huge swath not only of habitual voters but also infrequent voters and also those with no history of habit of voting because the overwhelming majority of such people are not political junkies. Instead, they pay scant attention to the news and have quite limited knowledge of history, economics and politics. As a consequence, whatever they glean from popular culture is what shapes whatever political conclusions they reach and whether, or how, they're likely to vote.

Assuming this to be correct, which I believe it to be, it ought to be self-evident to those of us in the "limited-government 'choir'" that we must learn to exert our influence in popular culture and by other lawful and moral means to seek to capture the attention of the ill-informed among us in order to impart knowledge to them. Thus, among the tactics we must employ to first catch the attention of the uninformed in order to inform them is the tactic of provoking their curiosity or attracting attention by our cleverness. Oleg Atbashian commenced a tour de force exposition of such cleverness coupled with enlightenment by his creation of ThePeoplesCube.Com website and by is authoring a short, easy-to-read book (Shakedown Socialism) providing his first-hand knowledge (gained from his having been born and raised in what was then the Soviet Republic of Ukraine) of the arrogance, corruption and hypocrisy inherent in a collectivistic or socialistic form of government. Thus, to help save America, what each of us in the "limited-government 'choir'" ought to do is to give a copy of his book and his Cube to each of our friends, relatives, acquaintances who does not yet understand the limited-government principles we understand. By doing this, each of us has the potential to influence people outside our "choir" to learn information which, once learned, would likely make then want to join our "choir."

To help illustrate what I'm recommending, I created the video embedded at the top of this article, which I hope readers will find useful for the purposes I've described above.