The Collective denounces The Oatmeal

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Matthew Inman has created many great cartoons for the toiling masses. The lack of progress-inspired cartoons, however, makes us wonder if The Oatmeal and its author are friendly to our cause or even familiar with social justice.

The Oatmeal has no pictures of glorious progressive leaders like Fidel Castro or Barack Obama, and neither does it promote progressive work ethics.

We demand that The Oatmeal go all out for the cause of progress and social justice. More specifically, we demand that...

  1. The People's Cube be placed in each picture.
  2. All cartoons have a reference of our great leaders and their achievements.
  3. Beet fields with rainbows and happy toiling peasants be present in cartoons.
  4. Cartoons characters be dressed in appropriate progressive attire.
  5. Cartoons include occasional subliminal shovel promotions.
  6. Some cartoons provide anti-capitalist public announcements.
  7. Other cartoons provide progressive public announcements.

If these demands are not met, our kollektive will boycott The Oatmeal for its capitalist ways.