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Eeeee liz a beth
Eeeee liz a beth

Talk about things and everyone stares
Swearing other things that nobody cares
They're calling your name but I got to make clear
I can't say lizzy where you'll be in a year

You're sweat hog mama with a face hard as flint
Party donors all go, they got up and went
Well I got real news, you're a real good liar
'Cause the DNA test set your pants on fire

Eeeee liz a beth
Eeeee liz a beth

You poll low in the race of the clown car
Your stories seem to take it just a little too far
You're telling us things but you up and lied
Said you was fired because the rabbit done died, yes you did

You stand in the front just a shaking your ass
You'll take to Facebook you drink beer from the glass
You'll talk about free stuff, something you understand
'Cause a year down the road and we'll be deeper in debt