CA Govenor open malls but stay at home orders end in July

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Following in the footsteps of Oregon Gov. Kate Brown who extended the Oregon lockdown until July 6th, comes California Governor Gavin Newsom who has extended his states lockdown until the end of July!

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Was Governor Newsom giving the "Stroke-It" signal in that photo?

Lawmakers have made it official. For the next three months, their coronavirus stay-at-home lockdown will remain in effect until the end of July!

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Note: Governor Newsom is being mentioned as a replacement for an aging Joe Biden.

If you type “can democrats nominate …” into a Google search, it will autofill to “Cuomo.” But that is not where I am going.

Our very own governor, Gavin Newsom, would be a better choice. Newsom has faced our pandemic head on. He has led the nation in taking steps to protect Californians, even when it looked like he might be overreacting and needlessly wreaking economic havoc on our state.

Newsom has taken responsibility for shortcomings, like too few testing sites. He has led the nation in securing and sharing respirators with other states. He has walked a proverbial tightrope by keeping a warm enough relationship with Trump to allow Californians to obtain at least some of the federal resources we need. He has declared that California is a nation-state and is acting accordingly.