BLM compliance, ze Cherman vay

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Teutoburger Wald (Forest). Wald... alas, ze Cherman soul, ze Cherman romanticism! Zey get a thrill up zeir leg.
Then, Teutoburger. Teutons. Burg. Warriors, used to go berserk. Panzer-castles of their descendants. Burg, whence burgher, whence bourgeois.

And Hermannsdenkmal (-denkmal: memorial).
Hermann, for the Romans - who reigned also here at this time - Arminius.

(think of the years around 0 BC/AC ; Hermann, chieftain-junior of Cheruscans, commands a Cheruscan unit of Roman military ; in 9 AC, he lures a massive Roman expedition to march through Teutoburger Wald ; three Roman legions plus three cavalry squadrons (some 20.000-25.000 men) went in, none of them came out ; Hermann/Arminius gave the Romans their (north-eastern) Stalingrad ; an early omen of West Rome's five-centuries-long downfall.)

(freshly inaugurated - 1875, after near 40 years of stepwise construction - Hermannsdenkmal was the tallest worldwide (Hermann 82 ft + plinth 94 ft = 176 ft) ; surpassed - in 1886 - by America's Great Lady.)

But.. but.. Herr? Mann? How colonial! How sexist! Look, his clenched teeth! Tight jaw muscles! And that helmet! Totally, like, Nazi! Ja?

(Time Vehicle 0 BC + 2020, and 200 miles east of Hermannsdenkmal)

Ze Zentral Kommittee (zey call zemselves Regierung - ze Gubmint - yet zey act like a ZK), sniffing ze revoolooshunary BLM Zeitgeist wafting transatlantically like a stale fart across West & Middle Yurop, hastily sits down: Himmelherrgott, now vot? vot haf vee do?

In sheer panic and afraid of the local copycat-BLM cadres and their useful-idiot masses (but also to stick it to all the rubes who cling to the past - and gruffly refuse bowing to Global Floydism, any Floydism), a decision is made.
Verdict: Ja, bevor ze masses start effing effigies, vee send zem a signal, vee light a beacon of hope and love. Preemptively deescalating, ze Hermannsdenkmal is to be memory-holed, detonatively.

Oh, mein Gott!
(but ze Red Button haf not been pushed yet)
(& psst, Komrades: only vee here know zat!)