China Joe

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When the sun goes down on ol' sleepy little Joe
Down in the basement
And then Jill starts praying for a better day
To wheel about ol' Joe

Some people think Joe's insane
But it's dementia to blame
Well, you're talkin' bout China Joe
Oh, China Joe

Well, there's Hunter and his Strippers
Then there's his cocaine
He is the talk of the town
When the gossip gets to flyin'
And they ain't lyin'
When the news starts leaking out

They say that time has aged his brain
And just what is it he's sayin'
We're talkin' bout China Joe
Oh, China Joe

But every day there's more news a comin'
About Joe's oriental deals
Then there's Ukraine
And oil company boards
You don't have to guess this wasn't right

And though he's lost in a demented state
People don't seem to care
They just keep on thinkin' he's the best

Talkin' bout the China Joe
Oh, China Joe