Pink Ushanka MSM/DNC Pussy'd Explain The Presidential Pardon

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Jen Psaki is traveling in a whole Pink Ushanka Ice Pick Generation

It's always easy to find foreign competitive nations that hate Amerikkka, too. Is like the idiot Russian said about how the New Motherland hates and wants to kill the Old Motherland. Is very Freudian, and the next thing y'know, a red kerchief slips into that load of hot watered whites..and the whole dang load comes out like fuzzy pink Ushanks Ice Pickable Toothpick Generation.

In need of a tourniquet, for grazed skin????

That is not RED! comrades!

Pink is NOT the NEW RED!

Note the Powerful delivery by Pussy'dPink Ushanka Toothpicked Skulls of Borscht on the subject of Constitutional Power of Presidential Pardon in the hands of a depraved, heartless, bastardofingloriousness like President Trump. Of all the depraved, heartless, bastardsofnoglory Presidents, Amerikkka has endured, since illegitimate foundling colonies Constitutionalized themselves together, Trump is most Inglorious Red Bastard of all ConstitutionalizedSpaceTime Continuum.

Pink Ushanka Toothpicked Skulls of Borscht!!

Exactly what a pink, not RED Russian, would say.

Powerfully speaking as if The People™ don't see they are result of fact they all are a youthful hot wash/wax bad white load in youth??

Reds are always done separately. There is no 'pink' in RED. Pink means failure of laundry protocol occurred their generation ago.

And what is this fake projection of powervoicetountruth from these imposters as is pink were RED and RED should be pinkcoloredspyglasses?

Pink Ushanka Toothpicked Skulls of Borscht!!

Russian Asset
#BR 549
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