Diary of a Rooster

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Diary Note 10/13/14: Commissar Red Roster

In Hopes of The Collective at Last!

Circa 2034 - The agitation continued as usual, however the politburo could find no one willing to teach the little miscreants: The Common Care. Which was first called The Common Core, however when it was learned this had no impact, the name was changed.

In our kindness and compassion we spent millions of dollars on TV ads and news spots to promote our new ideas to the unfortunate unwashed masses. Whereas that seemed to be unsuccessful, we created five year plan upon five year plan, which eventually where promoted to 10 year plans. And eventually the hope was that Next Tuesday after the latest designed election, all would be well. For it wasn't The Way, it was The Audacity That No One Had Hope. And the whole Politburo pondered on this in great detail in numerous great dissertations, and the answer could not be found.

We had design and professed The Perfect Community™. We had given the blueprint to Utopia on Earth, however the ignorant proles would not comply with our demands,

So a Committee was formed to ascertain why the ignorant could not see the ways laid out before them of our wonderful intelligentsia. And as the reports came in and the data did not meet our standards, we formed the Great Council.

The Great Council meets every Tuesday, and every Tuesday, to this day, we work hard For the Progressive World of Next Tuesday, which we know will, inevitably, come.

Collectively Yours,


P.S. The moment after the moment when Trotsky finally Died....

Ура, товарищи!