Our Leftist U.S.S.A. Postal Service

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I don't trust the U.S.S.A. Postal Service. It leans left and does some very shady and suspicious things (see links at bottom).

It just revealed some new "Forever" stamps for 2023, making news with goddess of fembeciles and the far left, the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


That was predictable, but things get a little strange after that: these new stamps are not making the news:





When not issuing stamps or shooting each other up, our Postal Service has a range of other activities that many don't know about. ... sts-report ... -liberties ... l-service/

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Get Your Favorrite Costume Before They Sell Out!

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Prog off:

I am retired (Gone Galt). The Mrs. and I travel for extended periods of time chasing good weather. Because the USSA Postal Service is so horrid, we have a UPS store mailbox. With the corresponding street address. They forward our mail when we are away for long periods and hold packages when we are away for short stints.

We ordered security camera system from the same vendor (not google) we have a dozen times previous, IDENTICAL to another order a month ago as we upgrade the systems. Same system, same shipping warehouse, same delivery address at the UPS store.

UPS tracking said out for delivery two days ago, then nothing -- no update, just "one the way". Repeated calls to the customer service center resulted in pleasant chats with folks in the Philippines that had absolutely no authority or even tools to help. Only saying the address was undeliverable and they couldn't reroute without the shipper's authorization.

I explained (or splained) that it was laughable that UPS couldn't find the UPS store and I didn't want it rerouted, but actually delivered to the address it was intended to be delivered at.

My best guess is the driver (a teamster) decided he didn't want to work that day and just didn't deliver. I'm guessing that because the exact same thing happened at my residence last year and the truck was parked in front of my house when I got the notification that they couldn't find the address. (Residence since GHWB was prezz.)

Did I mention that they're teamsters?

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Ellsworth Toohey wrote:
10/26/2022, 5:18 pm
Prog off:
It used to happed to me the same way until I started chasing down the Fedex and UPS trucks, then complaining to both companies. Now I guess I'm a red-hot client and all is well.


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Colonel O.,

I have taken to immediate asking CSRs where they are located. I have learned a lot about "night life" (actually morning life) in Bangalore (and Chennai) after all of the main shift call center people get off of work. Seems there is an entire third shift entertainment scene similar to Chicago south side 40 years ago, with all of the younger workers getting out of work as the sun comes up.

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Living in rural Amerikkka, I have little options but the U.S.S.A. Postal Service.

I do however, have my picture in the "Postal Hall of Fame" for being the only person to EVER get a REFUND from the Postal Service. I actually think I deserve my own stamp for this historical event.

This is my story......

So I sent a couple of "Signature Confirmation" letters regarding some benefits I had not received to a couple of 'people' I had worked for but "quit suddenly" the year prior . I never got either of the "Signature Confirmation" cards which each had cost me $7.

I go to the Post Office, wait my turn and when I get to speak to the female creature behind the counter, it goes like this........

P.O. Female creature: May I help you?

Clara: (with receipt in hand) I would like to get a refund.....

P.O. Female creature: (cutting my words off) WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS.

Clara: You don't give refunds even when your don't perform the tasks you were paid for?

P.O. Female creature: WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS.

Clara: Is the Post Master here? I would like to speak with him.

P.O. Female creature: (Shooting daggers at me, turns and disappears through a door. Comes back in a few minutes and begrudgingly ....) He'll be here in a minute. (Then proceeds to ignore me like I am some kind of leper).

Post Master: (immerges) Can I help you?

Clara: Yes. I would like to get a refund for these two signature confirmations that I did not receive.

Post Master: (pulls out a computer pad and puts in a number from my receipt.) It shows the image of an unreadable word scribbled as if it were a signature.)
It was signed for.

Clara: That's not anyone's signature. It looks like someone scribbled the name of the business. I NEVER got the cards.

At this point it's just my word against them as I can't PROVE I DIDN'T GET THE CARDS.

Post Master: I will look into it. Leave me your phone number.

Clara: Please do. (giving him my phone number)

As I left I could see the smug look on the P.O. Female Creature's face.

After making more use of a 'trip to town' to run errands, I returned home to find a message on the answering machine from the Post Master apologizing profusely and telling me to "Come and get my refund."

As it turns out, the place I sent the letters is literally across the parking lot from the Post Office so he walked over there where he found that the bookkeeper still had the envelopes on her desk with the signature cards still attached and unsigned.

When I got my REFUND, the P.O. female creature tried her best to pretend she didn't notice.

Click the mystery item for the typical P.O. experience.

        Mystery item No. 1


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Clara Illbustyourballs Zetkin wrote:
10/27/2022, 4:54 am
I actually think I deserve my own stamp
You do!

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Colonel Obyezyana wrote:
10/27/2022, 6:19 am
Clara Illbustyourballs Zetkin wrote:
10/27/2022, 4:54 am
I actually think I deserve my own stamp
You do!
Col. O,

I am so HONORED!

        Mystery item No. 2

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Clara Illbustyourballs Zetkin wrote:
10/27/2022, 6:52 am
I am so HONORED!

I glad you got it on time.



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"Par escargot" That made me spew coffee - STOP IT!

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My package is still at the distribution center, with no expected arrival date. They did update the the delivery address was updated in error and has been corrected. Probably still looking for the box.

Le Escargot would be a major improvement at this point.