Traumatized Longhorns in Texazistan

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This real life drama in central Texazistan has everything. What happens when you jambalaya a plane flying Cajun, longhorns, a corrupt city council, and mayor?

There has to be a joke in here, somewhere. ... mands-250k

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Colonel, you prompted further research into bovine therapy. Of course it’s out there, comrades. Bovine Therapy is a “thing” right here in The Collective. Here in Texazistan, contented cows are where ice cream is sourced.

But back to these emotionally disturbed longhorns in Texazistan. Like do these longhorns have bank accounts to deposit their portion of 250K in? Has any litigator advocator thought of that? It’s the bovines’ suffering the trauma at the loss of their vis a vis future progeny. Those calves were fixing to find themselves on a calf trafficking circuit run by the Mayor. The trauma of plane crash was borne completely by the cows, themselves. Restitution to cited cows must be delivered.

These cows must become bonafide with their own bank accounts, otherwise that money’s going to be at the bottom of some pretty big shenanigans’ pocket.

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Bullshit is considered a culinary delicacy in parts of India. I wasn't aware this cultural proclivity had been transported to Texazistan. I understand it's prevalent in Washington, D.C., but that's kind of baked into the cake.

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That's a pretty nice feat, distracting a bull that's got his horns on.

Reminds me of the saying: Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.

The mayor would have been better off not being a pig. Just take the regular graft and not go for the big payday.