Who or what are The KG3? And why?

Some say they are an ad hoc group of cagey party misfits "putting the toil in toilet humor." Others suspect this troika was selected for its commitment to outstanding production. Do not be ridiculous. But perhaps the masses have the right to know why The KG3s efforts merit a separate category when they are not even children of elite Party members? Perhaps it is not wise to ask too many questions.

Algore Rhythm: Kinda Live at Kyoto

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To Big Fur Hat re AlGore Rhythms:

As Gorbels Cube, Master of Flak,
I'll sue KG3's Big Fur Hat
For copyright schism
of my "AlGore Rhythms,"
unless such abuse he retracts.

You ask when and where "AlGore Rhythms"
by me were first coined? See ignition
of Current TV
by Google and me
at politicalxray-Com/AlGore_Rhythms.

To show Big Fur Hat can't deny
my claim as a "Cap'talist lie
that property rights
on thoughts can take flight,"
below are the the "how" and the "why."

Replacing the rules of nobility
are Rules of Collective Civility:
"To each per his needs
and from each received
the most that's within his ability."

The Rules Marx gave Sisters and Brothers
did Lenin amend with his druthers:
To "All must be equal"
he added the sequel
that "Some are more equal than others."

Another Great Truth Lenin spoke:
That cap'talists furnish the rope
by us to be used
on them as a noose
to hoist them upon their own rope.

The most famous rope was devised
by Alfred Nobel when he died:
the "Peace" Nobel Prize,
which me recognized
as "Earth's Most Progressive, Most Wise."

And thus, I'm entitled to use
the copyright rope as a noose.
It's well understood
collectivist good
means I'm far more equal than you.

So, what is the price you must pay
for copyright wrongs you've displayed?
Like Trotsky, you've bungled,
so say the word "Uncle"
to me or like Trotsky you'll pay.

I'm sure you're relieved since you know
though heir to your old "Uncle Joe,"
the way that you'll pay
is diff'rent today
than Trotsky in old Mexico.

I'm certain you therefore must know
I'm much more humane than old Joe--
If you will not just
say "uncle" you must
to re-education camp go. In case you prefer not to go
to visit the link above shown,
below I am placing
the content by pasting
from links which above I have shown:
Aug. 1, 2005-- Al Gore TV debuts tonight as Current TV; Gore says network will focus on non-political fare such as how Bush "betrayed our country" and how he's destroying Earth; Google Gargles Gorgle.


Al Gore TV debuts tonight as "Current TV." Gore says his network will focus on non-political fare such as how Bush "betrayed our country" and how Bush is "destroying the planet." Collaborating with the Gore TV is the popular search-engine, Google-- soon to become known as "Gorgle"-- to periodically display on Gore TV whatever the GoogleBots' algorithms (AlGore Rhythms) determine to be the "news" items of greatest interest among viewers of Gore TV and those who surf the internet through Google Gargling Gorgle.

As proof of Google's objectivity in designing AlGoreRythms to search all news and then select the ones to be displayed as Current News updates on Current TV, Gore cited the Google Current News logo (a replicaº¹ of which appears to the left of this text), which objectively describes Operation Iraqi Freedom as "Occupation of Iraq." Gore stressed that this Google Current News feature will be "upbeat." The GoogleBots will keep the content in synch with the progressive beat of AlGoreRythyms. Gore predicted that "right-wing fanatics will attempt to mischaracterize our new network as a media organ for the leftist choir, but the broad range of well-known centrist activists and organizations such as Gorge Soros, NotInOurName, America Coming Together, MoveOn.Org, Al Franken, and the many intellectual heavyweights in Hollywood supporting our efforts belie that smear."

So, now I await my receipt
of "Uncle" from you as my treat
to use with permission
the term "AlGore Rhythms"
as one of my word-coining feats.