Who or what are The KG3? And why?

Some say they are an ad hoc group of cagey party misfits "putting the toil in toilet humor." Others suspect this troika was selected for its commitment to outstanding production. Do not be ridiculous. But perhaps the masses have the right to know why The KG3s efforts merit a separate category when they are not even children of elite Party members? Perhaps it is not wise to ask too many questions.

If Hillary Was Veep, Air Force One Would Fly Upside Down

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To clear up any confusion - the idea behind this "cartoon" is that Obama would be a complete fool to choose Hillary. Because his first flight in Air Force One would result in a fatal wreck.
This is how the Clinton Crime Family operates.

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Thanks for the clarification. It could also be understood as a metaphor for how well the tandem would work together, fighting like the Loony Tunes characters.