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Annoying adverts going for broke re: $$$ on the internet

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Maybe it's just me, Comrades, but, have you noticed the annoying submissions on almost any post that, with absurd and abrupt segways say things like this: "…like marion said I was amazed by my hairdresser's analyist's gardener's mother-in-law making $16,000 per month on her computer by doing this. She just bought herself a fabulous new Prius! Go to: GFYforever.gig to see how!"

It's never them that's making this money. It's some obscure person they know about that is doing it.

I thought it might be fun to see our Comrades' input regarding this subject, and what they might suggest as "helpful hints" regarding advertising your scam.

I know, it's annoying enough, so I suspect any input here may be construed as "encouragement" of copy-cat killers. So, I'm not expecting many responses.

However, some of these posts could possibly be copied and pasted as responses to these posts. Fight back, Comrades! Just a suggestion. Have fun! Do your annoying best! If you wish.

Your pal,