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Pay attention for a wee bit, comrades. I know, you are all very busy sitting in your respective basements, fuming over Amerrikan Oppression...or you have to take a pot of Tea off the stove, so you may get back to discussing PalinCare with the folks on your flight deck. But this is important.

Vigilant and clever as The enemies of the people are, It is seems that Emmanuel Goldstein and Company have unveiled an ingenious method of flooding the Peoples Cube market with Unequal Capitalist Cubes...but in a way that renders them next to indistinguishable from the cubes of the revolution. Do not be fooled. Yes, it may seem safe and korreckt...

But these kubes are EVIL! EVIL! They might be an intrepid imitation of Strong communism, but just try to solve can't! It is too complicated! If you are a prole like me and only adhere to the strongest ideals of Proggishism, then you probably never think any harder than your Party demands. And the Party mercifully does not make hard demands as far as thinking goes, to their credit.

So...Be aware comrades. If any of these "peoples kubes" are spotted, take the owners to court and sue them.

Peoples Cuble.png