Benghazi JV Evolves from Just Video to Jr Varsity

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Anatomy of the Evolution of Our Post-Benghazi-Attack Public-Information Strategy:

As Minister of Truth working behind the scene through the Greatest Secretary of State in History, (my wife and protege) Hillary Clinton, I have prepared a comprehensive anatomy of the evolution of our Post-Benghazi-Attack Public-Information Strategy regarding the 9-11-2012 Attack in Benghazi that Killed Our Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. I'm glad to report that thus far, our Post-Benghazi-Attack Public-Information Strategy has been the most successful public-information strategy in history since Goebbel's "Triumph of the Will" movie convinced pre-WWII opinion-shapers in America that Hitler had merely managed to inspire the German people to "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" and recover from the disasterous effects of the treaty ending WWI on their country.


Since Our Leader, President Obama, and the Greatest Secretary of State in History, Hillary Clinton, had made the phrase "GM is Alive, Bin Laden is Dead and Al Qaeda is On the Run" a Central Theme in our 2012 Election Campaign, the 9-11-2012 events in Benghazi made it imperative that the voters perceive it as having been caused by anything other than any link with Al Qaeda, our initial stragety brilliantly blamed an obscure, amateurish internet video deemed by our friends in the Muslim Brotherhood as so insulting to Mohammad as to warrant riots, mayhem and murder of Westerners. Susan Rice dutifully recited this to Our Media (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS and NPR and even to FoxNews.

Of course only FoxNews (and a single, rogue reporter for CBS, Sharyl Atkisson) reported any fact inconsistent with what Susan Rice said, and since Our Media dutifully parroted Susan Rice's statement that the "anti-Mohammad" video caused a "protest" in Benghazi that somehow spun out of control and resulted in the tragic death of our Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, we were justifiably confident that a sizeable majority of voters would uncritically accept our placing blame for the attack entirely on that video -- especially when we arranged for the hapless producer of the video to be arrested and "perp-walked" to jail in handcuffs, which Our Media also dutifully covered and explained to the public.

But Fox News reporters Jennifer Griffin, Catherine Herridge, Adam Housley, James Rosen (and one rogue CBS reporter, Sharyl Atkisson) kept reporting to their small audiences of WIV's (Well-Informed Voters) a torrent of facts contradicting "Blame the Video" theme explained by Susan Rice and dutifully and relentlessly repeated by Our Media (with the sole exception of the CBS rogue, Atkisson). But after the so-called State Department "whistleblower" Gregory Hicks (who had been Ambassador Stevens' second in command in Lybia) categorically and unequivocally destroyed the believability of our "Blame the Video" explanation, we knew we had to develop an alternate explanation.

For many, many months we struggled to find ways to develop a credible alternative. (Fortunately for us, Our Media's virtual silence about Hick's explosive testimony afforded us many months to develop a credible alternative.) Fortunately for us, Our Leader (perhaps with inspiration from me as Minister of Truth) finally developed a brilliant alternative explanation that will, no doubt, be uncritically accepted by everyone in the public (other than the small minority who watches FoxNews): President Obama explained in a tour-de-force interview for New Yorker Magazine explained in ways easy for LIVs (i.e., the non-Fox-News audience) to understand that it was not "Al Qaeda" that attacked us in Benghazi but rather was a bunch of "JVs" -- i.e., a few "Junior Varsity" extremists.

So, now you have the explanation of how our brilliant strategy continued shaping the minds of non-Fox-News viewers by transitioning our consistent "JV" explanation from that of "Just Video" to "Junior Varsity," without having to worry that LIV's will understand that what "JV" really means is "Jihadist Verisimilitude."

Although some inner-party members may question the wisdom of my publishing this Anatomy, I can assure them we have no reason to worry because we can be sure the Low Information Voters will never read the footnoted fine-print translation of "Jihadist Verisimilitude" as meaning "Al Qaeda Franchise."

--Minister of Information.