Auntie Zeituni

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She knew she wasn't legal Auntie Zeituni
He thought she was and somehow that made it so
Oh, yeah, he knew the truth 'bout Auntie Zeituni
We'll only know the things he wants us to know

I know it's giving him fits, Health Care didn't save her a bit
No amnesty ever lit on Auntie Zeituni

He won't begrudge her style his Auntie Zeituni
She was just living here off of you and me
Self righteously fudging his Auntie Zeituni
So proper that she lived here totally free

You act just like her you do, I know by looking at you
That you're not legal just like Auntie Zeituni

Oh, no, don't give us more like Auntie Zeituni
It takes much less to do something on your own
You're goin' to give it free like Auntie Zeituni
Or just like your drunk uncle you let stay home

I know he's having a fit, he doesn't like it a bit
Now she's shovel ready dear old Auntie Zeituni

Auntie Zeituni, Auntie Zeituni
Auntie Zeituni, Auntie Zeituni
Zeituni, Zeituni, daa, daa, daa, daa, daa
Daa Zeituni