Cultural Revolution

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You want cultural revolution
Well, you know
We just can't change the past
It looks to me like devolution
Well, you know.
We just can't erase the past
And now you're talkin' 'bout destruction
It sounds like what ISIS is about.
Don't you know your screws ain't tight?
That's right, that's right

You say we need some retribution
Don't you know
Your party started the Klan
You say we need redistribution
Well, you know
It's just a liberal scam
But you're actin' funny
Cos people have minds that hate
All I can say, it ain't 1958
Don't you know none of your screws are tight?
Ain't tight, ain't tight

You say you'll change all our traditions
Well, you know
Because what's in someone's head
You'll put us in institutions
Well, you know
Lotta people will wind up dead
But you're still wearing those T-Shirts of comrade Che'
It looks to me you're still looking the other way
Cos some dude had screws that weren't tight?

Weren't tight, weren't tight!
Weren't tight, weren't tight, weren't tight!
That's right, that's right, that's right!
That's, that's right!