Disney shocked after DreamWorks received Pentagon

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When Disney found out DreamWorks received the Pentagon and not them, some heads went a rolling. After giving ABC support to Dear Leader, it was not enough to please him. They now work on other ways to make Dear Leader happy and hope he will give them a piece of the government.

Disney sought to get Dear Leader's approval, and this time they may hit the mark. They closed down their amusement park formally known as Disney World to reconstruct it for Dear Leader's favor. The theme park will be renamed as World of Communism. With it, communism will be the main focus.

EPCOT to be World of Next Tuesday. It will be a place where there will be experiments conducted on human subjects considered volunteers for the great mouse. All tickets are free for these comrades.

Animal Kingdom name changed to Animal Union, and will include Mythical Creatures. I do not know how Mythical Creatures will work, but there will be lots of experimenting in the World of Next Tuesday to make things happen.

Magic Kingdom to be changed to Magic State and the castle to be razed to make room for large statue of Dear Leader. The Tomorrow land will be changed to fields of beets to show farmer appreciation. Fantasyland will look like Russian Towns like Chernobyl, Liberty Square will be changed to Equality Square with the Communist Leader Hall, Adventureland will be Safe Land, Frontierland will have uranium mines addition, and Main Street will be changed to fit the needs of Dear Leader.

Disney's Hollywood Studios will be called Obama Town. Everything will be matching Dear Leader's country. From the Black court yard to promote Black prosecuting Officers to Streets of Africa, there are many things Dear Leader and family will enjoy.

The Magic Express will play communist countries songs ranging from the Soviet Union anthem to Chinese anthem.

Of course this will be closed to all Rebels, Rethugicans, and Tea Baggers alike.