Rosenstein Achieves Degree in Justice

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Yes!! Comrades and GWONT 4K niks everywhere are heralding the honorific and most trendworthy mark of a degree in Justice.

One degree has been quantifiably achieved on State-approved Justicemomenter after a lifetime of service in the pursuit of GWONT Justice. Tirelessly toiling all billed to the tax payer kuloks has launched like a NoKo Missile headed straight to the top on the State-approved Justicemomenter. Jeff Sessions praised Commissar Rosenstien for this huge achievement to awed audience at Commissar Rosenstien's Farewell Ceremony.

Clap That GWONT 4K niks!! We are nothing if not avid pursuers of GWONT Justice NOW! [insert angry boy, Greta Carbo emjoi face here] 'No Justice! No Peace!' has achieved record setting trend! At last we can see evidence of our achievement! If tax paying kuloks pay even MORE...the expanding cosmos could be within grasp of GWONT control!!

Our mission, should we accept it...and we know you to put our full effort into increasing quantifiably on Justicemomenter in emulation of Commissar Rosenstien's vast achievement.

Drink boxes and other equal awards of tugs of forelocks are yours GWONT 4K niks!

#BR 549 over and out