(Rand Paul is) Just Contemptible

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Senate votes for second time to block Trump's border emergency declaration

Just despicable, that's what Senators are
Just despicable, don't hear or care
Like a sting of farce that offends me
How the work from Rand does harm to me
Never before has someone been more

Just despicable in every way
And further more (and further more)
That's how Rand'll stay (that's how Rand'll stay)
That's why Rand Paul, is despicable
That someone so just contemptible
Thinks that we are expendable too

No, never before has Rand Paul been more
Ooh just contemptible (just contemptible)
Blocks every way (blocks every way)
And further more (and further more)
That's how Rand plays (that's how Rand plays)
That's why Senate's so detestable
That Rand Paul's so just despicable
Thinks that we are just expendable, too


The first time these despicable Senators did this sparked this Karaoke: Rich Senators