News For Tomorrow: Red Revolution 2020

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Dateline... to be filed at 12:01 Sunday following Black Square Day Saturday

New Current Truth News -----> All Squares Now Set RED.


Encoder Teletype Message Begins.

...overheard in certain restaurant...
Subjects: RED Russians, possibly Red Diaper Babies still capable of purchasing and changing own Depends.

Threat Level: Eleven
WARNING!!!! These Russians are seriously RED.

Two Male subjects

One Female subject.

Quote: "Diane Feinstein is in trouble...(garbled)...Federal Control of Mojave Desert destroyed...(garbled)...historic trade route(s)...(garbled) ...can't wait till Rosenstein throws...(garbled)...bus...(garbled).

Transmission break---------

Action Points:

Who is this Diane Feinstein being openly discussed by cell of Red Russian Assets engaged in covert operations in BROAD DAYLIGHT in Amerikkka?

Gain FISA access to subject of expanded inquiry Feinstein's cell phone for any further conversations to determine other points of Russian interactions involving subject:

Mojave Desert land acquisition,


Report Filed by:
Russian Asset
#BR 549 over and out