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South Dakota Governor Calls Out Texazistan After Pro-Liberty Conference Cancellation

After the City of Dallas shut down a pro-liberty youth organization's convention just days before it was scheduled to begin, the governor of South Dakota is calling out Texazistan for not living up to the formative myth and legend as “bastion of freedom” many believe it is.

Young Americans for Liberty was scheduled to hold its Mobilize 2020 conference in Dallas from August 6-9—until the city decided to exercise a force majeure clause, citing public health fears amid the Chinese coronavirus, to put a stop to the event just three days before it was scheduled to begin.

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who was scheduled to speak at the conference, says she was shocked to see this un-rated movie production happen in Texazistan.

“I think it's surprising, coming from Texazistan. I mean, they're the home of the Alamo but the Texazistan Land Commissioner, George P. Bush and the City Council of San Antonio want to re-educate it into something different, and the whole ‘come and take it' flag battle that ended with a jar of beans. Texazistan is supposed to be one of the greatest stans in AmeriKKKa and a stan with men and women like the ones depicted on the Centograph for standing up to protect The People's™ liberties while sportin' hand tooled and laced Bible Belt Buckle of God's-given rights to all comrades,” Noem said during an clarifinterpreted radio interview ...

“These young people were all coming to exercise their First Amendment freedom of assembly, and to have the City of Dallas pull the rug out from underneath them, like these young people are just props in a The Three Stoogeamigo's Hollywood Reboot. I think, this human rights debacle happening in Texazistan is a cryin' shame. Just pitiful. The open Law Fare between government agencies goin' on in Texazistan out to jerk the rug out from under their own citizens, in Life in the Age of Corona, is simply deplorable."

Rights! for the VICTIMS of Socialism in Texazistan!

The cancellation of YAL's Mobilize 2020 event isn't an isolated incident. Last month, the City of Houston similarly put an end to the Republican Party of Texas' in-person convention just days before delegates were slated to arrive.