Moles Detected at Biden's First Press Conference

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Deep within the journalistic tunnels of MSM/DNC, White House Press Corespondents emerge to deliver the news that the Biden Presidency is for all practical purposes, over.

The Mythical Horned Rodent Whisperer:

Watch carefully as Joe Biden believes he's on firm White House Press Conference ground. He thinks he's Joe Biden, leader of the U.S.S.R. Little does he suspect beneath his feet lurks a deep tunneled mole as PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor is poised with prepared Alinsky Challenge question for Joe Biden.

At first, Biden is praised by Alcindor's retelling Joe of his narrative.

Alcindor: "Over and over you have said, Mr. President, "Now is not the time to begin seasonal weather patterned migration of unaccompanied Central American minors to America."

MHRW: This keeps Joe comfortably numb. Hearing others tell him what he said yesterday, or even last week, is reassuring to Joe.

Now, the Alinsky Moral Challenge wind up question

Alcindor: "Mr. President, the MSMDNC sold the voters who got you elected the perception you were a decent and moral man. How can you resolve the tension of how you choose which unaccompanied minors get to come to President Biden and Dr. Jill's Masked White House Egg Roll? Which unaccompanied minors get to sleep in a cage with nothing but a concrete floor like they were National Guard troops?"

MHRW: Joe is flattered by the idea that Central American parents are sending their unaccompanied minor children into his waiting arms because they believe he's a decent man.

Biden explains his thinking.

Numbero Uno - This migration of unaccompanied Central American minors to America happens at this season every year. It's a weather pattern migration.

Numbero Dos - Because Trump stopped funding studies to find out why the governments of Central America are unable to provide a suitable environment for families to survive, the Biden administration is without any information regarding the purpose for which government was created in the first place.

The logical conclusion is to close bid contract Americans to install street lights in Central America.

Now, circle back to Immigration with a follow-up question by another White House MSM/DNC Corespondent with the capability of tunnel dropping Biden off the political map.

MHRW: Listen as MSM/DNC Corespondent plays the Women and Children hardest hit card. After traveling to the border, MSM/DNC Corespondent relays real life tragedy of two unaccompanied minor children being held at the border and their mother back home in a Honduran gang infested neighborhood.

At point 0:55, Joey in Bidenland falls down into Alinsky Morally Challenged Tunnel.