The Democruel Ones

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Crazy, crazy, crazy
What's life gonna be?
Crazy, crazy, crazy
Is it Dems or liberty?

Crashing our supply chain line
Goin' to make me lose what's mine, crazy

Crazy, crazy, crazy
Just protect me from freaks at night
Joe's crazy, crazy, crazy
Don't dear prices squeeze you tight?

Gas gets so hard to find
The Democruel Ones, they'll hurt you every time

Ain't no perfect picture
Insane Life
GWONT vision insane mind
The Democruel Ones
Always smash your future
Always, every time

If newz told you, “Crazy”
That Joe was without a clue
Joe's crazy, crazy, crazy
CRT buried
Taught that in school

Dems make life so confused
The Democruel Ones, you'll always seem to lose

Crazy, crazy, crazy

Want Liberty, comrade

Do you want Dems?
Or liberty
'Cause Dems'll swamp you

Dems'll swamp you
Tell me, comrade
Ya gotta know
Ya gotta know
Do you want liberty?

Crazy, crazy, crazy

Listen to me

Newz plays not t'know where Joe's going, comrade, woo!
Look here
Newz plays, may not know what free means
One thing
One thing's for certain, comrade

I know what I want, yeah
And it's Liberty, baby
Freedom, baby
Ain't begging down on my knees
Don't vote Blue
Don't vote Blue
Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy
Don't vote Blue, woo!
Yes, it's true