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Change This, Old, Staid, Repetitive Narrative of Journalism into something you really want to know and believe.

"In A World of Sane News

The News We Really Want To Hear, and learn to accept.

Insert your dramatic, hard hitting, aggressive journalism entromuzakcart, comrades.


Cue Bill Barr.

Caption - Special Counsel Builds Case On Biden's Classified Documents


Audio: "I was a cuckweasel who blamed Trump for AntiFa's destruction of Washington, D.C. My separation of church and state strictness nearly unlaced in apoplectic coughs, when Trump stood before the burning St. John's Church, with a Bible in his hand. This was clearly a coded Rule of Law religious message to a nation under assault by violent extremists."


Audio: "I am doing this because the Red voters rally to Trump's message. A message, I might like to add for posterity, is not in the continued long term viability of men such as myself, who have fixed the future of The Republican Party upon the very continuity of our past work."


Audio: "The Red MAGA voter base of Trump are as dangerous to the Republican Party as iconoclasts such as the buckskin formal wear of Senator Sam Houston, or the peculiar Kafka Trapper hat of Davy Crockett. The next thing, Q Shaman asks God's blessings on the Capitol Police for their assistance in escorting him to the Floor of the House of Representatives! The Republican Party I've staked my entire personal wealth to, is not a political party to be over ruled by the will of the people."

This is just a smidgen of what "In A World... Sane News" has to offer, comrades. Continue using this video and post the SANE News you really wanted to know, below.

Simply adjust your old, worn out, repetitive news, with your own hip, upbeat, counter narrative appeal.


Vanity Fair
Jennifer Palmieri's career was made by never holding a politician caught up in a sex scandal, accountable.
Her career, which began in the early 1990's, aligned with the new dawn of political unaccountability. So, it is no surprise to voters like 'pelipsky, that Joe Biden is where the line of unaccountable politicians, ends.

Morning Joe telling you exactly what you want to hear is really what you want to hear, really.

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