Nakedness Challenges Rule of Law

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Nakedness in negotiations with Rule of Law protecting a comrade’s ability to look, without touching. Not even Joe Biden can maintain that level of lawfulness. Looking at fully clothed under 15 year olds consistently leads to lawlessness to the Rule of Law’s power to protect even fully clothed minors from being touched.

“There is a certain sexuality about the trend that I find very interesting, because there is this power about it, like, ‘You can look but can’t touch,'” Audrey Steen, the 24-year-old designer and CEO of Upcycling Diaries, a fashion company that sells several revealing looks, told The Post. ... he-nipple/

The Rule of Law is like a Madonna virgin with expectations of its ability to enforce You Can Look but NOT touch? ‘pelipsky would mention security in art museum, but again, the rule of law support of the You Can LOOK, but you can’t touch Rule is being tested in The People’s Art Museums worldwide. Touching, sniffing, groping, gluing is obviously occurring, here. So nekked women get rule of law protection, but the minor victims of Joe Biden’s failure to respect that rule has already suffered pain and anguish. Already nekkid when you found ‘em honey traps could be some kind of FBIpstein CIA leaking to Washington Postings front page of the local paper kind of narrative leap beyond the ability to enforce the looking but no touching rule.